Redbus vs Abhibus – Which One Is The Better Bus Booking Portal?

Redbus vs Abhibus: Which one is better?

Are you planning a journey and need to book a bus ticket? Well, today we’re going to explore two well-known bus booking websites, Redbus vs Abhibus!

Redbus vs Abhibus: Which one is better?


To help you decide which one is the better choice for your journey. It’s like comparing two distinct paths to reach your destination. Both Redbus and Abhibus have their unique features, just like different roads leading to the same place. 

So, let’s dive into this exciting comparison and discover which bus booking portal might be your new travel companion.

(A) Redbus vs Abhibus: Businesswise Comparison

First of all, let’s go through the businesswise comparison of the two online travel giants. Look at the table below where we have done a comprehensive business comparison of Redbus vs Abhibus-

FoundersPhanindra Sama,
Charan Padmaraju,
Sudhakar Pasupunur
Sudhakar Reddy Chirra
Founded in20062008
(Karnataka, India)
(Telangana, India)
Parent CompanyPilani Soft Labs (Earlier)
MakeMyTrip, Goibibo (Now)
Le Travenues Technology Ltd (Ixigo)
IndustryOnline TravelOnline Travel
FundingAcquired by MakeMyTrip in 2016Privately held
Market Valuation$30.3 million (2011)$19.1 million (2016)
Revenue$102 million (FY22)$3.52 million (FY21)
Commission Charged10-20% per ticket12% per ticket
User Base20 million
(Monthly active users)
255 million
Market Share75% (approx.)40%
(in B2B business)
redBus vs Abhibus: Businesswise Comparison

Thus, we have highlighted key details like their founders, founding years, headquarters, industry focus, etc. These insights have shed light on their respective positions in the online travel market and their growth trajectories.

(B) redBus: Your Travel Companion

Let’s dive into the incredible story of Redbus, where the journey began back in 2006 with the vision of three innovative minds: Phanindra Sama, Charan Padmaraju, and Sudhakar Pasupunur. This isn’t just any bus ticketing platform; it’s a game-changer, an Indian success story that’s transformed the way millions travel by bus.

Now, what sets Redbus apart? It’s the sheer convenience and comfort it brings to your travel plans. As part of India’s leading online travel company, MakeMyTrip Limited, Redbus offers a world of choices, top-notch customer service, and affordable pricing, catering to over 25 million customers globally.

Redbus: All you need to know about it

Whether you’re planning a short trip or embarking on a grand adventure, Redbus has got you covered. Booking your tickets is a breeze, thanks to their user-friendly website and mobile apps. And here’s the magic touch – the ‘Track My Bus’ feature. Imagine never having to wonder when your bus will arrive. With ‘Track My Bus,’ you can follow your bus in real-time, so you’re there when it rolls in.

Redbus provides secure payment options and a mobile app for convenient booking. It goes beyond bus tickets, rewarding customers for referrals, and offering hotel bookings with guaranteed low prices.

Go through the sections described below and you will get to know how it makes travel planning hassle-free and enjoyable!

(B.1) Exclusive Features of redBus

  • Last Minute Booking
  • Boarding Pint Navigation
  • Comprehensive Ticket Details
  • GPS enabled buses

(B.2) Easy Booking and Hotel Reservation

Redbus offers a reliable and fast way to book bus tickets and reserve hotel rooms through its user-friendly app and website. With a wide array of options for bus services and seats, you can seamlessly select your departure date, time, pickup, and drop-off locations. 

Redbus accepts multiple payment methods, including net banking, PayTm wallet, credit, and debit cards, ensuring secure transactions. With over 70,000 routes and 2,300 bus operators, you’ll find a variety of bus types, from sleepers to A/C and non-A/C options.

(B.3) Convenience on the Go

Booking through Redbus comes with various benefits, such as cash rewards for referring friends and family. The Redbus app allows you to book tickets on the move, securely save card details, and utilize one-touch payments. 

It also provides a live bus tracking feature, enabling you to monitor your bus journey and share tracking links with family and friends. Additionally, Redbus offers discounted hotel bookings, with a selection of 20,000 hotels across 1,000 cities. The website and app facilitate easy searching by hotel name, city, price, ratings, and amenities. 

Redbus guarantees the lowest hotel prices, features a customer-friendly cancellation policy, and offers the best deals and discounts.

(C) Abhibus: The Emerging Travel Player

Abhibus: A Brief Overview

AbhiBus is an Indian ticketing app that’s changing the way you book bus services. Picture this – with a vast network of 2,500 bus partners and an incredible 100,000 route options, AbhiBus has taken the travel scene by storm since its launch in 2008.

But what sets AbhiBus apart? It’s more than just a booking platform; it’s your travel companion. Think of it as a toolkit for your journey, with state-of-the-art e-ticketing systems, fleet management solutions, vehicle tracking, and a 24/7 customer support center. They’ve got you covered, no matter the hour.

And it’s not just about buses; AbhiBus offers a whole package. From hotels to bus rentals, they’ve got all your travel needs in one place.

When it comes to choosing a bus, you’re spoiled for choice. Whether you prefer a simple non-AC ride or a luxurious Volvo AC bus, AbhiBus has you covered. But here’s the fun part- ‘Abhimovies.’ It’s like having your very own cinema on the go, so you can enjoy movies while traveling.

(c.1) Exclusive features of Abhibus

  • Free Cancellation
  • Abhimovies
  • Safe-T Bus partners
  • Instant Refunds
  • Lowest Bus Ticket Price Assured
  • 24/7 Customer Assistance

(c.2) Rapid and Secure Booking

Abhibus provides a quick, simple, and secure platform for booking bus and hotel tickets online. Thus, it prioritizes your convenience and security.

(c.3) Diverse Routes and Operators

Abhibus provides access to an extensive network, with choices from 75,000 routes and partnerships with 2,500 bus operators. This means you can select routes served by various operators, providing a range of options for your journey.

(c.4) User-Friendly Features

Booking with the Abhibus app is straightforward, offering the convenience of logging in with Facebook or Google accounts. The app seamlessly integrates with Abhibus website bookings, providing 24/7 customer service for all your travel-related concerns. 

Abhibus supports multiple payment options, including cash cards, net banking, and wallets like Paytm and Mobikwik. New users can enjoy a Rs.500 cashback offer. The app features detailed information, ensuring clarity about landmarks and boarding points. Do you know its unique features include the ability to view past, upcoming, or canceled trip information?

(c.5) Enhanced Travel Experience

The Abhibus app offers features like detailed information about landmarks and boarding points, adding clarity to your journey. Unique capabilities, such as viewing past, upcoming, or canceled trip information, make Abhibus a comprehensive travel partner.

(D) Redbus vs Abhibus: Detailed Comparison

Now it is the time to dive into the detailed comparison of Redbus vs Abhibus. Go through the following table and the explanation given after the table. These aspects will help you decide which one is a better bus booking portal.

Here we go!

RoutesOver 70,000 routes75,000 routes
Bus Operators26002500
Competitive EdgeExtensive network
and experience
Focus on partnerships
and innovation
Paytm Bus Booking,
Growth StrategyExpanding Services
and International Presence
Focusing on technology
and partnerships
International PresenceColombia,
Predominant in the
Indian market (only)
Redbus vs Abhibus: Detailed Comparison

(D.1) Routes

When it comes to the range of routes, Redbus and Abhibus are neck and neck, offering an extensive network of travel options. Redbus showcases a formidable selection of over 70,000 routes, ensuring that travelers can connect to a multitude of destinations. 

In comparison, Abhibus manages to outdo this slightly, with a pool of approximately 75,000 routes at your disposal. This abundance of routes from both platforms is a significant advantage for travelers, making it easier to find the right bus for their journey.

(D.2) Bus Operators

Both Redbus and Abhibus have developed strong partnerships with bus operators, contributing to their success. Redbus collaborates with a network of 2600 bus operators, while Abhibus partners with 2500 bus operators. This is an impressive array of options, ensuring that travelers can access a wide variety of bus services. 

The competition among these operators often results in competitive pricing and a range of amenities, giving travelers the freedom to choose the best options for their journey.

(D.3) Competitive Edge

Intense Competition

Redbus and Abhibus take different approaches to maintain their competitive edge. Redbus stands out due to its extensive network and years of experience in the field. This experience translates into a platform that understands the intricacies of bus travel, leading to a user-friendly experience. 

On the other hand, Abhibus focuses on strategic partnerships and innovative features. This innovative approach includes unique offerings like ‘Abhimovies,’ which allows passengers to watch movies while traveling, enhancing the overall experience. These distinct strategies cater to different aspects of the travel industry and provide travelers with unique benefits.

(D.4) Competitors

In the highly competitive landscape of online bus ticket booking, both Redbus and Abhibus face formidable rivals. Redbus competes with platforms like Zingbus, Paytm Bus Booking, and Intrcity. Each of these competitors offers its own set of features and services, making the market vibrant and giving travelers a wide range of options. 

Abhibus, on the other hand, contends with competitors like,, and even Redbus itself, along with 

This level of competition benefits travelers by driving innovation and better service quality in the industry.

(D.5) Growth Strategy

Redbus and Abhibus have distinct growth strategies. Redbus is on an expansion drive, not only broadening its services but also reaching international markets. With a presence in countries like Colombia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, and Singapore, Redbus is extending its global footprint, catering to travelers beyond Indian borders. 

In contrast, Abhibus concentrates on technology advancements and fostering strong partnerships. This approach aims to enhance the user experience and improve the platform’s efficiency.

(D.6) International Presence

While both platforms offer remarkable services within India, there’s a notable difference in their international presence. Redbus has made significant strides in international markets, reaching out to various countries. This global reach allows travelers to access their services when exploring international destinations, offering a familiar and trusted platform. 

Abhibus, for the time being, maintains its primary focus on the Indian market. As a result, it doesn’t have a significant international presence, yet it caters effectively to the domestic audience.

(E) Final Words for Redbus vs Abhibus: Which one is better?

Conclusion of Redbus vs Abhibus

So, here comes our final judgment on which one is better in Redbus vs Abhibus. Let me tell you are straight fact. It really depends on your priorities! Yes, it depends on your expectations and needs. See, if you’re looking for a platform with a more extensive network of routes, Abhibus might be your pick. However, if you value a platform with a more international presence and broader experience, Redbus might be the way to go. 

Both platforms offer user-friendly experiences and a wide range of services, so it comes down to your specific travel requirements and what aspects matter most to you.

We hope that this article has provided you with valuable insights to make a well-informed decision. Also, we genuinely appreciate the time you’ve invested in reading through the write-up. Thanks a lot!

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