Swiggy One vs Zomato Gold : Which One Is Better For Consumers?

Swiggy One Vs Zomato Gold

In the realm of food delivery apps, premium membership is the secret ingredient to success. Not only it fuels an appetizing revolution but also propels businesses to new heights. Imagine being part of an exclusive club where flavor-filled treasures await at every turn. With premium membership, you can unlock a gateway to unparalleled perks. That includes faster deliveries, tempting discounts, and VIP access to mouthwatering deals. Now here comes the culinary battle of two food delivery titans: Swiggy One vs Zomato Gold.

Swiggy One vs Zomato Gold

It is a clash of flavors that ignites fierce debates among foodies. So which one is better for consumers like us? Swiggy One or Zomato Gold? You will find it out in this write-up.

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Swiggy One Vs Zomato Gold: A Brief Overview

None of us are unaware of the duopoly of Zomato & Swiggy in the food delivery segment. Since 2018, Swiggy launched various services including subscription plans i.e. Swiggy One, instamart, Genie, etc. 

All of them are going well along with the food delivery services. After seeing it, how could Zomato (a tough competitor of Swiggy) restrain itself from the competition? Obviously by entering into the same segments as Swiggy. So without wasting much time, it quickly acquired Grofers in 2022. Thereafter, renamed Blinkit to enter the grocery delivery segment. 

With the continuation of the battle, Zomato launched its subscription plan too! That was Zomato Pro and Pro Plus. But it was not very successful therefore, it was suspended in August 2022. In January 2023, it relaunched its subscription plan i.e. Zomato Gold which received a positive response from the customers.

Comparative Analysis

Now, here comes the dilemma of common folks. Which membership is better? Should you go for Swiggy One or Zomato Gold? To ease your dilemma, we are presenting a comparison table below-

FeaturesSwiggy OneZomato Gold
Period3 months3 months
BenefitsFree delivery on orders above Rs.149 from restaurants within 10km of your location.Free delivery on orders above Rs.199 from restaurants  within 10km of your location
Free delivery on Instamart for orders above Rs.199VIP access to partnered restaurants in the rush hour.
30% extra discounts on food orders (food price).30% extra discounts on food orders (food price).
30% off on dining out30% off on dining out
Discounts on some Instamart itemsNo delay guarantee on orders
Flat 10% off on delivery fees on Swiggy Genie (hyper courier service)Rush-hour restaurant availability at limited orders
1-Year Membership PlanRs.899Rs.1800 (1 year) & Rs.999 (6 months)
DisadvantagesSwiggy One is not accessible to all restaurants.Zomato Gold is also not accessible to all restaurants.
Zomato Gold does not apply to Blinkit’s groceries. You need to buy separate subscriptions for groceries.
Swiggy One vs Zomato Gold: A Brief Overview

By now, you must have got a rough idea about both the subscription plans & premium features of Swiggy One and Zomato. In the next section, we will delve into both subscription plans in detail.

(Note: We have explained a detailed comparison of Swiggy Vs Zomato. You will get a comparative analysis of their market cap, market share, Daily orders, revenue, expenses, and new features & services.) 

Swiggy One: Membership Plan of Swiggy

It is a subscription-based program offered by Swiggy, an online food ordering and delivery platform based in India. This membership program is designed to provide exclusive benefits and discounts to its subscribers. We have discussed all the benefits of Swiggy One in the above table. Let me explain it to you in simple words. 

Benefits of using Swiggy One
(Swiggy One vs Zomato Gold)

Exclusive Benefits

With a membership plan of Rs.149 for three months, you can avail the following benefits from the company-

  • All of your food orders will be delivered free of cost if you fulfill two conditions. First, the food price should be above Rs.149. Second, the restaurant from which you are ordering the food must be within 10km of your location.
  • You will also get free delivery on Swiggy Instamart grocery items if the cost of the item is above Rs.199.
  • Enjoy 10% off on the delivery charges of Swiggy Genie which is a hyper courier service.
  • You will get 30% discounts on food prices and dining.

That’s not all, if you are satisfied with the Swiggy One membership plan, you can apply for a yearly subscription as well. It costs Rs.899 for one year i.e.12 months. This membership plan sounds awesome! Isn’t it?  It is as great as it sounds. As a result, it helped Swiggy to expand its user base and retain loyal customers.

Note: Do you know, Jio’s Rs.866 plan offers Swiggy One Lite subscription with unlimited 5G data? This new Jio-Swiggy festive prepaid plan is no less than a boon for Jio users. This is a moment got famous with the tagline “telecom meets food industry.”  


However, the major drawback is, Swiggy One is limited to a few restaurants. This means you can dine out with discounts only with its partnered restaurants which may not fit into your list. 


But that drawback is not powerful enough to faint off the benefits. With one membership plans you get offers and discounts on four services namely-

  • Food delivery (Swiggy)
  • Groceries delivery (Swiggy Instamart)
  • Dine-outs (Swiggy diners)
  • Hyper-courier service (Swiggy Genie)

Mark these words, because they will play a crucial role in the final judgment for Swiggy One vs Zomato Gold!

Zomato Gold: Latest Membership Plan of Zomato

Although Zomato is 5 years older than Swiggy, its rate of innovation is much slower than the former food delivery giant. Sometimes you may feel that “Is Zomato copying Swiggy?” Well, not a ditto copy but you need to keep yourself updated as to your competitors to compete in the market. That’s why Zomato also launched services in the same verticals as that of Swiggy.

Benefits of Zomato Gold (Swiggy One vs Zomato Gold)

As you have read above, Zomato acquired Grofers (Blinkit) because it aimed to enter the grocery delivery service without putting too much time into seeding a new service. So, the acquisition was the perfect plan to enter into a new segment quickly. And yes, it was a huge success.

Thereafter, Zomato entered a new vertical of offering an exclusive membership plan to its customers. The old membership plans of Zomato i.e. Zomato Pro & Pro Plus was short-lived. But recently, it launched an effective membership plan named Zomato Gold which saw massive success. Zomato Gold received over 9 lakh gold members within the first month of its launch.

How was Zomato Gold advantageous for the company “Zomato”?

This membership program drove loyal customers and increased the user base. According to HSBC, the market share of Zomato is expected to reach 57% in FY24. This is a very positive sign for the company. According to the founders, it was a long journey for Zomato from a menu listing app to a food delivery service. It was one of the most successful pivots in Indian history

Considerable Benefits

For three months, Zomato Gold You will get the following benefits in Zomato Gold-

  • The delivery fee on your food orders will be Rs.0.00 only if the price of the food is higher than Rs.199. And the restaurant/cloud kitchen must be in the vicinity of 10km from your home.
  • You will get VIP access to partnered restaurants in the rush hour.
  • Enjoy 30% extra discounts on food orders (food price) & diners.
  • Zomato Gold assures no delay guarantee on orders.


You may find these benefits similar to that of Swiggy One. But to your surprise, let me tell you Zomato Gold has many potent drawbacks-

  • Zomato Gold is applicable only for food delivery.
  • Not all the restaurants around the country are in partnership with Zomato. Eventually, you may miss out on the benefits of a diner in a restaurant if it is not partnered with Zomato.
  • It does not apply to Blinkit. This is the major drawback of this membership program. To access the service of Blinkit at cost-effective prices, you need to buy Smart Bachat Club. This membership is specially designed for beneficial grocery delivery. 
  • From a broad point of view, the yearly membership plan of Zomato Gold is very high i.e.Rs.1800.

Eventually, these drawbacks may hinder the decision of customers to buy the membership.=

Final Thoughts: Which one is better for Consumers?

By now, you must have realized which one is better for you. If not, then no worries. Below we have compared a few crucial data that will ease your decision-making process.

ParticularsSwiggy OneZomato Gold
Minimum Order ValueRs.149Rs.199
Yearly Membership PlanRs.899Rs.1800
Services ApplicableFood delivery, diners, grocery delivery, and courier service.Food delivery and diners
Swiggy One Vs Zomato Gold: Which One is Better for Consumers?

So, as of now, we can conclude that Swiggy One is better than Zomato Gold for consumers. The two key reasons for this are affordability and the benefits of the number of services with a single membership. Swiggy One is cheaper and is applicable to four services (mentioned above). Whereas, Zomato Gold is applicable only for two services, and that too at a higher price on a yearly basis. Thus, Swiggy One is the winner in the membership battle!

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Shivangi Kant
Shivangi Kant
6 months ago

I agree with the article that Swiggy One is cheaper and better to opt. But Zomato is no bad in it’s services. Zomato is in a better position in terms of market share, marketing, innovation, and acquisition. In coming months I can say swiggy will like to gain more market share.