Boult vs boAt: Which One Is The Better Audio Brand?

Boult vs boAt

Curious about which audio brand is reigning in the Indian market? Dive into the showdown between Boult vs boAt to uncover which suits the best as per your music needs.

Boult vs boAt

(A) Boult vs boAt: Profile Comparison

First of all, let’s begin our discussion by comparing the profiles of both the audio brands-

Founding Year20172013
FoundersVarun Gupta & Tarun GuptaAman Gupta & Sameer Mehta
HeadquartersGurgaon (Haryana, India)New Delhi (India)
Product RangeEarphones & headphones (wired & Bluetooth), smartwatches, speaker, and other sound accessoriesEarphones & headphones (wired & Bluetooth), electric shavers, smartwatches, stereos, and other sound accessories.
Target AudienceMiddle-class customersMainly Youth
VerdictBoult is a good performer but needs to focus a bit more on the marketingBoat offers quality sound at an affordable price, making it a great choice for budget-conscious consumers.
Boult vs boAt: Profile Comparison

In the further sections, we will look at the audio brands individually.

(B) Boult

Boult audio

Boult Audio, a leading Indian audio brand founded in 2017, has swiftly emerged as a frontrunner in the consumer electronics segment. Renowned for its top-notch audio offerings, Boult has captured the attention of a wide-ranging audience seeking premium sound experiences. Its products are skillfully crafted to deliver exceptional sound quality and user satisfaction.

(B.1) Key Strengths

Boult Audio stands out in the market due to its commitment to offering superb sound quality, affordability, innovation, and appealing design aesthetics. Their products not only sound great but also look stylish and offer advanced features like touch controls and voice assistants. The founder says the stylish designs of Boult make the brand stand out in the crowd.

(B.2) Market Position

In India’s competitive audio segment, Boult Audio holds the esteemed position of being the second-largest player, trailing closely behind boAt. Its reputation for delivering high-quality products at reasonable prices has garnered immense popularity among consumers.

(B.3) Growth Trajectory

Boult’s financial performance speaks volumes about its success and growth trajectory. With a profit after tax of Rs 9 crore in FY22 and a projected top-line growth of 60% in FY23, the company’s revenue is on a steady upward trajectory. Boult’s expansion into the smartwatch market further fuels its growth aspirations.

(B.4) Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Boult Audio remains focused on expanding its product portfolio and exploring new market segments. With ambitious revenue targets and a growing market presence, the brand is poised for continued success and market leadership.

(C) boAt

Working Strategy of boAt business model

boAt’s voyage began in 2013 by Sameer Mehta and Aman Gupta. Their mission? To redefine the audio landscape by offering high-quality products at affordable prices. The brand’s name, boAt, symbolizes the journey of life—navigating through its currents, riding the waves of music, and staying connected.

(C.1) Product Range and Philosophy

boAt’s product lineup spans earphones, headphones, speakers, smart wearables, and accessories. Each offering caters to diverse tastes and lifestyles, providing options for every music lover and fitness enthusiast. The brand’s philosophy revolves around delivering stylish, durable, and performance-driven accessories that enhance the user experience.

(C.2) Design Aesthetics

boAt’s products aren’t just functional—they’re fashion statements. With bold colors, sleek contours, and attention to detail, boAt’s design language resonates with the youth. Collaborations with celebrities and influencers infuse personality into limited-edition collections, making each product unique.

(C.3) Sound Quality and Bass

boAt signature lies in its bass-heavy sound, engineered to deliver an immersive listening experience across various music genres. Whether you’re into EDM, hip-hop, or classical melodies, boAt ensures that the beats hit hard. The brand’s dedication to fine-tuning each product results in a balanced audio experience that’s nothing short of captivating.

(C.4) Affordability & Accessibility

boAt disrupted the market by offering premium features at budget-friendly prices, making quality audio accessible to all. Its wide availability across online platforms, retail stores, and neighborhood shops ensures that everyone can hop aboard the boAt and experience its offerings.

(C.5) Community and Brand Loyalty

boAt’s success isn’t just about products—it’s about building a community. Engaging with users through social media, contests, and events, boAt fosters a loyal fan base known as the “Boatheads.” This community celebrates every launch, unboxing, and milestone, contributing to the brand’s cultural phenomenon.

(D) Features Comparison: Boult vs boAt

In this section, we will compare the features of Boult vs boAt thoroughly-

DesignOffers sleek and modern designs with a focus on comfortFeatures bold and trendy designs catering to younger audiences
ConnectivityProvides Bluetooth connectivity with stable connections.Offers Bluetooth connectivity with stable performance and extended range.
Battery LifeTypically provides decent battery life ranging from 6 to 10 hours.Offers varying battery life depending on the model, generally ranging from 4 to 10 hours.
Popular ModelsBoult Audio Maverick True Wireless Earbuds,
Boult Audio Astra Neo True Wireless Earbuds,
Boult Audio K20 True Wireless Earbuds,
Boult Audio Z40 Pro True Wireless Earbuds
BoAt Rockerz 255 Pro+ Earphones, 
BoAt Airdopes,
141 TWS Earbuds,
BoAt Rockerz 450,
Sound qualityProvides a balanced audio experience catering to various music genres.Bass-heavy music experience; quality sound at an affordable price. 
Price RangeOffers affordable options with a range of mid-priced to premium products. Known for budget-friendly options catering to a wide range of consumers. 
Additional FeaturesIncludes features like touch controls, water resistance, and noise cancellation in higher-end models.Often includes features like a built-in mic for hands-free calling, passive noise cancellation, and compatibility with voice assistants.
InnovationEmbracing innovation incorporating IoT sensors into its devices.Offers fascinating aesthetics, a variety of color options, and more.
SoundbarsDolby Audio, 120W RMS Signature Sound, 3D Surround SoundSleek aesthetics and versatile sound enhancement. 
PopularityGrowing popularity with positive reviews for sound quality and value for money.Established brand with a large customer base, known for offering trendy designs and competitive prices.
Features Comparison: Boult vs boAt

Note: We have also covered a detailed comparison analysis of “JBL vs boAt.” Go through the article for detailed information.

(E) Boult vs boAt: Market Share Comparison 

In this section, we will see how much these brands have grabbed the market in different quarters-

(E.1) Q1 2023

CategoryboAtBoult Audio
TWS (True Wireless Stereo) 30.6%15.5%
Market Share of boAt vs Boult (FY23)

(E.2) Q4 2022

CategoryboAtBoult Audio
TWS (True Wireless Stereo) 32.8%11.9%
Market Share of boAt vs Boult (FY22)

In the first quarter of 2023, boAt dominated the market in all categories compared to Boult Audio. When it comes to True Wireless Stereo (TWS) devices, boAt had a whopping 30.6% market share, while Boult Audio lagged behind at 15.5%. 

Similarly, in the smartwatch segment, boAt commanded a significant 28.6% market share, while Boult Audio trailed far behind with only 3.2%. Even in the broader wearables category, boAt maintained its lead with a 25.6% market share, leaving Boult Audio with just 9.3%.

Moving on to the last quarter of 2022, boAt continued its dominance over Boult Audio. In TWS devices, boAt held a commanding 32.8% market share, whereas Boult Audio managed only 11.9%. Although Boult Audio didn’t have a presence in the smartwatch category during this quarter, boAt still maintained a strong position with 18.2% market share. 

In the wearables category, boAt again outperformed Boult Audio with a market share of 23.9% compared to Boult’s 8.7%.

Overall, boAt consistently outshines Boult Audio in market share across different quarters and categories, establishing itself as the leading brand in the audio and wearable technology space.

(F) Business Comparison of Boult vs boAt

Let’s compare the financial aspects of Boult and boAt-

Financial AspectsBoultboAt
Market Valuation (Net Worth)Rs.500 croreRs.9,840 crore
Revenue Rs.450 croreRs.2,873 crore
ExpensesN/ARs.2,737 crore
Net Profit/LossRs.9 croreProfit of Rs.68.7 crore
Business Comparison of Boult vs boAt

Looking at the financial aspects, boAt emerges as the stronger contender compared to Boult. While Boult Audio’s market valuation stands at Rs.500 crore, boAt boasts a much higher valuation of Rs.9,840 crore. In terms of revenue, boAt once again takes the lead with Rs.2,873 crore, dwarfing Boult’s revenue of Rs.450 crore. 

Although Boult Audio reported a net profit of Rs.9 crore, boAt’s profit of Rs. 68.7 crore indicates a significantly higher level of financial success.

In FY22, Boult Audio witnessed a remarkable growth trajectory, expanding its revenue by 66%. However, boAt’s revenue and market valuation far surpass those of Boult Audio. With boAt aiming for continued growth and profitability, it solidifies its position as the stronger player in the audio industry.

In short, while both brands have seen growth and success in the market, boAt emerges as the better audio brand based on its higher market valuation, revenue, and profitability. Its stronger financial performance indicates a larger market presence and greater potential for future growth compared to Boult Audio.

(G) Final Words

In a nutshell, both Boult and boAt have their strengths, but boAt emerges as the frontrunner in terms of market valuation, revenue, and profitability. However, the “better” brand ultimately depends on individual preferences and priorities. So, whether you lean towards Boult or boAt, choose the brand that resonates with your audio needs and preferences.

By the way, which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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Tanmay Vashisht
Tanmay Vashisht
25 days ago

Yeah boat products are great to use, but boult products are equally pretty amazing to use! Have been using it.

Madhav Bharadwaj
Madhav Bharadwaj
4 days ago

BoAt is my favourite. I bought a wired earphone of boAt in 2020 and till now it is working fine😃