Unacademy Shareholders Breakdown & Funding Valuation – 2024

Unacademy shareholders breakdown

The ed-tech titan Unacademy rules online education in India. Because it gained significant popularity and recognition for several reasons. Such as vast course selection, interactive learning experience, comprehensive study material, accessibility, peer learning, etc. Unacademy has an extensive network of educators who are experts in their respective fields. Do you know, the market valuation of Unacademy is Rs.114.6 crore in FY22? In this article, we will delve into Unacademy shareholders’ breakdown and funding valuation.

Unacademy shareholders breakdown

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Shareholders Breakdown

Now, here comes the first part of this article. Unacademy shareholders breakdown! Before jumping into the list of Unacademy shareholders, you must know the significance of this section. But why is it necessary to know about the shareholders and funding valuation of a company? You may ask! It is important due to several reasons such as-

  • It provides insights into the company’s financial strength and resources. A higher valuation suggests that the company has secured significant funding, which can be utilized for expanding its operations.
  • A higher number of shareholders indicates the level of confidence and trust that prominent investors and venture capital firms have in Unacademy’s business model and growth prospects.
  • The presence of prominent investors as shareholders can also open doors to strategic partnerships and collaborations for Unacademy.
  • Knowledge about Unacademy’s funding and investors can influence user perception and trust in the platform. Understanding Unacademy’s funding valuation can provide insights into the competitive landscape of the tech industry.
  • When potential students and educators see that reputable investors have invested in Unacademy, it can instill confidence in the platform’s credibility and reliability. This, in turn, can attract more students to enroll in courses and more educators to collaborate with Unacademy, creating a positive feedback loop.

Now let’s look into various shareholders of Unacademy. Some of the major shareholders are ESOP Pool, Sequoia India, Nexus Venture India, etc. Here, a notable point is, ESOP Pool is the largest shareholder! ESOP refers to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. Here workers’ ownership interest in the company is presented in the form of stock shares. In this way, Unacademy encourages its employees to give their 100% to the company. Then, earn financial rewards post the company’s success.

Shareholders of Unacademy

You can have a quick look at the recent shareholding structure of Unacademy.

Shareholder’s NamePercentage of Shares Owned
ESOP Pool14.4%
Sequoia Capital India13.1%
Nexus Venture India13.1%
Softbank Vision Fund11.5%
General Atlantic10.1%
Blume Ventures4.8%
Steadview Capital4.7%
Tiger Global3.9%
Gaurav Munjal3.5%
Hemesh Singh2.3%
List of Unacademy Shareholders

Fundings so far & Valuation

As of now, Unacademy has gone through 13 funding rounds. Through which it raised over Rs.6,898 crore. Its latest funding was raised in its series H round in August 2021. Its latest investor was Temasek Holdings. They invested Rs.3,619 crore in Unacademy. Some other venture capitalists of Unacademy are given in the following table.

Venture CapitalistFunding Amount (in crores)
Temasek HoldingsRs.3,619 crore
SoftBank Vision FundRs.1,234 crore
General AtlanticRs.904 crore
Sequoia Capital India
Blume Ventures Rs.172 crore
Nexus Venture Partners
Sequoia Capital India
Steadview Capital
Elevation CapitalRs.94.6 crore
Sequioia Capital India
Funding & Valuation of Unacademy

Brief info on Unacademy’s key venture capitalists-

  • SoftBank Vision Fund: This is a major investor in Unacademy. SoftBank is a global conglomerate known for its investments in technology companies.
  • Temasek Holding: It is a global investment company headquartered in Singapore. It has a global portfolio. The latest funding in Unacademy was done by Temasek Holding.
  • General Atlantic: It is a leading global growth equity firm that invests in companies across various sectors. They have also invested in Unacademy, showing their confidence in the platform’s growth potential.
  • Sequoia Capital India: It is a venture capital firm with a focus on early-stage and growth-stage investments. They have been an active investor in the Indian startup ecosystem and have invested in Unacademy.
  • Nexus Venture Partners: It is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage and growth-stage companies primarily in India and the United States. They have participated in funding rounds for Unacademy.
  • Steadview Capital: It is an investment firm that focuses on making long-term investments in high-growth companies. They have been a shareholder in Unacademy, reflecting their interest in the ed-tech sector.

Is Unacademy Profitable?

Recently, you must have come across the news that Unacademy acquired Aakash Institute to expand its operations for “Entrance Exam Preparations.” Well, that was not the only one. Unacademy has acquired various startups to expand its portfolio. We have provided the list of startups acquired by Unacademy. You can explore it for more information. Now, the point to note is- Is Unacademy profitable despite pouring heavy funds into its expenditures and acquisition?

Here’s a quick look at Unacademy’s financials which tells its profitability story-

Unacademy’s FinancialsAmount (in Crores)
Market ValuationRs.114.6 crore
Revenue EarnedRs.844 crore
ExpensesRs.3,703 crore
Profit/LossLoss of Rs.2,848 crore
Unacademy’s Financials FY 22

So, here is your answer- “Unacademy faced a huge loss worth over Rs.2,848 crore in FY22.” Last year, Unacademy faced a loss of Rs.1,537 crore. 

Revenue Earned

Unacademy earned revenue from the following sources-

Revenue SourcesAmount Earned
Sale of ServicesRs.705.5 crore
Sale of Education MaterialRs.13.7 crore
Other IncomeRs.125 crore
Revenue Earned by Unacademy in FY22


Now look at the following expenses that led to the profits for the company “Unacademy.”

Employee Benefit ExpensesRs.1,771 crore
Educator ChargesRs.814 crore
Advertising & Promotional ExpensesRs.549 crore
Legal & Professional FeesRs.154 crore
IT CostsRs.165 crore
Other Operating and admin expensesRs.250 crore
Unacademy’s Expenditures FY22

Final Thoughts

As you know, in the post-pandemic era, numerous ed-tech companies including Unacademy and Byju went through massive losses. These ed-tech startups heavily invested in their expenses due to which the losses mounted over Rs.2,848 crore. Well, Unacadmey is not the only one to face such losses. Other ed-tech companies like Byju’s are on the row as well. But according to Unacademy, its expenditures are crucial investments that will give profitable returns in the future. It is efficiently working to build courses in multiple languages for students worldwide!

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