The boAt Marketing Strategy Which Helped It Rise Like Storm

boAt marketing strategy

boAt, the brand that has become a household name when it comes to order any audio or wearable product! It not only offers its customers with the best quality audio products, but also offers other products in the wearable category. boAt marketing strategy is one of key elements of its success. 

boAt aligns its products with the dynamic lifestyle and ever changing preferences of its target audience, effectively communicating a blend of fashion and functionality.

Over the time, boAt has masterfully crafted a tale of marketing strategies and techniques that vary according to the trend and time. All of these have made boAt the 5th largest wearable brands in the world!

All these strategies have helped boAt to skillfully merge technology with style. 

boAt marketing strategy

Note: Know about how boAt works and about its company profile, visit our article boAt business model, to have detailed information about its company. 

boAt, from its early days of selling only cable wires and charges to its current status of being recognized as one of the leading wearable brands, boAt’s journey becomes an exciting one to look at! 

boAt Marketing Strategy 

As we all know that marketing strategies form the basis of success for any company, as these strategies help them to cater to their customer preferences more efficiently. Same is the case with boAt. 

boAt with time has implemented various strategies that are engaging and effective in growing more customer base and presence in the market. They have made use of different strategies with time to have a constant interaction with their customers and target every part of the market. 

They use a mix of strategies like the marketing mix, diverse product portfolio, affordable prices, deals, marketing campaigns, and more techniques like that. 

Let’s begin with each of these factors one by one! 

(A) Marketing Mix of boAt

boAt has made use of different marketing strategies that has helped the brand to become a leading brand in the India’s fastest growing wearable audio market. It has adopted the 4Ps of marketing which are- Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. 

(A.1) Product 

boAt, the brand which started with only selling cable wires and charges, today boasts a wide range of product lines for its customers. This signifies the brands commitment of catering to every customer base. 

boAt product line includes-

  • True wireless earbuds
  • Earplugs
  • Neckbands
  • Smartwatches 
  • Wired headphones
  • Wired earphones

boAt products

  • wireless headphones and earphones
  • Party speakers
  • Power banks
  • Chargers
  • Car accessories 
  • Trebel for women 
  • Soundbars 
  • Cables 
  • Personalized products, etc. 

While looking at the above diversified product range by boAt, it is pretty clear that the company has everything for everyone which helps them to enjoy a wide customer base. 

(A.2) Placing Strategy 

boAt use a wide network of distribution of its products through different means, that includes Offline methods, Online strategy, and of course the word of mouth strategy. 

boAt uses different methods to stand out in the market. All this results in attracting a new base of the customer and keeping the existing ones interested in the brand.

The process includes selling of their products through a wide distribution channel of online platforms, setting up offline stores in different cities, which makes it easy for the customer to access and buy their product the time they want. 

The goal of the company is to deliver and ensure that their products reach on time to their customers safely in almost every part of the country. 

(A.3) Pricing Strategy 

You know that boAt has a market share of 29.7% of the total wearable market in India! Interesting right! With this, boAt tops the list of wearable products in the country and dominates the market.

boAt strategy

boAt pricing strategy is simple yet proving. boAt offers its customers with an affordable price range and deals, which helps them in keeping the customer interested in their product.  Making available quality products at an affordable price range, has helped them to register their name as one of the biggest players in the audio products market in India. 

 boAt offers a wide catalog of products with highly competitive pricing as compared to their competitors. Also offers regular offers, deals, special occasion package deals, etc. resulting in making itself as a go-to option for customers who are looking for audio and other wearable products at affordable prices. 

(A.4) Promotion Strategy 

The promotion strategy makes a brand more attractive and visible in the eyes of audiences. boAt promotion strategy encompasses its engaging campaigns, collaborations, sponsorships, promotions during cricket matches and so on.

All this has very well captivated the attention of consumers as well as of the market. 

boAt promotion

boAt has collaborated with celebrities like Kartik Aaryan, Kiara Advani, Ranbir Kapoor, and content creators like Prajakta Koli, Bhuvan Bam, who has helped the brand to make their presence more and spread their word about fashionable audio products.

(B) Influencer Marketing 

boAt has made an effective use of this marketing technique which is Influencer Marketing. The phrase, “Left no Stone Unturned ”, boAt has successfully made good and effective use of it.

boAt strikes a deal with various content creators, celebrities, cricketers, influencers, and whatnot. Celebrities like Kartik Aaryan, Kiara Advani, Jacqueline Fernandes, has been associated with the brand. Content creators and influencers like Bhuvan Bam, Prajakta Koli, Harsh Beniwal had been associated with the brand.

(C) Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategy 

boAt has a significantly strong presence across various social media platforms, on Instagram it has over 963K followers and on twitter it has around 250K followers, all marking a strong and growing presence on social media platforms.

The presence on social media channels helps them to have a constant engagement with their customers and to update them about their new products and services. 

DIGITAL Marketing, has played a crucial role for the company in order to enjoy a strong recognition around all channels and platforms. It includes:

Digital marketing way Explanation 
Email marketingBy employing email marketing strategy, boAt keeps a constant engagement with its customers. For that boAt sends personalized messages and updates to their potential and existing customers. They send cool, catchy, and engaging emails to their users, in that they update them about their new offers, product range, discounts, etc.
Mobile marketingBy implementing mobile marketing tactics, they reach out to their customers via SMSs, emails, and through their app
Digital Marketing Ways of boAt

(D) Revenue Generation 

Over the years, these marketing strategies have been a crucial element in generating revenue for the company. 

Let’s have a look at its revenue from operations over the years!

Year Revenue Numbers
In FY22INR 29 billion 
In FY21INR 15.12 billion 
In FY20INR 7 billion 
In FY19 INR 2.39 billion 
boAt Revenue Over the Years

From the above table, it is [pretty evident that boAt each year has witnessed an increase in its revenue from operations. For FY23 it recorded a revenue of INR 3,377 crores. 

(E) Community Based Marketing 

boAt engages with the various communities on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, which helps them in building strong presence across various communities. Communities sharing pictures with their boAt product on their stories, posts, contributes to brand’s more visibility and growth.

boAt community based marketing

For example, they have gifts and offers for their contestants, also their famous hashtag #IAmboAthead, has more than 500 posts. All helping the brand to build its own tribe. 

(F) Marketing Campaigns of boAt

(F.1) Be Fearless Campaign 

boAt introduced this “Be Fearless” campaign to encourage all customer base to try out their different products and services.

boAt campaign

The campaign inspires their customers to come out of their comfort zones and take risks in order to achieve their goals. The campaign resulted in a massive hit and success for boAt. 

(F.2) IPL: boAt Sound of Champions 

Another big hit for boAt. The was launched during the IPL season in 2021, features an exclusive range of earbuds in different colors according to various teams in IPL season. 

boAt IPL campaign

This helped the company to attract a lot of attention from different bases of customers out there in the market. 

(F.3) Independence Day: boAt Sound of India 

boAt Independence day campaign

The campaign was launched in 2021, and became a perfect scenario for the brand to launch their new products namely Rockrez 255 Pro, Bassheads 100. The campaign focused on fulfilling the vision of “Make In India” strategy and manufacturing mobile accessories made in the country itself. 

(F.4) Celebrity Endorsements 

boAt Ranveer Singh Ad

boAt makes an effective use of endorsements with celebrities, influencers, and content creators. They strike deals with famous names which helps them in catering more attention towards the brand. Recently, they have on boarded Ranveer Singh as their brand ambassador.

Summing Up: boAt Marketing Strategy 

boAt marketing strategy proves to be an effective partner for the brand which has helped them in achieving new heights and growth over the years. boAt marketing strategy is a mix of its new innovations, collaborations, approach, marketing mix, digital presence, engaging yet cool campaigns, all of which has made this name among the trusted one is the audio wearable products industry.

By understanding the preferences of its audiences, adapting to consumer feedback, focusing on a more user-centric approach, effective use of different channels, showcased a well achieved marketing strategy among the competitive landscape of the market! 

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