The Complete Rohit Sharma Brand Ambassador List

Rohit Sharma Brand Ambassador List

Did it ever happen that every brand you encounter has a familiar face, a face you trust and admire? That’s the stardom of Rohit Sharma, one of cricket’s finest. As you explore the brands he endorses, you’ll see how his charisma and popularity boost their appeal.

Rohit Sharma Brand Ambassador List

In 2024, Rohit Sharma’s brand ambassador list is nothing short of impressive. From sports gear to energy drinks, his influence is everywhere. 

Curious to know which brands have teamed up with this cricket star? Let’s go through the complete Rohit Sharma brand Ambassador List- 2024.

Rohit Sharma Brand Ambassador List

Can you guess how many brands are endorsed by Rohit Sharma? Over 35 brands! The following table gives you a brief overview of those brands-

S.No.Brand’s NameOnboarding Year
1.Birla Sun Life Insurance2009
4.Videocon d2H2013
7.Nasivion Nasal Spray2015
16.New Era2019
26.IIFL Finance2020
30.Glenmark Pharmaceuticals2021
31.Infinity Learn2021
33.Massimo Batteries2022
34.Max Life Insurance2022
37.Oral B2024
Rohit Sharma Brand Ambassador List

That’s a long list! Isn’t it?

The more surprising fact is that Rohit Sharma’s brand ambassador list is long than that of Virat Kohli! That’s quite hard to digest…

For your ease, we have already explained the complete Virat Kohli brand ambassador list. Go through the article for detailed information.

Now, returning to our topic. The following sections will offer info about each brand endorsed by cricket superstar- Rohit Sharma!

1. Birla Sun Life Insurance

Rohit Sharma Birla Life Insurance

As you know BSLI or Birla Sun Life Insurance is a part of Aditya Birla Financial Services Group. This was the first brand that chose Rohit Sharma as its brand ambassador. However, he was not the only one on the brand ambassador list of BSLI. This brand also invited Yuvraj Singh, Virender Sehwag, and Suresh Raina to play the role of brand ambassadors for its insurance products. 

They endorsed the wealth with protection solutions. The CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of that time stated that cricket is the best example of the fact that the present success can turn into a failure in the future due to which everyone needs protection.

So, yeah Rohit Sharma played a crucial role in creating brand awareness amongst the customers. He also stated the significance of a systematic plan for wealth creation.

2. Adidas

Rohit Sharma Adidas

Rohit Sharma has been linked with Adidas since 2013. After his debut Test series against the West Indies, he joined the Adidas family, with a warm welcome from Sachin Tendulkar. Since then, he has been more than just a player endorsing their products on the pitch. Sharma has been the face of many Adidas ad campaigns and initiatives. Known for his love of the environment, he has collaborated with Adidas several times to promote sustainability. In March 2019, he renewed his partnership with the company, and again in 2023, Adidas announced another extension of their contract with him.

3. Lay’s

Rohit Sharma Lay's

In 2013, Rohit Sharma was signed as a brand ambassador for Lay’s, the world’s leading potato chip brand. This move was part of a larger campaign that also featured his teammates MS Dhoni, Gautam Gambhir, and Shikhar Dhawan. The campaign marked the launch of six new Lay’s flavors, with the cricketers playing a key role in promoting them.

4. Videocon d2H

Videocon d2H, a prominent telecom operator, partnered with the Mumbai Indians as an associate sponsor in 2013. This was a landmark year for the franchise, as they clinched their first IPL title. As part of this collaboration, Rohit Sharma became one of the brand’s ambassadors, promoting Videocon d2H through social media and various marketing campaigns.

5. Restless

In 2014, Rohit Sharma teamed up with Restless, an energy drink brand. He actively promoted Restless through advertisements and campaigns, helping to boost the brand’s visibility and appeal.

6. Usha

Rohit Sharma Usha

Usha International, a leading appliance brand in India, has been a sponsor of the Mumbai Indians since 2014. As the captain of the Mumbai Indians, Rohit Sharma became one of Usha’s brand ambassadors. His association with Usha includes endorsing their products and representing the brand in various promotional activities.

7. Nasivion Nasal Spray 

In 2015, Rohit Sharma became the brand ambassador for Nasivion, a well-known nasal spray manufacturer. Nasivion is recognized for its effectiveness as a nasal decongestant, providing relief by unblocking nasal passages. The active ingredient, Oxymetazoline, is gentle on the nose and offers up to 12 hours of easier breathing, making it a reliable choice for people suffering from nasal congestion.

8. CEAT 

Rohit Sharma CEAT

Leading tyre manufacturer CEAT signed Rohit Sharma as its brand ambassador in 2015, initially for a three-year term. This agreement also saw CEAT becoming Sharma’s bat sponsor. Under this deal, Sharma used a bat featuring the CEAT logo in all formats of cricket. Anant Goenka, MD of CEAT, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting Sharma’s exceptional talent and his role as a mentor for young cricketers. Rohit Sharma also shared his enthusiasm, noting it was an honor to collaborate with CEAT, a company that significantly supports cricket in India. Their partnership was renewed for another three years in October 2018.

9. Nissan 

Rohit Sharma Nissan

In February 2016, Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan appointed Rohit Sharma as one of its global brand ambassadors, alongside West Indies all-rounder Andre Russell and New Zealand women’s team captain Suzie Bates. This partnership was part of Nissan’s collaboration with the International Cricket Council (ICC). The ambassadors were active on social media during the World T20, promoting Nissan’s fan-focused initiatives and featuring in advertising campaigns. Sharma expressed his excitement about working with Nissan, emphasizing the significance of the World T20 and the dedication required to succeed.

10. Walkaroo 

In 2016, Coimbatore-based footwear brand Walkaroo signed Rohit Sharma as one of its brand ambassadors. Sharma was the first-ever brand ambassador for this youth-centric brand. Leveraging Sharma’s popularity among young audiences, Walkaroo aimed to expand its reach and appeal to a broader demographic.

11. Hublot 

Rohit Sharma Hublot

Star Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma was named the ‘Company Ambassador’ for the world-renowned watch brand Hublot. This association highlighted Sharma’s personal interest in watches. He expressed his delight, stating that being affiliated with Hublot, known for its unique timepieces and significant involvement in sports, was a dream come true. This partnership brought together his passion for watch collecting and his professional achievements.

12. Aristocrat 

Rohit Sharma Aristrocrat

In 2017, VIP Industries’ brand Aristocrat appointed Rohit Sharma as its brand ambassador. Since then, Sharma has actively promoted Aristocrat’s products through his social media channels and has appeared in several television campaigns, enhancing the brand’s visibility and appeal.

13. Oppo 

Rohit Sharma Oppo

When mobile phone manufacturer OPPO became the main sponsor of the Indian national cricket team in August 2017, Rohit Sharma was enlisted as one of its brand ambassadors. This partnership aimed to leverage Sharma’s popularity to boost OPPO’s brand recognition and connect with cricket fans across the country.

14. SHARP 

In June 2018, Rohit Sharma was appointed as the brand ambassador for Japan’s leading television brand, SHARP. As the face of SHARP in India, Sharma played a pivotal role in their marketing efforts, including being a central figure in the brand’s launch campaign in the country. His involvement helped to elevate SHARP’s presence and connect with Indian consumers.

15. Trusox 

In October 2019, Rohit Sharma became the Indian brand ambassador for Trusox, an international sports brand renowned for its performance-enhancing grip socks. These socks are designed to help athletes maximize their grip within their footwear. Sharma endorses Trusox products on his social media platforms and participates in various promotional marketing campaigns, showcasing the benefits of the brand’s innovative athletic gear.

16. New Era 

In 2019, sports and lifestyle brand New Era partnered with Rohit Sharma, making him one of their brand ambassadors. This collaboration went beyond traditional endorsements; Sharma also launched an exclusive collection of caps that he personally designed. As an ambassador, he promotes New Era’s products through various marketing campaigns, blending his personal style with the brand’s offerings.

17. LaLiga 

Rohit Sharma LaLiga

In December 2019, Rohit Sharma made history by becoming the first brand ambassador for LaLiga in India and the first-ever non-footballer to hold such a position with the Spanish top-flight football league. LaLiga has been aiming to penetrate the Indian market since 2017, and Sharma’s addition was a strategic move to connect with millions of football fans in the country, thus expanding LaLiga’s brand presence.

18. Dream11 

Rohit Sharma Dream11

Fantasy gaming platform Dream11, an official ICC sponsor since 2019, brought Rohit Sharma on board as a brand ambassador the same year. Since then, Dream11 has become the title sponsor of the IPL. Sharma stars in various television and digital campaigns for Dream11, leveraging his cricketing startdom to promote the fantasy gaming platform.

19. Proatar 

In 2019, Proatar, a smartphone-based mentoring app for aspiring cricketers, signed Rohit Sharma as one of its “experts.” Sharma joined cricket legends like Michael Holding and Courtney Walsh to provide young cricketers with valuable insights and guidance. His experience and knowledge of the game make him a crucial mentor on the Proatar platform.

20. Highlander 

In 2019, Rohit Sharma partnered with the clothing brand Highlander. This collaboration was not just about endorsements; Sharma also launched an exclusive collection in collaboration with the brand. His involvement brought a unique blend of style and sportsmanship to Highlander’s offerings, resonating with a broad audience.

21. Noise 

Rohit Sharma Noise

Electronics manufacturer Noise announced Rohit Sharma as its brand ambassador, capitalizing on his status as India’s top run-scorer and the ICC ODI Cricketer of the Year for 2019. Sharma will also release his own limited edition through the brand. Noise’s founder, Gaurav Khatri, expressed pride in the association, noting that Sharma’s dedication to cricket mirrors the company’s commitment to excellence. Sharma emphasized the importance of health and well-being in his career, aligning with Noise’s values and mission. He highlighted how maintaining fitness contributes to a positive mindset, which is essential for his performance on and off the field.

22. Bournvita 

Early in 2020, Rohit Sharma was named the brand ambassador for Cadbury’s chocolate drink brand, Bournvita. He was actively involved in the brand’s #LookBeyondMarks campaign, which aimed to encourage children and parents to focus on holistic development rather than just academic achievements. Sharma’s participation added credibility and appeal to the campaign, highlighting the importance of a balanced approach to success.

23. CricKingdom 

In April 2020, Rohit Sharma joined forces with CricKingdom, a Dubai-based coaching academy. As a brand ambassador, Sharma represents CricKingdom, a platform designed to connect students, coaches, academies, and facilities into an integrated ecosystem. His role involves promoting the academy through advertising campaigns, making the academy’s offerings more accessible and appealing to aspiring cricketers.

24. Rasna 

Rohit Sharma Rasna

In 2020, India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of beverages, Rasna, appointed Rohit Sharma as its brand ambassador. Sharma features prominently in Rasna’s television and digital campaigns, promoting the brand’s wide range of refreshing beverages. His association with Rasna helps in reaching a larger audience and enhancing the brand’s market presence.

25. Oakley 

Rohit Sharma was chosen as the brand ambassador for Oakley in India, a significant appointment by the global eyewear brand. Ben Goss, Oakley’s global brand director, praised Sharma as a world-class performer and an inspiration for future generations. Goss emphasized that Sharma’s passion for excellence aligns perfectly with Oakley’s values of enthusiasm, growth, and performance. Sharma expressed his excitement about the partnership, noting the importance of proper eyewear for athletes to ensure protection and clarity of vision.

26. IIFL Finance 

In May 2020, diversified financial services company IIFL appointed Rohit Sharma as its first-ever brand ambassador. Besides starring in advertising campaigns, Sharma played a crucial role in IIFL’s public service messages regarding COVID-19. His involvement provided a trustworthy and familiar face to IIFL’s initiatives, helping to communicate important information to the public effectively.

27. Vega 

Vega, a prominent beauty accessories brand, signed Rohit Sharma as a brand ambassador. Sharma, known for his achievements in cricket, represents Vega’s grooming products, including beard trimmers, shavers, and beard straighteners. Celebrating his milestone of playing 150 IPL matches for Mumbai Indians, Sharma expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting Vega’s sophisticated and user-friendly products. Sandeep Jain, director of Vega Industries, welcomed Sharma, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to meeting the grooming needs of both men and women.

28. Dr Trust 

Rohit Sharma Dr Trust

In October 2020, healthcare brand Dr Trust announced Rohit Sharma as its brand ambassador. Dr Trust manufactures monitoring devices that track vital health parameters such as blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, respiration rate, and pulse rate. Sharma promotes these products through various campaigns, underscoring the importance of health monitoring in everyday life.

29. Financepeer 

Financepeer, an education fee financing organization, named Rohit Sharma as their brand ambassador in 2020. Financepeer aims to make high-quality, affordable education accessible to all. Sharma will appear in all of the company’s endorsements and participate in various digital initiatives, which have already benefited nearly one million students across India. Founder and CEO Rohit Gajbhiye expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting values like transparency, integrity, and commitment to society. Sharma echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the significance of education and his enthusiasm for supporting Financepeer’s mission to assist students and parents.

30. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals 

In 2020, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals appointed Rohit Sharma as a brand ambassador. Glenmark, a global pharmaceutical company, aimed to leverage Sharma’s influence to promote their health and wellness products. Through various marketing campaigns, Sharma endorses Glenmark’s range of medications and health solutions, emphasizing the importance of maintaining good health.

31. Infinity Learn 

In October 2021, EdTech brand Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya appointed Rohit Sharma as its brand ambassador. This partnership aims to position Infinity Learn as one of the top EdTech platforms in India. With Sharma’s endorsement, the brand hopes to attract more students and parents by highlighting its innovative learning solutions and commitment to quality education.

32. Tagg 

Rohit Sharma Tagg

Tech-driven lifestyle electronics brand TAGG brought Rohit Sharma on board as one of its brand ambassadors in September 2021. By associating with Sharma, known as “The Hitman,” TAGG aims to enhance its brand image and reach new heights in the tech market. Sharma’s influential presence is expected to attract a wider audience and strengthen TAGG’s position in the lifestyle electronics sector.

33. Massimo Batteries 

Mittal Batteries, a leading battery supplier and manufacturer in India, signed Rohit Sharma as the brand ambassador for its Massimo Batteries brand. Sharma features prominently in the brand’s media campaigns and embodies the tagline #EnergyHitmanKa, which emphasizes the high energy and reliability associated with Massimo Batteries. This partnership aims to boost the brand’s visibility and credibility in the competitive battery market.

34. Max Life Insurance 

Rohit Sharma Max Life Insurance

In September 2022, Rohit Sharma and his wife Ritika Sajdeh were appointed as brand ambassadors for Max Life Insurance under a two-year agreement. The couple will work together to promote Max Life’s financial preparedness and protection goals. They will headline various campaigns to raise public awareness about the importance of life insurance, helping Max Life connect with a broader audience and underscore the significance of securing one’s future.

35. FanCraze 

In May 2022, Rohit Sharma collaborated with FanCraze to launch his first-ever personal NFT. The NFT features a unique rhino artwork along with an image of Sharma, signed by him. This partnership allows fans to own a digital piece of Sharma’s legacy, combining his love for wildlife conservation with cutting-edge technology.

36. JioCinema

Rohit Sharma Jio Cinema

Rohit Sharma shifted from his ambassadorship with Star Sports to promote JioCinema during the 2023 Indian Premier League. This collaboration saw Sharma endorsing JioCinema’s digital-first sports offerings and its free streaming service across mobile phones and connected TVs. The partnership also included other streaming partners like Dream11 and JioMart, co-presenting and co-powering the matches, thereby expanding JioCinema’s reach and enhancing its brand presence.

37. Oral-B 

In a 2024 campaign for Oral-B Criss Cross, Rohit Sharma was featured as the brand ambassador. Conceptualized by DDB Mudra, the ad film begins with Sharma struggling to brush his teeth until a dental hygienist appears in the mirror. The hygienist explains that the straight bristles of his toothbrush may not effectively reach hidden germs and introduces the Oral-B Criss Cross, designed to clean all corners of the mouth. The film ends with Sharma smiling at his reflection, holding an Oral-B Criss Cross toothbrush, reinforcing the message of effective dental hygiene.

Ending Note

These partnerships highlight Rohit Sharma’s diverse appeal and his ability to connect with a wide range of audiences, from technology enthusiasts and education seekers to health-conscious consumers and sports fans.

Each brand he represents benefits from his dedication, authenticity, and the widespread admiration he commands. As Rohit continues to shine both on and off the field, these collaborations highlight his remarkable journey and impact. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Rohit Sharma’s brand ambassador roles. Share your opinions in the comments section below!

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Raghav Sharma
Raghav Sharma
16 days ago

Woah! Almost 40 brands are endorsed by Rohit Sharma! I guess his majority of earnings come through brand endorsements 😏