Wakefit vs Sleepyhead: Which Brand Is Doing Better?

Wakefit vs Sleepyhead

A good mattress leads to a good and comfortable sleep. Among the mattress producing industry, there are two prominent names that are leading the game and also are great competitors of each other, i.e. Wakefit vs Sleepyhead. 

These two since their establishment in the market are significantly innovating their products, technology, features, and more of it.

Wakefit vs Sleepyhead

Each offering a distinct approach and set of features and offerings to ensure a good, relaxing, healthy, and comfortable sleep. 

A right and comfortable mattress leads to a good and complete sleep, and also it ensures that the person is getting a healthy sleep and also the body posture remains healthy.  

Among many names residing in the mattress industry, Wakefit and Sleepyhead are the most prominent and common names out there in the market. But which one among the two is leading the race? 

(A) Wakefit vs Sleepyhead: Company Overview 

Name of the company Wakefit Sleepyhead 
Founded 2016 2017 
Founders Ankit Garg and Chaitanya Ramalingegowda Mathew Joseph 
Base of the company Bengaluru, KarnatakaBengaluru, Karnataka
Parent company Wakefit Innovations Pvt. Ltd. Duroflex Pvt. Ltd. 
Product categories Mattress,
Pillow covers,
Dining essentials, 
Study essentials, 
Kitchen essentials,
Kids essentials & furniture’s,
Décor items, etc. 
Other furniture,
Home furnishing essentials,Etc. 
Market share 2-3% of overall market share and in
online space around 35-40% of market share (2022).
Revenue Rs.813 crores (2023)Around Rs.150 crores (2022).
Website wakefit.com sleepyhead.com 
Company Profiles of Wakefit & Sleepyhead

Both the companies have their base in Bengaluru, Karnataka, and were founded in nearby years. Wakefit was founded in 2016, while Sleepyhead was founded in 2017. 

Seeing the market share of both the companies, Wakefit seems to have an upperhand as it has a market share of 2-3% and in online market it has a significant market share of 35-40%, as of year 2022. 

While looking at Sleepyhead company, the figures of market share were unavailable and can not describe how much hold it has on the market. 

The revenue figures are describing somewhat a similar tale, Wakefit for the year 2023 recorded a revenue of Rs.813 crore, while Sleepyhead, reported a revenue of Rs.150 crores in 2022. 

Wakefit and Sleepyhead

Both the companies have a good range of product lines and also provide timely offers. While the most prominent selling category of both the companies is their Mattresses, and is also famous for that. 

Not one single type of mattress is being sold by Wakefit and Sleepyhead, there are different types of mattresses that they offer.

(B) Types of Mattresses by Wakefit 

Type  Explanation 
Dual comfort mattress The mattress offers two different types of comfort. The mattress has two layers of foam and is usable from two sides. A person can use its dual sides by changing the surface of the market. 
Latex mattress This mattress uses a 7 foam design in which the blocks from latex consist of different densities in order to ensure that each part of your body has the right kind of support.The mattress is made from the sap of the rubber tree. 
Memory foam mattress The mattress has layers of adaptable padding either with springs or backing froth. The mattress is really suitable and helpful in reducing back pain, joint pain, neck pain, etc. as this mattress has Orthopedic features. 
Spring mattress This mattress is made with a bouncy foam layer in order to make it bounce more like a spring mattress and has used the latest technology for that. 
Gel mattress Some mattresses are made with gel-infused foam in their support system, upholstery layers, or in both. For this they use a particular technology for it.As the mattress has different types of gel foams used within it and offers different stages of comfort, heat dissipation benefits, etc. 
Types of Mattress by Wakefit

(C) Type of Mattresses by Sleepyhead

Type Explanation 
Flip mattressThe mattress offers a different sleeping experience. Ensuring that you get a good and comfortable sleep on both sides. Mattresses are made up of different materials. 
Original mattressThis mattress works on providing the Orthopedic features that will help you to get many benefits like relief from back pain, joint pain and more. Also, it provides good body support.
Adjustable air mattressThese mattresses offer you to adjust the mattress in the way you like. These mattresses have a feature of air chambers that can be inflated or deflated to adjust the level of support.
Foam mattress These mattresses offer great flexibility and comfort for your body. This type of mattress is generally made from viscoelastic foam that responds to heat and pressure, and allows it to mold according to the posture of your body. These mattresses offer excellent pressure relief by distributing body weight evenly and relieving pressure points.
Hybrid mattress The mattresses have the benefits of both foam and latex.  They usually feature a pocketed coil support system along with layers of memory foam or latex.Considered as a versatile choice that caters to a wide range of sleep preferences. 
Types of Mattress by Sleepyhead

(D) Wakefit vs Sleepyhead: Comparative Analysis 

Factor Wakefit Sleepyhead 
Price range A budget friendly option. Slightly more expensive than  Wakefit. 
Firmness Offers medium firm level, i.e. not too much firm, not much soft, just providing you the luxurious experience. Medium firmness level, of around 6 to 8. Providing you a comfortable and luxurious experience. 
Suitable for This one is greatly suitable for both side and back sleepers. Super soft foam is used in making of the first layer and is suitable for both side and back sleepers. 
Foam used Next gen memory foam used. Responsive memory foam used. 
Features No harmful chemicals used in the making, extra comfort, and quality foam used.  Has removable zipper cover, good inner cover, high density base foam support, etc. 
Foam in layer Use 7 pressure zones in middle layer. Use super soft foam in the first layer. 
Warranty period Upto 10 years of warranty.Over 10 years of warranty. 
Comparative Analysis of Wakefit vs Sleepyhead

As we see in the above at the comparative analysis of Wakefit vs Sleepyhead, both being the top names in the mattress selling industry, however differs at several aspects. 

Wakefit, is considered as the affordable option to buy and offers various options within the affordable price range, while Sleepyhead is slightly more expensive than Wakefit. 

Wakefit uses the 7 pressure zones technology in the middle layer of its mattresses, whereas Sleepyhead uses super soft foam in the first layer of its mattresses. 

Wakefit and Sleepyhead comparative analysis

The foam used in Wakefit is Next generation memory foam, which offers great comfort and relaxation. While Sleepyhead uses responsive memory foam, which helps it mold perfectly according to your body and relieves pressure. 

Both the companies have almost 10 years of warranty on their mattresses products, however, in Sleepyhead it provides 5 year warranty on Sleepyhead Flip purchase and 10 year warranty on Sleepyhead Sense and Sleepyhead Original. 

(E) Numbers Comparison 

The business number comparison helps in getting knowing which company in the industry is doing better. 

Factors Wakefit Sleepyhead 
Revenue Rs.813 crores (2023) from Rs.632.5 crores in FY22. Rs.150 crores (2022)
Market share 2-3% of overall market and significantly 35-40% of market share in online space as of 2022. N/A
Profit and loss Loss widened around 36% to Rs.145 crore in FY23 as compared to Rs.106 crore in FY22. Generated a profit of Rs.87 lakh in FY21, and a loss of Rs.11.6 crores in FY22
Expenses Expenses increased to 30% in FY23 to Rs.965.6 crores from Rs.743.5 crores in FY22. N/A (The expenses of Sleepyhead company aren’t disclosed by the company.)
Business Comparison of Wakefit vs Sleepyhead

Looking at the revenue numbers between the two, i.e. Wakefit vs Sleepyhead, Wakefit seems to be at the forefront by reporting a revenue of Rs.813 crores in FY23, however the revenue numbers for FY23 of Sleepyhead weren’t disclosed. Apart from it Sleepyhead, recorded a revenue of Rs.150 crores in FY22. 

While looking at the market share number of both the companies, Wakefit seems to be the forefront player as it boasts a market share of 2-3% of overall market and significantly 35-40% of market share in online space as of 2022. The market share of Sleepyhead isn’t available. 

Catering to the expenses generated by both the companies, Wakefit has registered an increase in its expenses of Rs.965.6 crores (nearly 30% of increase) in FY23 from Rs.743.5 crores in FY22. Here, also the numbers of expenses weren’t disclosed by the company. 

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(F) Wakefit vs Sleepyhead: Summing Up

In this game, Wakefit seems to be the leading player by boasting a revenue of Rs.813 crores in FY23 and a market share of 35-40% in 2022. 

Wakefit vs Sleepyhead

On the other hand, Sleepyhead is also one of the naming players in the mattress industry which offers comfortable and healthy mattresses to the customers. 

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