Asus vs Dell: Which Laptop Brand Is Doing Better?

Asus vs Dell

Asus and Dell are two big names when it comes to laptops. But who’s really coming out on top? In this comparison analysis of Asus vs Dell, we will break down the numbers and features to see which brand is scoring higher in terms of market share, performance, revenue, and more.

Asus vs Dell

So, if you’re in the market for a new laptop or just curious about the tech scene, stick around to find out which brand is doing better!

Asus vs Dell: Profile Comparison

Let’s begin our discussion by comparing their profiles side by side-

Official NameASUSTeK Computer Inc.Dell Technologies Inc.
Type of CompanyPublicly ListedPublicly Listed
IndustryComputer Hardware,
Networking Hardware
Computer Hardware,
Cloud Computing,
Data Storage,
Information Security,
Founded2nd April 19893rd May 1984
FoundersTed Hsu
M. T. Liao
Wayne Tsiah
T. H. Tung
Luca D. M.
Michael Dell
HeadquartersBeitou District, Taipei, TaiwanRound Rock, Texas, US
Key PeopleJonney Shih
(Chairman & Chief Branding Officer)
Jonathan Tsang
(Vice Chairman)
Michael Dell (Chairman & CEO)
Jeff Clarke (Vice Chair & COO)
ProductsPersonal computers,
graphics cards,
optical storage,
Personal computers,
SAN Storage,
NAS Storage,
ASMedia Technology Inc.,
Asustor Inc.,
UniMax Electronics Inc.,
ASUS South Africa
Velocity Micro

Note: When it comes to laptop brands, we have already presented the following comparisons-

You can go through them for detailed information.


Asus Laptop

Based in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan, Asus is not your average tech company. It’s a powerhouse in the world of electronics! You know, they’re famous for crafting everything from computers to phones and even networking equipment. 

Their product lineup? Oh, it’s diverse! 

It includes desktops, laptops, mobiles, and a whole bunch of other gadgets like monitors, routers, projectors, and more. And get this – they’re not just making stuff for themselves; Asus also acts as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). 

But here’s the real kicker- By January 2023, Asus had bagged the 5th spot as the world’s largest PC vendor by unit sales! 

Can you believe that? 

It speaks volumes about their market presence and the trust people have in their products. And that’s not all! BusinessWeek’s prestigious “InfoTech 100” and “Asia’s Top 10 IT Companies” rankings feature Asus, showing just how big they’ve become in the global tech scene.

But wait, there’s more! 

Back in 2008, they even snagged the top spot in the IT Hardware category of Taiwan’s Top 10 Global Brands survey, boasting a jaw-dropping brand value of US$1.3 billion! Financially, Asus is no slouch either. They’re listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange and even had a secondary listing on the London Stock Exchange. 

In a nutshell, Asus isn’t just a tech company; it’s a major player in the global tech industry, making all sorts of gadgets, dominating PC sales, and earning recognition in top rankings and financial markets. 


Dell Laptop

Now, let me tell you about Dell Inc., the tech giant hailing from the USA and part of the big Dell Technologies family. These guys are all about computers and everything that goes with them – sales, repairs, support, you name it! From crafting computers to providing support and everything in between, Dell has cemented its status as a go-to destination for all things tech.

Now, Dell’s story took a turn in 2009 when they snagged Perot Systems, diving headfirst into the world of IT services. From there, they didn’t stop – they branched out into storage, networking systems, and more, becoming a one-stop-shop for all things tech, especially for big companies.

And get this – Dell’s not just any old company; they’re a big deal on the stock market too! Listed under Dell Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: DELL), they’re right up there on the NASDAQ-100 and S&P 500 indices. Plus, they’re not shy about making moves – they shot up to the 31st spot on the Fortune 500 list in 2022, a big leap from their 76th rank the year before.

But wait, there’s more! 

In Texas, they ranked sixth in total revenue and second among non-oil companies. And let’s not forget their 2015 power move – scooping up EMC Corporation and birthing divisions like Dell EMC, masters of data storage, security, and cloud computing.

In short, you can say that Dell’s not just about computers; they’re making waves in everything from hardware to services and showing no signs of slowing down.

Features Comparison: Asus vs Dell

The following table describes a detailed comparison of features for Asus vs Dell-

Design PhilosophyPrioritizes robustness and functionality in designOffers a diverse array of design philosophies, catering to various tastes
Build MaterialsUtilizes durable materials for long-lasting constructionIncorporates a variety of materials, including premium options for select models
Processing PowerProvides ample processing power for various computing needsEquips with sufficient processing power to handle diverse tasks
Visual ExperienceDelivers captivating visual experiences with vibrant displaysEnsures immersive visual experiences through high-quality displays
Gaming CapabilitiesOffers gaming-ready configurations for smooth gameplayTailor configurations to meet the demands of gaming enthusiasts
Battery EfficiencyStrives for optimal battery efficiency across modelsOptimizes battery usage for prolonged device longevity
Customer AssistanceEnsures responsive customer assistance and comprehensive warrantiesProvides reliable customer support and extensive warranty coverage
Affordability RangeOffers laptops spanning a wide price spectrumPresents laptops at varying price points to suit different budgets
Technological AdvancementsIncorporates cutting-edge technologies for enhanced performanceIntegrates innovative features to elevate user experience
Flagship Product LineShowcases flagship models like Dell XPS and Dell AlienwareFeatures flagship models such as Asus ZenBook and Asus ROG
Overall EvaluationPrioritizes reliability and performance for a wide user baseOffers versatility and innovation to cater to diverse user needs
Features Comparison: Asus vs Dell

From this table, it’s clear that both Dell and Asus have their unique strengths, making them suitable for different types of users.

If you’re someone who values durability and functionality in design, along with reliable performance for everyday tasks, Dell might be the way to go. Their laptops are known for their sturdy build quality and dependable processing power, making them ideal for professionals and heavy users who need reliability above all else.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for more variety in design options and cutting-edge features, Asus could be the better choice. Asus laptops offer a diverse range of designs to cater to various tastes, along with innovative technologies to enhance your computing experience. Plus, if you’re a gamer or someone who needs powerful graphics capabilities, Asus has configurations tailored specifically for gaming and graphics-intensive tasks.

Ultimately, if you prioritize reliability and performance, Dell is a solid option. But if you’re seeking versatility and innovation, Asus might be the way to go. Consider your needs and preferences carefully to determine which brand aligns best with what you’re looking for in a laptop!

Asus vs Dell: Business Comparison

You know, comparing Asus and Dell in business is really important for you. It helps you understand which brand aligns better with your needs, whether it’s for personal use or for your business. By weighing their strengths and weaknesses, you can make smarter purchasing decisions and get the most value out of your investment.

Business AspectsASUSDell
Market CapitalizationTWD 335.73 billionUS$59.97 billion
Market Share6.5% (General Laptops)
40% (Gaming Laptops in India)
Revenue Earned NT$537.2 billion (2022)US$102.3 billion (2023)
Operating Income NT$12.9 billion (2022)US$5.8 billion (2023)
Net IncomeNT$16.8 billion (2022)US$2.4 billion (2023)
Total AssetsNT$471 billion (2022)US$89.6 billion (2023)
Total EquityNT$226 billion (2022)US-$3.0 billion (2023)
ExpendituresN/AUS$86.237 billion 
ProfitsNT$14.7US$2.44 billion
(with a profit margin of 2.4%)
Business Comparison: Asus vs Dell

Asus seems to have a smaller market capitalization compared to Dell, but it’s still quite substantial at TWD 335.73 billion. When it comes to market share, Dell has a higher percentage, showing that it’s more dominant in the market. 

In terms of revenue, Dell earns more, with a whopping US$102.3 billion in 2023, while Asus brought in NT$537.2 billion in 2022. Dell also seems to have a higher operating income and net income, indicating stronger financial performance.

However, Asus isn’t lagging too far behind. They’ve got NT$16.8 billion in net income in 2022 and NT$14.7 billion in profits, which is quite impressive.

Looking at total assets and total equity, Dell seems to have the upper hand here as well, with higher figures compared to Asus.

So, from a business perspective, Dell appears to have a stronger position overall, with higher revenue, income, and market share. However, Asus isn’t far behind, showing steady growth and profitability. Depending on your specific needs and preferences, either brand could be a solid choice for your business!

Final Words

So, after checking out the comparison of Asus vs Dell, it seems both brands are doing pretty well in their own ways. Dell seems to be a bit ahead in terms of market share and money stuff, like revenue and profits. But Asus isn’t far behind. They’re both doing their thing in the laptop world.

Thanks for sticking around and reading all about Asus vs Dell! Keep an eye out for more such interesting topics coming your way soon!

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Yug Desai
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Yeah Asus offer good products, but Dell laptop is much more amazing to use!