Sony vs Canon: Which Brand Is Winning In Cameras Business?

Sony vs Canon: Which One is Winning in Camera Business?

The camera world that is ever evolving and has captivated the attention of all. Among all the names in the race, the two names that are most well known and are in major competition with each other are Sony vs Canon. 

Sony vs Canon: Which One is Winning in Camera Business?

Sony vs Canon: Company Profiles 

Factors Sony Canon 
Founded 1946 1937 
Founders Masaru Ibuka and Akio MoritaTakeshi Mitarai, Goro Yoshida,
Saburo Uchida, & Takio Maeda 
Headquarter Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan 
Parent Company Sony group Corporation Canon Inc. 
Started operating in India November 17, 1994 1997 
Type of Company Public listed company It is also a public listed company. 
Global Presence In over 70 counties Present in almost 256 countries 
Market Share 26.1% 46.5%
Revenue $88.4 billion (2023)$30.04 billion (2023)
Company Profiles of Sony and Canon

The above clearly describes which company has the higher market share in the camera industry, Canon which has a market share of 46.5% and is leading the camera race, leaving behind other camera’s companies.

While Sony cameras stand at 26.1% of market share, which is much lower than that of Canon. 

Canon has recorded its revenue for the year 2023 to be at $30.04 billion, while Sony reported its revenue to be at $88.4 billion, higher than that of Canon. Sony revenue incorporates its sales of goods and services across all categories. 

Sony and Canon cameras

Sony excels in providing good mirrorless cameras while Canon is known to provide DSLRs (Digital Single Lens Reflex) of high quality, heavy and good material. 

Sony vs Canon: Market Shares 

Company Name 2023 2022 2021 
Canon 46.5%46.5%47.9%
Sony 26.1%26%22.1%
Nikon 12%11.7%13.7%
Fujifilm 5.8%5.8%5.6%
Panasonic 4.3%4.2%4.4%
Others 5.6%undisclosedundisclosed
Market Shares of Different Camera Companies

From the table we can clearly state that Canon, among all other camera brands, is leading at the forefront and has higher market share than the rest of the camera companies.

Sony is residing at the second spot with a market share of 26.1%, maintaining its previous market share in 2022, which was 26%.

The other well known camera companies, i.e. Nikon, Fujifilm, and Panasonic, recorded their market shares as the former has 12%, following it Fujifilm has 5.8%, while Panasonic acquired a 5.8% of the market, for the year 2023. 

Sony and Canon market shares

The above numbers clearly shows that  Canon is leading and dominating the global digital camera market and providing their camera products with new innovative features.

While the value of sold cameras is greater, Sony has sold fewer units at a sales value of 565 billion yen, while Canon sales equals 506.7 billion yen

Sony vs Canon: Revenue Over The Years

Year Sony Revenue Canon Revenue 
2023 $88.4 billion $30.04 billion
2022$79.1 billion $30.2 billion
2021$88 billion $31.3 billion
2020$80.4 billion $29.8 billion 
2019 $79.2 billion $32.9 billion 
Sony and Canon Revenue Over The Years

Sony has recorded a higher number for its revenue than Canon, it recorded a sound $88.4 billion, this number incorporates not only the sales of cameras by Sony but also the sales of its other electronics products and services.

While the revenue of Canon was reported to be at $30.04 billion, which accounted for the sales of its camera products. Here, it can be said that Sony is leading in terms of revenue than Canon. 

Sony vs Canon: Sales 

Canon for the latest year recorded the sales of units sold at a number of 3.35 million, boasting a market share of 46.5%, while Sony recorded its units sold at the number of 1.88 million with a market share of 26.1 %. It clearly depicts that Canon is way ahead of Sony in terms of selling its units and having a hold onto the market. 

Sony vs Canon: Comparative Analysis 

Factors Sony Canon 
Image Quality Offers high quality images.Has exceptional great image quality. 
Lens Offers less variety for the lenses. Canon offers a range of different lenses for each model. 
Price Vary from model to model and features. As it provides a wide range of cameras, its prices also vary with each model and its features. 
Menu Navigation Slightly complex menu navigation system. Canon provides a pretty straightforward approach towards understanding its menu navigation. 
Sensors Sony is one of the largest suppliers of image sensors and has more developed sensor technology. Canon’s image sensor technology is good but not as developed as that of Sony’s. 
Accessories Offers less accessories with their products. Canon has a larger section of accessories to offer to their users. 
Battery Life Sony battery backup is slightly less favored dothan that of Canon’s. Canon is considered to have a better life than that of Sony. 
Additional Features for the User Sony provides its users with the best features and innovative features which requires more knowledge to operate it. Canon also provides its users with a more user friendly interface and easy to understand products.
Sony and Canon Comparative Analysis

The above table highlighted the comparative analysis of Sony vs Canon with their features that they offer their users. Both these camera companies offer their users with the best service they have.

Canon, which provides a wide range of lenses for each camera model, makes it a go to choice for the ones who love using cameras with different lenses. 

Sony and Canon comparative analysis

While Sony offers image sensors of highest quality and is also among the largest image sensor developers, on the other hand Canon also offers good quality of image sensors, but its image sensor technology is not as developed as that of Sony. 

Canon is considered to offer a higher battery life with good backup, while Sony battery life is less considered than Canon. Also Canon offers easy navigation of its menu, while Sony has a little complex navigation menu system. 

Some User reviews 

For some Sony cameras are the best choice as it provides a high quality of image sensor which helps them in getting good and clear images, along with that offers its users with the updated and innovative features for their cameras, but it requires more knowledge to understand that. 

While for some, Canon is the best and a go to choice to consider while thinking of buying a camera. Not only it provides easy navigation to its menu settings but also provides features like more accessories, different lenses, and good battery life. 

Sony vs Canon: Summing Up 

The race between Sony vs Canon, is head-to-head, both working to be at the forefront of the camera race. In terms of the market share percentage then Canon emerges as a clear winner between the two as it has a double of market share of 46.5%  than that of Sony’s, which is 26.1%. Also Canon recorded a higher number of sales than that of Sony. 

Sony and Canon cameras

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Vrinda Pandey
Vrinda Pandey
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Yup, canon does have a bigger market share, but Sony camera quality is good to use.