The Jockey Success Story: How Jockey Fell & Rose Back in India?

Success story of Jockey

The remarkable success story of Jockey International Inc. in India exemplifies a triumph of unwavering commitment and strategic vision. How? Through a meticulous blend of impeccable product offerings, savvy marketing campaigns, and a deep understanding of local preferences, Jockey swiftly carved a niche for itself.

Success story of Jockey

From its inception, Jockey strategically positioned itself as a frontrunner in the Indian innerwear market, leveraging quality, innovation, and customer-centricity. However, its journey wasn’t as smooth as it sounds. But still, it conquered the Indian market with its brilliant strategic moves.

Aren’t you curious to decode the outstanding strategy of Jockey to become a kingpin of the innerwear brand in India? If yes, then stick to this write-up where we will delve into the success story of Jockey in India. Also, we will see how Jockey fell and rose back in India.

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(A) Jockey: A Brief Overview

Jockey International Inc. is an American company that is known for manufacturing and selling innerwear. Such as underwear, sleepwear, activewear, and other types of clothing. It was founded in 1876 and has since become a well-known brand in the apparel industry. Jockey is recognized for its comfortable and high-quality products, and it has a wide range of offerings for men, women, and children.

Name of the CompanyJockey International Inc.
Type of CompanyTextile
FounderSamuel T. Cooper
HeadquartersKenosha, Wisconsin, U.S
Key PeopleDebra Waller (Chairman & CEO),
Mark Fedyk (President & COO)
Market share of Jockey in India14%
Jockey: A Brief Overview

(B) History of Jockey in India

JOCKEY International Inc., a renowned innerwear and activewear brand, has an interesting history in India. Let’s look at its wavering journey-

(B.1) 1962: Unfortunate Fate of Jockey in India

The company Jockey International Inc. entered India for the first time in the year 1962. However, at that time, it faced an unexpected exit from India due to regulatory hurdles. This twist of fate became a golden opportunity for its rivals, who eagerly swooped in to conquer the innerwear realm. 

Fast forward three decades, and Jockey made a triumphant return, sweeping the competition off their feet. The story that unfolds unveils how they transformed the landscape of Indian innerwear into an arena dominated solely by JOCKEY OR NOTHING.

(B.2) 1995: Jockey’s comeback in India

When Jockey departed the first time, regulatory challenges played the spoiler. However, their 1995 comeback was met with anticipation – after all, the regulations were history. But the tides had shifted over those thirty years, with India undergoing a metamorphosis. Brands like Lovable, VIP, Rupa, Lux Cozi, and Dollar had seized control, closing any gaps in the market.

The mid-premium segment, women’s lingerie, and kids’ wear were all expertly covered. Jockey found itself in a quest to locate an opening in the underwear market, only to discover that no gaps remained to be found. But soon they found numerous golden opportunities that helped it to expand in India.

(B.3) 1998-2000s: Early Entry and Establishment

In the late 1990s, the innerwear industry of India was largely unorganized. The dominance of local brands in the Indian innerwear market threw a strong challenge to Jockey.

The brand initially faced challenges in establishing itself due to the prevalent perception that imported products were superior. JOCKEY had to prove its quality and value to gain consumer trust.

(B.4) 2000s-2010s: Building Brand Presence

Over the years, JOCKEY focused on building its brand image through quality products and effective marketing strategies. And what were those? We will discuss them in the upcoming sections. The brand’s emphasis on comfort, quality, and innovation resonated well with Indian consumers, leading to an increase in demand for its products.

JOCKEY expanded its product range beyond just innerwear, offering products like loungewear, sportswear, and more. This diversification helped them cater to a broader customer base.

(C) Changing the Innerwear Landscape: Jockey’s Innovative Strategy to Rise Back in India

Jockey success story: Changing Innerwear Landscape

Page Industries Limited (Bengaluru, India) obtained the license of Jockey International Inc. to manufacture, distribute, and promote the brand in South Asia. It includes countries like India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, UAE, Oman, and Qatar.

How did Jockey change the entire innerwear landscape in India? How did it rise back in India? Your mind must be hovering over these questions. Look at the following innovative strategies of Jockey that led to its success in India-

(C.1) Understanding the Shift in Indian Society

In India, Jockey uncovered a unique opportunity within the innerwear market by recognizing the evolving fabric of Indian society. The prevailing societal trends indicated a shift towards greater aspiration and a transformation influenced by global entertainment and products.

(C.2) Unveiling the Extraordinary Aura

The scenario was different prior to the re-entry of Jockey into the Indian market through Page Industries. Because no innerwear brand had ventured to establish itself as anything more than a basic undergarment. While other brands relied on Bollywood celebrities to capture attention. Jockey took a distinctive approach by featuring Caucasian models. This strategic move tapped into the Indian populace’s aspiration to emulate Western lifestyles.

(C.3) Capitalizing on a new perspective

Page Industries discerned that underwear, until then, had been a utilitarian commodity in India rather than a sought-after item. Recognizing the lack of enthusiasm surrounding underwear choices, Page Industries aimed to alter this paradigm. Their strategy involved positioning Jockey in a manner that could potentially reshape consumer perceptions.

(C.4) The Enigma of Inspirational Inner Garments

In societies driven by status, creating an aspirational brand is relatively straightforward due to its signaling capacity. However, the challenge lay in bestowing aspirational value upon undergarments – concealed items with seemingly limited room for status signaling. The question emerged: How could undergarments hold aspirational appeal? Go through the next section to find out.

(C.5) Beyond Extrinsic Signaling

The notion of premium and aspirational brands extends beyond external signaling. While status remains an extrinsic motivator, it also possesses significant intrinsic value. Consumers gravitate towards aspirational brands not solely to showcase their worth to others, but also to reinforce their own self-identity and elevate their personal status. And Jockey grabbed this golden opportunity very well!

By strategically aligning Jockey with the shifting societal landscape, Page Industries managed to revolutionize the innerwear market in India, showcasing how even the most concealed and intimate products can acquire aspirational significance.

(D) Operational Tactics of Jockey in India that led to its success

Success story of Jockey (Retail Store)

Now, let’s see the working strategies of Jockey that made it one of the successful inner garment brands in India-

(D.1) Offering exclusive quality of Innerwears

This is the foremost strategy that Jockey implied in India. It offered the best quality cloth that was suitable for all Indian skin types. Although it sounds simple. But it is one of the most difficult tasks to execute. It required extensive experiments, research, and development to create exclusive inner garments. 

This fundamental principle is essential to attain a loyal customer base. After all, humans prefer to stick with the fabric that they are comfortable with!

(D.2) Distribution & Retail Expansion

JOCKEY invested in developing a robust distribution network, making its products available in various retail channels such as exclusive brand stores, multi-brand outlets, and departmental stores. The brand’s presence on e-commerce platforms further boosted accessibility, allowing customers to purchase products online.

(D.3) Effective Marketing Strategies

Jockey implied distinctive marketing strategies that helped it to gain visibility in the Indian market.

Jockey’s advertisements stood out due to their unique approach. Notably, campaigns like “I’m feeling good… Jockey or Nothing” and “Jockey Knows Me” focused on conveying a narrative centered around “comfort” rather than traditional themes like “machoness” or “seduction.”

Also, it abstained from celebrity endorsements.

In contrast to other brands, Jockey consciously avoided using celebrities for endorsements. While celebrities could borrow their brand equity to narrate a brand’s story, Jockey’s strong brand identity revolved around “comfort.” Thus, roping in Bollywood stars was deemed unnecessary and incongruent with their Western aspirational image. The effective marketing strategies have played an important role in Jockey success story.

(D.4) Shifting Consumer Trends and Strategic Advantage

As disposable income rose in India, consumers transitioned from the unorganized underwear market to the organized one. The driving force behind this shift was the emphasis on comfort in purchase decisions. Jockey’s strategic focus on comfort and aspiration positioned the brand to maintain its market leadership.

(D.5) Leveraging Premium Status for Lasting Impact

Premium aspirational products benefit from the need to regularly refresh the brand while maintaining premium appeal. However, Jockey is an exception. It enjoys the added advantage of not having to exert excessive effort in selling. Retailers prefer stocking Jockey due to its strong pull among customers, resulting in faster stock turnover despite lower margins compared to other brands.

(D.6) Product Diversification

Jockey Products

Recognizing the broad demand for their quality fabric, Jockey ventured beyond undergarments. It launched loungewear, sportswear shirts, boxers, sweatshirts, and more. Customers willingly opt for upsells due to their trust in Jockey’s fabric quality. This move strategically boosted Jockey’s average order value and extended its brand reach. 

This successful extension was attributed to the fact that athleisure is aligned with Jockey’s core principle—comfort wear.

(D.7) Localization & Cultural Understanding

JOCKEY recognized the importance of adapting to the Indian market’s cultural and lifestyle preferences. This localization strategy helped tailor its products to suit the needs of Indian consumers.

JOCKEY’s dedication to quality, comfort, and innovation continued to fuel its success in India. However, the brand also faced competition from both domestic and international players in the innerwear and activewear segments.

(E) Target Audience of Jockey

Target Audience of Jockey

What is Jockey’s target audience? You may wonder. Well, in India Jockey International Inc. targets a diverse range of audiences due to its wide product portfolio. However, the primary target audiences for Jockey in India are the following-

(E.1) Men and women of all ages

Jockey offers a range of innerwear, loungewear, and activewear for both men and women of various age groups. Basic underwear, T-shirts, and comfort-focused apparel cater to the everyday needs of people.

(E.2) Youth, Millennial, and Gen-Z

Jockey’s innovative designs, trendy collections, and collaborations with celebrities appeal to the youth and millennial segments. This group is interested in staying comfortable while also keeping up with fashion trends.

(E.3) Fitness Enthusiasts

In the above section, you read about the alignment of athleisure with the Jockey’s core principle—comfort wear. Thus, Jockey’s activewear and sportswear collections target fitness enthusiasts and those who lead an active lifestyle. These products are designed to provide comfort and performance during physical activities.

(E.4) Urban Professionals

Jockey’s premium quality and focus on comfort make it a preferred choice for urban professionals seeking reliable innerwear and apparel that can be worn during long working hours.

(E.5) Children

Jockey offers innerwear for children as well. Thus, it becomes an ideal choice for parents looking for comfortable and durable clothing options for their kids.

(E.6) Eco-Conscious Consumers

Jockey’s commitment to sustainability and ethical practices is one of its essential features. Its eco-friendly products appeal to consumers who are environmentally conscious and seek products with responsible sourcing. This is an essential part of Jockey success story.

(F) Pricing Strategy of Jockey

Pricing Strategy of Jockey

The company- Jockey International Inc. has employed a well-crafted pricing strategy. These strategies have played a crucial role in the success story of Jockey. Let’s look at them-

(F.1) Premium Value Pricing

Jockey’s pricing strategy is often characterized by premium value. The brand positions itself as offering high-quality innerwear, activewear, and related products that provide superior comfort and durability.

(F.2) Quality Perception

Jockey emphasizes the quality and comfort of its products. This perception of quality justifies the relatively higher price points and attracts customers who are willing to pay for durable and comfortable clothing.

(F.3) Differentiated Product Range

Jockey offers a wide range of products, from basic underwear to specialized activewear and innovative designs. This product diversification allows the brand to segment its offerings and cater to varying customer needs, each with a distinct pricing structure.

(F.4) Tiered Pricing

Jockey often employs tiered pricing based on product features and materials. Basic products might have more accessible prices, while specialized or premium products are priced higher.

(F.5) Market Positioning

The brand’s reputation and positioning as a quality-focused, comfortable innerwear and activewear provider are highly advantageous. It allows Jockey to command higher prices compared to some of its competitors.

(F.6) Economic Factors

The condition of the economy and inflation play a role in determining pricing strategies. Jockey considers these factors while setting its prices to maintain a balance between affordability and profitability.

(F.7) Competitive Landscape

While Jockey positions itself as a premium brand. Simultaneously, it competes with various other brands in the innerwear and activewear market. Competitions have played a crucial role in Jockey success story. The brand’s pricing must remain competitive while reflecting its premium image.

(F.8) Promotions and Discounts

Jockey occasionally offers promotions, discounts, and sales, which can make its products more accessible to a wider range of customers. This helps in boosting sales during specific periods while still maintaining its premium image.

(F.9) Retail Channel Influence

Pricing also varies depending on the retail channel. Jockey’s own stores might have consistent pricing, while multi-brand outlets and online platforms could have different pricing strategies. The retail channels are the significant pillars of Jockey success story.

These pricing strategies of Jockey perfectly align with its brand positioning, product quality, and target audience.

(G) Jockey Franchise in India

Jockey Franchise in India

This is the most anticipated part of this write-up! The Jockey Business franchise is a highly profitable venture for retailers and distributors in India. These franchises has played a crucial role in the success story of Jockey. It offers a consistent source of income due to its brand value and significance. With a presence in the business market for more than two decades, it has proven to be a strong contender in the industry.

(G.1) Considering a Jockey Franchise? Know the basics

If you’re interested in taking up a Jockey franchise in India, there are a few essential things you need to understand before proceeding. These include the eligibility criteria and the investment required for the franchise.

(G.1.1) Eligibility Criteria of Jockey Franchise

To become a Jockey franchisee, you must meet certain eligibility requirements, which include:

  • Being at least 21 years old
  • Having prior experience with other business brands
  • Minimum area required: 1000-1400 sq. ft.
  • Possessing sufficient investment and space
  • Having a team of 7 to 8 staff members
  • Ensuring all required documents are in order
(G.1.2) Total Investment Required for Jockey Franchise

To begin a Jockey Franchise in India, you will have to invest Rs.45-50 Lakhs. This investment will comprise all types of costs. Do you know what the most alluring part of the Jockey Franchise is? The brand doesn’t charge any franchise fee!

(G.2) Is the Jockey franchise profitable?

Yes, the Jockey franchise is considered to be profitable in India. It offers a consistent source of income due to its brand value and popularity. According to the latest reports, the Jockey franchise can generate a gross profit of 30% to 35%. 

Additionally, based on your sales and performance, you may also receive incentives. The initial investment required to start a Jockey franchise outlet is estimated to be around ₹45 lakhs to ₹50 lakhs. So, with the right business strategy and effective management, a Jockey franchise can be a profitable venture.

(G.3) Benefits of owning a Jockey Franchise in India

Apart from the profits, you will receive several other advantages of the Jockey Franchise. Some of them are-

  • Brand Support: Franchisees receive comprehensive support from the brand to effectively manage and operate their Jockey innerwear outlets.
  • Established Reputation: Benefit from the established reputation of the Jockey brand in the Indian clothing market.
  • International Experience: Tap into the experience and support of an international brand, eliminating the need for separate marketing efforts.
  • Guidance and Backing: Franchisees are assisted during store launch, including training, store design, and location selection.

(H) Final Words

In conclusion, Jockey International Inc. has achieved remarkable success in India. The brand’s resilience in navigating challenges and its ability to adapt to dynamic market shifts underscore its enduring success. The success story of Jockey in India is a testament to the brand’s ability to seamlessly blend global expertise with local sensibilities.

In other words, Jockey became a kingpin in the Indian inner wear market. How? By understanding the local market, providing comfortable and quality innerwear, and adapting to changing consumer preferences. It used brilliant working strategies, innovative marketing, and focused on customer satisfaction.

Thus, Jockey has managed to establish a strong presence and build a loyal customer base in the country. Their journey exemplifies how a brand can flourish by blending global expertise with local insights, ultimately making Jockey a sought-after choice for innerwear in India. This success story underscores the importance of adaptability and customer-centricity in achieving business growth on a global scale.

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