Bizongo Business Model Explained – How Does Bizongo Work?

Bizongo business model - how does it work

Imagine you run a business, and you need packaging materials for it like custom boxes, containers, packets, or the labels to showcase your products and to protect them during conveyance. Traditionally, this whole process would take a lot of time and would require a lot of coordination. Here, enters Bizongo into the frame, that has made this complexity simple. Let’s explore how this convenient option works and unravel the magic of Bizongo Business Model.

Bizongo business model - how does it work

A platform where innovation meets necessity, packaging has transcended its conventional role to become a symbol of brand recognition and sustainability in the market. The demand for efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective packaging solutions has never been more easy and feasible.

Bizongo: Company Overview 

In the landscape of e-commerce business, where first impression matters a lot, the importance of packaging holds the greatest place. Bizongo, a dynamic India’s largest tech-enabler B2B e-commerce and supply chain platform. Since its inception in 2015, the company is determined to provide a new face to the source of packaging materials.

Bizongo founders
Bizongo founders Sachin Agrawal, Aniket Deb & Ankit Tomar

With a mission to simplify and streamline packaging materials, Bizongo has become a driving force in the packaging industry. Bizongo’s business mission is clear: to simplify the supply chain for businesses, and to empower brands, enterprises and vendor businesses with their perfect blend of technology and working solutions. 

Name of the Company Bizongo 
Founded 2015
Founders Aniket Deb, Sachin Agrawal, & Ankit Tomar
CEOSachin Agrawal
Headquarter Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 
Operating Space B2B, E-commerce platform 
Industry Supply chain product & Packaging materials 
Valuation (2023)$980 million 
Revenue (2022)$17,05 million
Funding (2023)$50 million
Bizongo’s company insights

Key features 

  • Bizongo provides a vast and diverse catalog of packaging materials, including boxes, containers, labels, apparels, and other customized goods. 
  • Bizongo uses technology driven AL tools, to reduce the risk of transactions, enabling feasible supply chain financing for vendors, and to guide customers through their website. 
  • One of the stand out features of Bizongo business is Customization. Businesses can customize their packaging solutions through Bizongo. Allowing them to customize and create packaging that align with their branding and product requirements. 
  • Provides a 100% digitized supply chain, with friendly features to streamline the transaction process.
  • Offers early payment through embedded financing options that help businesses to get paid early.
  • Bizongo offers eco-friendly packaging procurement, for sustainability purposes.
  • Platform allows users to compare prices, specifications, and details of various products and suppliers.

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How Does Bizongo Work?

Bizongo primarily works on a B2B tech enabled e-commerce platform that is changing the face of supply chain operations for MSMEs (Micro Small & Micro Enterprises) in India.

The business model involves various strategies and planning. Bizongo acts as an intermediary between businesses and packaging suppliers, simplifying the procurement process, making everything transparent and available at one platform, offering a wide range of options, and helping out businesses. 

Key factors that contributes to its working 

Digital Platform – Bizongo provides an online marketplace accessible to businesses as well as to the consumers looking for packaging materials. This platform is the central spot of their operations.

Bizongo website

Customization – One of the Bizongo’s hey working features, is the ability to customize packaging materials. Businesses can set the products according to their specific needs, branding, size, and other requirements. Ensuring the packaging aligns with the brand’s identity.

Supplier Network – Bizongo has successfully established a network of packaging suppliers, manufacturers, and vendors. These suppliers offer their products on the platform, providing businesses with a wide range of choices.

Product Catalog – There is an extensive catalog of packaging materials, apparels. This includes vast options like cardboard boxes, labels, containers, and more. Businesses can go through this catalog to find the absolute fit packaging for products they need.

Bizongo product catalog

Tools Usage – Bizongo helps brands and enterprises with their AI-powered vendor digitization and embedded financing platform to achieve a sustainable and scalable growth in their businesses. 

Price Comparison – A only platform where businesses and consumers can benefit from the competitive pricing available at their platform. This allows them to make informed decisions to optimize their packaging costs. 

Payment and Transactions – The platform offers secure online payment options, making the financial aspect of procurement convenient and transparent. Along with it provides embedded financing and paid early option. 

Bizongo payment mode

Data Insights – Bizongo provides businesses with live data points by comparing them to past B2B transactions, which helps to identify the potential risks for MSMEs. The information can include order history, usage, returning behavior, and costs, allowing them to make data-driven decisions and optimize their packaging strategies.

How Does Bizongo Make Money? 

Like other online e-commerce platforms, Bizongo also generates its revenue through a combination of strategies. 

Here’s how Bizongo make money   

Commission on Sales – Like any other online marketplace, Bizongo charges a specific amount of commission or a percentage of the sales made through its platform. That accounts around 5-10% on the basic costs and rates.

Bizongo commission on sales

Website engagement – Apart from charging commission on sales, Bizongo directly interacts with businesses, vendors, buyers, through their website. Buyers can directly buy packaging materials in bulk from there. Generating sales for Bizongo.

Services Provided – The platform charges service fees for additional services provided, such as customization, support, or logistics. Businesses pay these fees on the specific services they require.   

Competitors of Bizongo 

Bizongo operates in a B2B e-commerce sector with a focus on packaging solutions. As such in the e-commerce space, it faces competition from various companies, both within the e-commerce sphere and the packaging industry. 

Some of its notable competitors are – 

Udaan – Udaan is a B2B e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of products like lifestyle, electronics, logistic operations, and including packaging materials too. It competes with Bizongo in the e-commerce sector and serves businesses across industries.

IndiaMART – IndiaMART is one of the largest B2B online marketplaces, providing a diverse range of products and services. It includes packaging materials as a category and competes with Bizongo in the packaging industry.

Summing Up

By simplifying the process, and providing data-driven insights, Bizongo tries to empower businesses to make intelligent and informed decisions that can save money and reduce environmental impact.

Bizongo company

As the e-commerce and packaging market continues to evolve, Bizongo’s model stands as a great example of innovation, convenience, and technology. It’s more than a business model; it’s a packaging revolution on its way. It is the intersection of sustainability, efficiency, and the use of technology and innovation.

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