Practo Revenue Touches Rs 200 Cr While Losses Double in FY22

Practo Revenue and Losses

We are all aware of the remarkable growth experienced by the healthcare platform in the last fiscal year. But how was it determined? You may ask. Through revenue! Do you know, in FY22, the e-healthcare startup i.e., Practo revenue hit over Rs.200 crore? Yes, its growth rate was 86.5% and its revenue touched Rs.202 crore.

Practo Revenue and Losses

Wow! That is a great success. 

But wait! You cannot declare the achievement without analyzing its financial point of view. Reason? Although it earned enormous revenue, its losses doubled as well. How did it happen? Rs.202 crore is a large amount, isn’t it? Then how come it was not profitable despite its whopping revenue?

You will come to know it all in this article.

Keep reading!

Practo Revenue Breakdown

Established in 2008, Practo efficiently digitalized medical services. With the help of Practo, you can connect to doctors, pathology labs, and pharmacists. It also initiated a telemedicine service where you can consult physicians online (through video calls). 

We have explained it all in Practo Business Model. You can look into it for more details.

Coming back to the point of Practo revenue. So, its main source of income was diagnostic and consultation services. You will get a brief comparison of Practo revenue for the last two fiscal years.

Revenue SourcesAmount Earned in FY22Amount Earned in FY21
Diagnostic and Consultation ServicesRs.94.6 croreRs.35.9 crore
Sale of Software and MaintenanceRs.21.2 croreRs.16.6 crore
Sale of Pharmaceutical ProductsRs.11.5 croreRs.13.8 crore
Subscription ServicesRs.74.7 croreRs.42 crore
Practo Revenue Breakdown

Thus, you can see that diagnostic consultation services and subscription services were the most significant contributors to Practo revenue. Also, its revenue from most of the sources increased from last year. Thus, in total it earned a revenue of Rs.202 crore.

Now, here comes the question of its deepening losses. Despite earning humongous revenue, how did it drown in huge losses?

Let’s find out!

Expenses Breakdown

Do you know why a company drowns in losses in spite of earning a decent amount of revenue? Due to its expenses. When the cost of expenditure crosses the amount of income earned, then it results in disappointing losses. Similar is the case with Practo.

Before proceeding further, have a brief look at the expense breakdown of Practo in the last two fiscal years-

ExpensesAmount Spent in FY22Amount Spent in FY21
Employee Benefit CostsRs.139 croreRs.75 crore
Consultation & Surgery CostsRs.95 croreRs.39 crore
Advertisement & Promotional ExpensesRs.68 croreRs.34.2 crore
Legal Professional FeesRs.30.5 croreRs.12.7 crore
Server Hosting and SubscriptionRs.18 croreRs.14 crore
OthersRs.61.8 croreRs.38.1 crore
Practo Expenses Breakdown

Thus, you can see that its expenses on different verticals had increased over 2X. The amount of money spent on different expenditures increased to 93.6%. Thus, its total expenses soared to Rs.412.3 crore.

Controversy on Financials

The digital healthcare platform was surrounded by some controversies because it failed to report its financial numbers during its growth stage. It filed the financial report of FY20 two years later i.e., in July 2022. And the remaining financials (FY21 and FY220 were reported in March-June 2023.

People were worried about its financials. But the company has achieved notable growth as compared to its contemporaries in the last three fiscal years.

Financials of Practo

The financials of the company Practo is summarized in the following table-

Practo’s Financials (FY22)Amount (in crores)
Market ValuationRs.3,427 crore
Revenue EarnedRs.202 crore
ExpensesRs.412.3 crore
Profit/LossLoss of Rs.203.3 crore
Practo’s Financials

Although it earned an appreciable amount of revenue from its numerous revenue sources. But the cash outflow in various expenses crossed the threshold. This means the amount spent on expenditures exceeded the amount of income earned. Eventually, it continues to face a significant amount of loss.

Future Plans for Practo 

You must note that the financial figures mentioned above are specific to FY22. If you want to consider the overall financial performance of Practo, you need to perform a comprehensive assessment.

Its online platform connects patients with doctors and healthcare providers, offering appointment booking, online consultations, and medical record management. Thus, it is planning to transform the healthcare industry of India!

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Shivangi Kant
Shivangi Kant
10 months ago

Practo was established in the year 2008. Although an easy platform where one can easily access doctors, healthcare, medicine, and labs. Their tagline simply states your home for health’ which simply makes a thought on anybody’s mind that we need not worry about anything when we are in urgent need or in Emergency. Yes, the company made a good revenue last year and a loss as well this year. They are basically aiming to become a one-stop destination for patients to find the best doctors and to book appointments. Also, they will be coming up with different monthly health care plans as well.