12 Most Powerful Y+ Security Holders In India

12 Most Powerful Y+ Security Holders In India

News of people with high status getting death threats has become common nowadays, be it about the political leaders or about celebrities. Thus, the government of India has provided special security covers to these special status people for their safety, like Z & Z+, Y & Y+, X security covers. 

12 Most Powerful Y+ Security Holders In India

What is Y+ Security? 

Y+ security ranks at fourth in the list after SPG, Z, Z+ of security tiers in India. This security cover is provided by the government to prominent figures who seek special protection in the country.  

Type of Y category security

Security Level Y+ Category Y Category 
No. of Commandos 2-41-2
Total Personnel (Attendees)11 
Motorcade Provided with 2-3 vehicles Provided with 1-2 vehicles 
Y Category Security Levels

The Y category security cover also includes two personnel security officers (PSOs), and operates in three shifts 24/7. The person with the Y+ security cover has to pay a fee or deposit a security amount for the protection. 

Y+ Security Holders In India 

Name Y+ Security Allotment Year 
Akash Anand 2024 
Ashok Chavan 2024 
Shahrukh Khan 2023 
Nalin Kohli 2023 
Rituraj Sinha 2023 
Abhay Giri 2023 
Salman Khan 2022
Vivek Agnihotri 2022 
Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi 2022 
Justice Krishna Dixit 2022 
Justice J.M. Khazi 2022 
Kangana Ranaut 2020 
Y+ Security Holders

1. Akash Anand 

Akash Anand

Akash Anand, who recently got Y+ security is the national party coordinator of Bahujan Samajwadi Party (BSP) and is the nephew of Mayawati. He is the son of Mayawati’s brother Anand Kumar, who also holds an important post in the party.

This security cover will involve high class commandos who are capable of handling tough situations and will be present on duty 24/7 in three shifts. Along with that guards will be posted at his house. 

2. Ashok Chavan 

Ashok Chavan

The former Maharashtra CM and BJP leader in February 2024, got his security upgraded to Y+, considering some death threats, according to the officials. Not only this, the government has also increased police protection around Ashok Chavan’s house in his hometown Nanded and in Mumbai.

Before this, Chavan was already allotted Y security cover, and due to the threat perception his security was changed to Y+. Before joining BJP, Chavan used to work for Congress Party. 

3. Shahrukh Khan  

Shahrukh Khan

In 2023, after his back to back blockbusters with Jawan and Pathan, the actor received several death threats. Seeing which, the Maharashtrian government has provided the actor with Y+ security cover.

Under this security cover, there will be 11 total personnel or attendees who will be with Shahrukh Khan every time but on rotational basis or on shifts. The security will be privately funded and the actor himself has to pay for all security. Along with that five armed guards will also be stationed at the actors house. 

4. Nalin Kohli 

Nalin Kohli

Nalin Kohli, the BJP leader along with some other leaders in 2023 was allotted the Y+ security cover. The security was provided due to the elections being held in the north-eastern state, Nagaland and with that he was also the state in charge of Nagaland. 

Under this, 11 security personnel will be on duty in three shifts along with 2-4 commandos, and police protection will also be posted at his residence, and will be provided with 2-3 vehicles by the government. 

5. Rituraj Sinha 

Rituraj Sinha

Rituraj Sinha, who is not only a politician but also is an entrepreneur. He serves as the National Secretary of BJP and the Group Managing Director of SIS (Security & Intelligence Services) Limited. 

In 2023, the BJP leader was allotted Y+ security cover due to elections being held in Nagaland. Under this the leader will be accompanied with 11 security attendees and personal security officers rotational. Police protection will also be provided at his residence too. 

6. Abhay Giri 

Abhay Giri

Along with BJP leaders Nalin Kohli, Rituraj Sinha, Abhay Giri was also provided with the Y+ security cover in 2023. In adherence to the north-eastern state elections, he was alloted with the security cover by the government. 

According to the officials, 11 personnel or attendees will be on duty for the protection of the leader and will be provided with around 2-3 vehicles by the government. Abhay Giri joined the Bharatiya Janata Party in 2017, and has been serving the party over the years. 

7. Salman Khan

Salman Khan

Recently, gunshots were fired around the actor’s house. This is not the first time that Salman has faced death threats and warnings. In 2022, Salman Khan was alloted with Y+ security after he received some threat mails which he received from  gangster Lawrence Bishnoi. 

After this the fans were also not allowed to stay outside his residence and office in Galaxy apartments. 

Following the recent incident,  three more commandos and one PSO have been added to his Y+ security team. As earlier he had two personal security officers (PSO), two commandos, two escort vehicles and 11 cops.

8. Vivek Agnihotri 

Vivek Agnihotri

The Kashmir Files, film which became a hot topic of discussion in 2022. The film received both positive as well as negative reviews and was among the highest grossing movies that year.

With that the director of the film. i.e. Vivek Agnihotri received several death threats for making this film, owing to which the government allothe the director with the Y category security cover.

After the security was provided to the director, he on his twitter channel wrote “The price one has to pay to show the Genocide of Hindus in Kashmir. In a Hindu majority country. Freedom of expression, ha!”. 

9. Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi 

Justice Rituraj Awasthi

One of the most crucial topics of 2022 was the Karnataka Hija Case. Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi, along with other 2 judges was allotted Y category security due to the death threats and warnings which they were receiving for their order on the case.

The first FIR was launched after the judge informed the police that he has received an open warning fi murder on this whatsapp. 

According to Bommai, the Indian politician,engineer, and the 23rd CM of Karnataka, “Strict action will be taken against those who are challenging the system of this country”. 

10. Justice Krishna Dixit

Justice Krishna Dixit

Justice Krishna Dixit, who was one of the judges that passed the judgment on the hijab case, was provided with the Y+ security in 2022. The decision was taken by then CM of Karnataka, Bommai. 

The decision was taken after seeing the situation getting worse and the judge is receiving open death threats and warnings. The death threats also include kitting the chief justice too. 

11. Justice J.M. Khazi 

Justice J.M. Khazi

Another judge which received death threats for passing the judgment in the hijab case was Justice J.M. Khazi. The judgment was passed after they canceled the petitions filed by Muslim girls section on March 15, 2022, to wear hijab inside the classroom. 

Seeing this,  J.M. Khazi, was provided with Y category cover by the government of karnataka. Under which there will be commandos and personnel attendees for their protection in different shifts. 

12. Kangana Ranaut 

Kangana Ranaut

In 2020, Kangana Ranaut, the Bollywood actress was provided with the Y+ security cover by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, after an argument with the MP Sanjay Raut. The MP threatened the actress to not come to Mumbai, after the actress criticized Mumbai police and the government for encouraging crime and drug mafia in the city. 

After which the actress claimed that her life is in danger in the city and was provided with the Y+ security cover. 

Note: We have already explained the Most Powerful People in India holding Z+ security, visit the article to know more about it. 

The list of most powerful Y+ security holders in India unwraps an interesting tale about the important names which are being served with this security level against the potential threats to their life. 

This security level not only signifies as the guardians of the important high profile names but also stands as a symbol of national security. 

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Lakshita Garg
Lakshita Garg
2 months ago

Agreed, the fame and limelight does bring threats to big names!

Gaurav Rao
Gaurav Rao
2 months ago

Didn’t know that this new political leader, Akash Anand has also been allotted with Y+ security cover.