5 Shark Tank India Startups That Were Already Successful

Shark Tank India Startups that were already successful

Do you think that Shark Tank India Startups get successful only after appearing on the show? Well, that’s not entirely true. Some of the startups that won the hearts of Sharks were already successful before appearing on the show.

Shark Tank India Startups that were already successful

Here are the top 5 of them-

Name of StartupsOfferingsRevenue Before Appearing in Shark TankRevenue After Appearing in Shark Tank
SnitchRetail men’s fashion brandRs.9.3 croreRs.120 crore
Get-a-WheyHealthy DessertsRs.2.5 croreRs.8 crore
Hammer LifestyleSmart Electronic Device FirmRs.70 lakhsRs.2 crore
Padcare Labs BinsRecycling Technology Bins for Sanitary NapkinsRs.54 lakhRs.2.2 crore
BrainwiredAgritech StartupRs.40 lakhRs.70 lakh
5 Shark Tank India Startups That Were Already Successful

Note: We have ranked them as per their revenue earned before appearing on Shark Tank.

1. Snitch


Snitch is a men’s fast-fashion clothing brand that’s been making waves in India since its launch in 2019. In just a few years, it has grown to become one of the country’s fastest-growing fashion brands for men. If you’re someone who loves staying ahead in the fashion game, Snitch is designed just for you.

  • A Modern Approach to Men’s Fashion: What makes Snitch stand out is its commitment to staying trendy. They keep their finger on the pulse of global fashion trends, offering a range of stylish apparel that includes shirts, t-shirts, denim, and more. Their designs are unconventional and edgy, perfect for men who like to make a statement with their wardrobe.
  • Convenience at Your Fingertips: Snitch operates on a direct-to-consumer (D2C) model, meaning you can shop directly from their website or app. This setup cuts out the middleman, often resulting in better prices and a more personalized shopping experience. No need to visit crowded stores or deal with third-party sellers—Snitch brings the latest fashion straight to your door.
  • Something for Every Occasion: Whether you’re looking for something casual to wear on a day out, formal attire for the office, comfortable innerwear, or cozy loungewear for relaxing at home, Snitch has got you covered. Their extensive product range ensures that you can find the perfect outfit for any occasion.
  • Fashion for all sizes: Snitch is also notable for its size and inclusivity. They offer sizes up to 5XL, ensuring that men of all body types can find fashionable and comfortable clothing. This commitment to inclusivity makes Snitch a go-to brand for many.
  • A Success Story Boosted by Shark Tank: Before appearing on Shark Tank, Snitch was already doing well, with a revenue of Rs. 9.3 crore. However, after their appearance on the show, their revenue skyrocketed to an impressive Rs. 120 crore. This dramatic growth highlights the brand’s appeal and the effectiveness of its business model.

With its convenient shopping options and a wide range of apparel, Snitch is well on its way to capturing not just the Indian market, but the global one as well.

2. Get-A-Whey

Get a Whey

Let me begin with a situation. Imagine you’re craving something sweet, but you’re also trying to stick to a healthy diet. Usually, this would mean choosing between satisfying your taste buds and sticking to your health goals. Enter Get-A-Whey, a game-changing ice cream brand that ensures you don’t have to compromise.

Get-A-Whey was founded by siblings Jash and Pashmi Shah, alongside their mother, Jimmy Shah. What started as a humble kitchen experiment has blossomed into a thriving business. Their mission? To create desserts that are both healthy and outrageously tasty.

Get-A-Whey stands out by offering a variety of guilt-free treats-

  • High Protein Ice Creams: Perfect for fitness buffs, these ice creams pack a protein punch while satisfying your sweet cravings.
  • Keto Ice Creams: Ideal for those on a ketogenic diet, these low-carb, high-flavor delights won’t derail your macros.
  • Vegan Ice Pops: These come in an array of flavors, providing a delicious option for vegans.
  • Low-Calorie Kulfi: A healthier twist on the traditional Indian dessert, making it easier to enjoy without the extra calories.
  • Cheesecakes and Pastries: Featuring New York-style cheesecake and other pastries, these treats are loved by those looking to indulge wisely.
  • Chocolate Bars: These bars are perfect for chocolate lovers, offering Belgian chocolate treats.
  • Vegan Gelatos: A plant-based take on the classic gelato, for those avoiding dairy.
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches: Indulgent options like blueberry and chocolate brownie ice cream sandwiches.

Success Story

Before their appearance on Shark Tank India, Get-A-Whey was already making waves with Rs. 2.5 crore in revenue. After the show, their revenue skyrocketed to Rs. 8 crore, thanks to the exposure and an investment from Bollywood star Malaika Arora.

Sweet without a Guilt

What makes Get-A-Whey even more appealing is that their products contain no added sugar. This means you can enjoy their treats without the usual guilt associated with desserts. In the last year alone, they sold over 50,000 units, and they’re on track to achieve Rs. 2.5 crore in revenue this year.

Why should you Care?

Whether you’re a health-conscious individual, a fitness enthusiast, or someone who just loves delicious desserts, Get-A-Whey has something for you. They’ve redefined what it means to indulge, proving that you can have your ice cream and eat it too—without compromising on health or taste.

3. Hammer Lifestyle

Hammer Lifestyle

Founded in 2019, Hammer Lifestyle started with a focus on audio products. But they didn’t stop there. Recognizing the needs of modern individuals, they expanded to offer a wide range of tech-driven lifestyle gadgets. Their goal? To provide stylish, high-tech gadgets at fair prices.

Who are they for?

Hammer targets young adults aged 25 to 35. This group is always on the move and demands gadgets that are not just functional but also stylish and affordable. Whether you’re into fitness or grooming or just need some cool accessories, Hammer has got you covered.

What do they offer?

  • Wearables and Audio: From smartwatches with calling features to truly wireless earbuds and wireless headphones, Hammer’s products are designed to fit perfectly into your fitness routine and entertainment needs.
  • Grooming: With electric toothbrushes like the Hammer Ultraflow and Hammer Flow, they cater to different preferences, ensuring everyone finds something that suits their needs.
  • Accessories: Hammer also offers a variety of stylish and functional accessories that complement an active lifestyle.

The Secret to their success

Hammer’s success is built on three pillars- quality, affordability, and strategic pricing. They use high-quality materials and thoughtful design to ensure their products are durable and functional. But they also understand that affordability is key. By closely analyzing market trends and consumer spending habits, they manage to offer premium-looking products at competitive prices.

Shark Tank India Boost

Appearing on Shark Tank India was a turning point for Hammer. The national exposure skyrocketed their website traffic and revenue. Their pitch not only won over the “Sharks” (investors) but also resonated with viewers at home. Before the show, their revenue was Rs. 70 lakhs. Afterward, it jumped to an impressive Rs. 2 crore.

So, if you’re in the market for gadgets that blend seamlessly into your life without breaking the bank, Hammer Lifestyle is the brand to watch. They’re not just keeping up with the trends—they’re setting them.

4. PadCare Labs

Padcare Bin

PadCare Labs has developed an ingenious solution for sanitary pad disposal and recycling. Founded by Ajinkya Dhariya in 2018, this Indian startup addresses the significant environmental impact of menstrual waste with a comprehensive system combining sanitary bins, recycling technology, and innovative products.

The PadCare Bin

  • Strategic Placement: These bins are found in women’s washrooms across workplaces, schools, and residential complexes.
  • Hygiene Focus: Each bin is equipped with an inner liner that securely holds used pads, preventing microbial activity and eliminating odors.
  • Advanced Technology: The bins feature sensor-based collection units, ensuring 100% bacterial lock and deodorization.
  • SaniVap Technology: With patent-pending SaniVap technology, these bins can store up to 30 pads for 3-4 weeks without any unpleasant smells or bacterial growth.
  • Collection and Processing: PadCare Labs collects the used pads from these bins and processes them using proprietary recycling technology.
  • Transformation & Recycling Technology: The pads are transformed into valuable materials, which are then sold to vendors for further recycling.
  • Environmental Impact: PadCare Labs recycles a staggering 240 lakh (2.4 million) pads annually, significantly contributing to a greener planet.
  • Influential Support: PadCare’s innovative work has caught the attention of influential figures like Aanand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra Group, and Sudha Murthy, Chairperson of Infosys Foundation.
  • Bridging Gaps: Their products successfully bridge the gap between modern lifestyle and sustainability, addressing a long-standing issue with cutting-edge solutions.

Business Growth

PadCare Labs’ innovative approach has also proven successful in the business world. After appearing on Shark Tank, their revenue soared from Rs.54 lakhs to Rs.2.2 crore.

PadCare Labs is revolutionizing menstrual hygiene by promoting sustainable practices, effectively transforming how we deal with menstrual waste. Their innovative solutions ensure hygiene, environmental sustainability, and support for a modern lifestyle, one pad at a time.

5. Brainwired


Brainwired, an agritech startup from Kochi, India, is transforming the livestock industry with its groundbreaking product, WeSTOCK. Founded by Sreeshankar S Nair and Romeo P Jerard in February 2018, Brainwired aims to empower livestock farmers by offering advanced technology at an affordable price.

What is WeSTOCK?

WeSTOCK is a livestock health monitoring and tracking system that uses an Internet of Things (IoT) ear tag combined with a unique machine learning (ML) algorithm. This is how it works-

  • IoT Ear Tag: Each animal wears an intelligent ear tag that collects real-time data on its health, behavior, and movements. These tags are designed to be comfortable for the animals while providing farmers with essential insights.
  • ML Algorithm: Brainwired’s proprietary ML algorithm processes the data from the ear tags. It detects patterns related to sickness, pregnancy, and other health indicators, allowing early disease detection and timely intervention.

Benefits of WeSTOCK

  • Health Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of livestock health reduces the risk of undetected diseases, ensuring animals receive timely care.
  • Pregnancy Detection: The system alerts farmers when an animal is pregnant, allowing for better management and care.
  • Productivity Enhancement: By optimizing breeding and nutrition based on data insights, farmers can improve their livestock’s productivity.
  • Affordability: Brainwired’s focus on keeping the system affordable means that even small-scale farmers can take advantage of this technology.

Recognition & Growth

Brainwired’s innovative approach has not gone unnoticed. The founders appeared on Shark Tank India and secured a deal, which significantly boosted their revenue from Rs.40 lakhs to Rs.70 lakhs. Their customizable solution has gained widespread recognition for its positive impact on livestock farming.

Brainwired’s WeSTOCK system seamlessly integrates technology with agriculture, offering Indian farmers a powerful tool to maximize their profits and ensure the well-being of their livestock. By combining real-time health monitoring, advanced data analysis, and affordability, Brainwired is paving the way for a more efficient and productive livestock farming industry.

Note: Do you know, there is a huge scope of organic farming business in India? If not then visit the article- Organic Farming Business and its leading startups for detailed information.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, these five Shark Tank India startups were already making a significant impact before their TV debut. Their creative solutions and determination to tackle everyday problems have set them on a successful path. 

Whether it’s improving farming techniques or pioneering health technologies, these startups demonstrate the power of innovation. 

Thanks for taking the time to read the article. We’d love to hear your thoughts and which startup you found most impressive—please share your comments below!

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