Spinny vs Cars24 – Which One Is Better & A Bigger Success?

Spinny vs Cars24

In the fast-paced world of used cars, where every turn of the wheel can represent a significant financial decision, two giants have emerged to vie for supremacy, i.e. Spinny vs Cars24. Each offering its own unique spin on the art of buying and selling pre-owned vehicles. 

But the question that pops out in the minds of car buyers and sellers is which one is truly better and a bigger success between the two?

Spinny vs Cars24

Comparison between Spinny and Cars24

The used car market in India has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, driven by the emergence of online platforms that promise convenience, transparency, and value for both buyers and sellers. Among the standout players in this industry are Spinny and Cars24. 

While both aim to simplify the often intricate process of buying and selling used cars, they do so in distinct ways. 

Key difference between Spinny and Cars24

BUSINESS MODEL Operates an online marketplace that sources, reconditions, and sells used cars directly to customers. Works on a D2C model.Cars24 functions as a bridge between buyers and sellers. They offer quick inspections, provide price quotes, and facilitate transactions. Works in both C2B & B2C segments.
CAR INSPECTION & CERTIFICATIONSpinny prides itself on its rigorous 200-point inspection process. Each car undergoes a comprehensive check, and customers receive a detailed inspection report, ensuring transparency. Cars24 offers a quick 300-point inspection process. They tend to prioritize speed and convenience over the depth of the inspection. 
INVENTORY SELECTION Spinny maintains its own inventory of used cars, giving them control over the quality and condition of vehicles listed on their platform.Cars24 relies on a wide network of individual sellers, which can lead to variations in the quality and condition of cars available. 
PRICING & TRANSPARENCYSpinny’s pricing is often perceived as slightly higher, but customers get the assurance of a well-inspected and certified car. They also offer financing options Cars’s24 pricing may be more competitive, both there could be concerns regarding the condition and history of the car listed. 
CUSTOMER EXPERIENCESpinny offers a user-friendly platform and a dedicated customer support team. Their emphasis on transparency builds trust with buyers. Cars24 offers a quick and hassle-free experience, but customer interactions might be less personalized compared to spinny.
GEOGRAPHIC EXPERIENCE Spinny primarily operates in major cities and is gradually expanding its footprint. Cars24 has a wider geographic presence in both urban and semi-urban areas. 
SUCCESS & MARKET POSITIONSpinny has gained a reputation for quality and transparency, appealing to a segment of buyers who prioritize these factors over price alone. Cars’s24 rapid expansion and competitive pricing allowed it to capture a larger market share, especially among cost-conscious buyers. 

Note: We also have a detailed article on Cars24 business model. For more information do check it once!

Sellers & Buyers bargain in Spinny & Cars24

In the ever-evolving world of the used cars market in India, platforms like Spinny and Cars24 have transformed the way sellers and buyers navigate the intricate art of bargaining. 

With a promise of convenience, transparency, and speed, these platforms have redefined the dynamics of haggling over the price of a vehicle.

Some key points of difference in sellers and buyers are – 

(A) Selling 


  • Pricing Transparency – One of Spinny’s standout features is its 200-point inspection process. This meticulous examination results in detailed inspection reports, offering sellers and buyers unprecedented transparency. For sellers, this means they can set a more accurate price, backed by a comprehensive inspection report. 
  • No room for haggling/bargain – While spinny is renowned for its commitment to quality and transparency, there’s no room for negotiation or bargain. Spinny doesn’t believe in offering different prices to different customers based on their bargaining power. 
  • Speed and convenience – Spinny’s platform streamlines the selling process. Sellers can list their cars quickly, and the transparency of the inspection report accelerates buyer decisions. This efficiency is ideal for sellers looking for swift transactions.

Selling on Spinny


  • Instant price quotes – Cars24 takes a different approach. Sellers receive instant price quotes for their vehicles after a quick inspection. This speed comes at the cost of a potentially lower selling price compared to a private sale or Spinny.
  • Negotiation/Bargain –  Sellers have limited room for negotiation in Cars24. The platform aims for transparency and a hassle-free experience, which often translates to prices that are less negotiable.
  • Swift transactions – Cars24 lives up to its promise of a fast transaction. Sellers looking for quick cash or a hassle-free selling process often find Cars24 to be a suitable option.

(B) Buying 


  • Transparency in pricing – Buyers appreciate Spinny’s transparent pricing. The detailed inspection reports and certified cars instill confidence in the listed prices. This transparency often leads buyers to pay the listed price with trust. 
  • No negotiation leverage – Spinny’s prices are fixed. As Spinny presents a fixed price to every customer without any negotiation or bargaining in prices. 
  • Trust factor – Spinny’s commitment to quality and transparency builds trust among buyers, making them more willing to pay the listed price for the assurance of a reliable purchase.

Buying and selling on Spinny and Cars24


  • Competitive pricing – Cars24 positions itself as a cost-effective option. Buyers often find competitive prices, but they may have to compromise on factors like vehicle condition and history. This can make Car24 an attractive choice for budget-conscious buyers. 
  • Limited negotiation – Due to the platform’s focus on efficiency, there’s limited room for price negotiation. Buyers looking for a quick and straightforward purchase may appreciate this aspect, even if it means paying a slightly lower price. 
  • Convenience – Cars24’s quick transaction process appeals to buyers seeking a hassle-free experience, even if it means paying a slightly lower price. The allure of convenience sometimes outweighs the desire for extensive negotiation.

Note: Market Share

  • Cars24 has a market share of around 90% in the online used car market, and with that has more than 13 million monthly traffic and over 4 lakh transactions a day.
  • Spinny has a market share of 55% as of 2023.

Competitors of Spinny and Cars24

In the bustling realm of India’s used car market, Spinny and Cars24 have emerged as a significant player, redefining the way cars change. With a commitment to quality, transparency, hassle-free transactions and convenience, both Spinny and Cars24 have carved a niche for themselves. A slew of competitors has joined the race, each striving to capture their share in the market.

Some of the competitors are – 

(1) CarDekho – CarDekho is a comprehensive automotive portal that includes listings for both new and used cars.

They provide a wide selection of pre-owned vehicles from various sellers. Its key strengths include a vast database of listings, offering a wide range of choices. And a well established presence in the online automotive space.

(2) Droom – Droom is an online marketplace for buying and selling used and new vehicles.

Spinny's and Car24 competitor droom

They offer a range of services, including inspections, pricing guides, and vehicle history reports. It includes comprehensive services, including vehicle inspection and certification. 

(3) CarTrade – CarTrade connects buyers and sellers of both new and used cars. They offer a range of services, including vehicle inspections and valuation.

Spinny's and Car24 competitor carTrade

CarTrade has a well-established presence in the automotive industry. Also a diverse inventory of used cars from various sources. 

(4) Mahindra First choice wheels

Mahindra first choice wheels- competitor of Spinny and Cars24

A subsidiary of the Mahindra Group, this company specializes in certified pre-owned cars. With a network of dealerships and services like inspections and warranties. 

(5) OLX and Quikr – OLX and Quikr, renowned classified platforms, have dedicated sections for used cars. They connect private sellers with potential buyers and offer a wide array of options. Has a larger user base and extensive reach in the online classified market. 


In the ever-evolving landscape of India’s used car market, Spinny and Cars24 stand as two prominent names, each offering a unique value proposition. The choice between these platforms ultimately depends on individual preferences and priorities.

If you value a seamless buying expertise. Spinny’s approach might align better with your needs. On the other hand, if convenience, competitive pricing, and swift transactions are your top priorities, Cars24 could be the preferred choice.

Spinny and Cars24

As these industry giants continue to adapt and innovate, their rivalry shapes the future ahead of used car transactions. Both the platforms have disrupted the traditional used car market in India, and their success can be attributed to their distinct approaches in the market.

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