What Is Jio Bharat? Everything You Need To Know About This Rs 999 Phone

What is Jio Bharat phone

If you are a tech-omniscient person, you might have noticed that July started with many news storms! Out of them, Jio Bharat is in the limelight! Reason? Well, there are many but the prime reason is its highly affordable price i.e. Rs.999 and recharge plan of Rs.123. Sounds like a government scheme. Isn’t it? But it is solely a magnificent step taken by Reliance. Why is Jio Bharat? How can you book a Jio Bharat phone? Does it have appealing specifications?

What is Jio Bharat phone

Are you looking for answers to those questions? If yes, then stick to this write-up. Because it presents detailed information that you need to know about this Rs.999 phone.

Here we go!

The story so far

Recall the days- seven years ago when smartphones and the internet were something that only well-to-do people could afford. Reason? You had to pay over Rs.200 for 1GB of the internet. And nowadays, you finish 1GB of the internet in just one hour! Can you guess the protagonist here? Its Jio! You might have witnessed the internet revolution sparked by Jio in 2016 after which the internet became super-affordable.

Jio Digital Revolution

We are going to witness a similar scenario once again! 

With its innovative technology, Jio is again set to bring a new revolution in India i.e. “2G Mukt Bharat” or “Make India free of 2G.” Here comes the key player of this revolution i.e. Jio Bharat Phone.

What is the Jio Bharat Phone?

What is Jio Bharat phone?

On 3rd July 2023, Reliance Jio launched a new phone that caught people’s eyes! The telecom arm of the greatest Indian conglomerate- Reliance Industries Ltd unveiled this Rs.999 phone. This phone is named “Jio Bharat.” The name signifies the indigenous phone production capability of India. You can call it a nationalistic move of the conglomerate!

Jio Bharat is a Jio SIM-locked keypad phone. This means you can use it only through a Jio sim card. It is quite similar to other Jio phones but comes at an impressively affordable price. it will bridge the digital divide and provide affordable telecom connectivity to Indians. 

Why is Reliance Launching Jio Bharat?

Have you ever faced problems while accessing the internet in rural areas? Poor signal and irregular power cuts are the two main issues that almost every Indian has gone through!

Poor Mobile Network in Villages

For now, it is better to keep this technical talk aside. 

Assume yourself as a person belonging to a low-wage worker group where your monthly pay is hardly Rs.5000. For your information let me tell you that it is a fact of our country. You will find many hard-working laborers & farmers throughout India who can roughly make Rs.5k per month. 

Let’s return to our point of discussion. 

So, with a monthly Rs.5000 wage, can you buy a good quality smartphone that costs a minimum of Rs.10,000? Obviously not!

This was also one of the reasons why people of low-income groups couldn’t afford online classes during the pandemic.

If you were a person with power and money what would you have done to make the lives of these people better? To launch a pocket-friendly and good-quality phone that almost every Indian can buy! Not only would you offer an affordable and well-built phone but also offer budget-friendly talk time and internet plans.

This is exactly what Akash Ambani did! He is the current chairman of Reliance Jio.

Akash Ambani- Chairman of Reliance Jio

The telecom company considered the following facts-

  • Over 250 million Indians (mobile consumers) are stuck in the usage of 2G technology
  • They use basic phones with no internet access
  • Expensive talk time recharge amount
  • The internet data offered with general prepaid plans get wasted
  • They can’t afford a smartphone due to which they are deprived of internet facilities.

Thus, the core objective of Reliance to launch the Jio Bharat Phone was to provide access to digital services to every citizen of India. And that too at affordable prices.

Jio Bharat Phone Specifications


By now, you must be highly curious to know the specifications of the Jio Bharat phone. Because it is the specifications that can win the hearts of customers.

(A) Phone Specifications 

Let’s look at some of the highlighted specifications of the Jio Bharat phone-

ParticularsSpecifications of Jio Bharat Phone
Price TagRs.999
Network Connectivity4G network
Access to InternetYes
Sim RequiredJio (Reliance)
Display1.77-inch QVGA TFT display
Battery1000mAh (Removable battery)
Camera0.3 MP (Back Camera)
Headphone Jack3.5mm Headphone Jack Present
TorchPresent (through flashlight)
WhatsApp UsageYes
StorageExpandable storage (128GB) via SD cards
Digital Payment MethodsUPI payments through JioPay
EntertainmentJio Cinema (movies, videos, and sports),
JioSaavn (8 crore+ songs in multiple languages).
Jio Bharat Phone Specifications

The digital payment methods, Google surfing, and entertainment options make the Jio Bharat phone a perfect device at Rs.999.

(B) Recharge Plans Specifications

Now let’s look at the connectivity plans that offer 7 times more data than other telecom companies.

Type of PlanPriceSpecifications
28-day PlanRs.123.00Unlimited voice calls & 14 GB data (0.5 GB per day)
Yearly PlanRs.1,234.00Unlimited voice calls & 168 GB data (0.5 GB per day)
Recharge Plans specialized for Jio Bharat Phone

The 28-day plan is 30% cheaper than the plans offered by other telecom operators. Also, the yearly plan is 25% cheaper too!

How to book/buy a Jio Bharat Phone?

How to buy Jio Bharat Phone?

Being a product of Jio, you will find it in every Reliance Digital store, Jio retail outlet, and other physical stores. Because the target customer segment of Jio Bharat Phone prefers to buy phones from offline stores only! Soon they will be available on online platforms too like Amazon and Flipkart. 

Reliance Jio is offering alluring prepaid plans to Jio Bharat phone users. Such plans include a perfect combination of voice calls, data benefits, and access to various Jio apps.

Final Words

Reliance Jio has set a remarkable example of the “make in India” concept. Who could have imagined that you can get an internet-accessible phone at just Rs.999? Well, Jio did! Being 100% digital is a significant step to becoming a modern as well as a developed country. The feature of Jio Pay will aid to reduce the dependency on cash in marginal communities too! That’s how our conglomerate is planning to achieve the mission of “2G Mukt Bharat.”

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