8 Best Paper Trading Apps In India To Learn Trading

Paper Trading Apps in India

Trading can be both exciting and a difficult task to accomplish, especially in a dynamic market like India. 

Paper Trading Apps in India

Whether you’re an aspiring investor who is looking to sharpen skills before entering into the real market or a seasoned trader seeking to enhance trading strategies, the paper trading apps in India offer a risk-free platform where traders can practice trading according to real market dynamics and trends without risking any actual capital/money.

What are Paper Trading Apps? 

The paper trading apps are also called the Risk-Free trading platform or the Virtual Trading Apps, where any individual, be it an already existing player in the trading space or just a beginner, can trade according to real time market conditions and dynamics without using real money.

Instead, these platforms allow users to use virtual money for buying and selling stocks, commodities, or currencies.

  • The prices of the stock, currencies, commodities, listed are based on the real time market value, which helps users to get a realistic experience of trading. 
  • These apps are considered best for the beginners, as it helps them to get an overview of trading in the market, before making their way into the real world of trading and stocks.
  • Apart from offering buying and selling of stocks and other securities, these apps also offer educational content in the form of tutorials, webinars, etc. to help their user understand the various aspects and sides of trading.
  • These apps also help in tracking and analyzing the past data and trends. 

Paper Trading Apps In India 

There are many paper trading apps available in the market, however, here we’ll discuss some of them. 

Sr.No. Paper Trading App Founded 
1.Dalal Street Investment Journal App 1986 
2. Moneypot2009 
3. TradingView  2011 
4.TrakInvest  2013 
5.Chart Mantra 2016 
6.Sensibull 2017 
7.Neostox App 2020 
8. StockPe 2021 
Paper Trading Apps In India

1. Dalal Street Investment Journal App 

The platform, founded in 1986, is one of the oldest paper trading apps in India. It offers its users with over INR 10 lakh as the virtual money upon registration on the platform. 

It is a comprehensive virtual platform that offers its users the advanced and user-friendly interface which helps them to trade in the real time market scenarios without taking any tension about losing the real money. 


  • The platform has an extensive database and information of past stock prices and trends. 
  • Provides tips and analysis reports from experts and the updates about real time market value and data.
  • The app connects traders with investors through different social media platforms, where they share strategies, insights and skills about trading. 
  • The app also offers tutorials, webinars, and posts that acts as an information source for both the new as well as experienced traders. 
  • Also provides FAQS for its users. 

2. Moneypot

It is a simulated stock market platform which offers both the experience of trading in the stock market along with the relief from losing real time capital. 

The app has listed a range of stocks on its app which helps them to offer their users the opportunity to explore different markets. 

Moneypot App


  • The registration on the app is free. 
  • Offers a certain amount of virtual currency upon registration. 
  • After registering, the user gets an effective connecting point for investing in online commodities.
  • It provides real time value for data, charts, and additional tools for technical analysis. 
  • The platform allows discussions and to learn about various investment strategies. 
  • Users can also participate in various games. 
  • Each game a user plays, a virtual amount of Rs.20,00,000 gets deposited in the users cashbook. 

3. TradingView

TradingView offers tools for extensive technical analysis for the traders who largely focus on the technical analysis. The app offers around $100,000 as virtual cash after registration. The amount can be converted in any other currencies depending upon the location of the user. 

TradingView App


  • Has an extensive library of technical tools and chart indicators. 
  • The list consists of indicators like Bollinger bands, MACD, moving averages, etc. 
  • TradingView makes use of PowerX Optimizer, which helps traders in knowing the potential opportunities.
  • The app also facilitates interacting and engaging with other users through messages or comments by which users can discuss various strategies.
  • Users also get access to accurate market information and data. 

4. TrakInvest

The app and the website which is designed to allow the users to learn trading and its various aspects while taking consideration from the real time market conditions. The app takes data from around 10 exchanges to offer a comprehensive financial approach.

TrakInvest App


  • It helps users to create their own virtual portfolio and track their performance with time.
  • It also offers a Copy Trade feature, by which users will have the option to replicate their trades.
  • Its user-friendly interface provides easy navigation. 
  • Users can get access to tutorials, guides, informational videos, to enhance their market skills. 
  • Get the actual and relevant information about the current as well as upcoming market trends. 
  • It also offers analyzing the past trends and tools. 

5. Chart Mantra 

It allows users to perform or execute technical analysis on any stock and provides around INR 100,000 as the virtual cash for trading.

Unlike other paper trading apps, ChartMantra takes into consideration the account brokerage costs, which helps in providing a more accurate trading experience for their users.


  • The app charges account brokerage fees. 
  • Offers an extensive range of charting tools and indicators, to analyze stock charts, track price movement of a stock according to market, etc. 
  • It also arranges various trading contests where users can compete with other traders.
  • Users also get access to the old data from many exchanges which helps them to test their strategies according to the market conditions. 
  • Helps in redefining the skills. 

6. Sensibull

Sensibull also offers its users a good amount of virtual cash once they have registered on the platform. It is most suitable for the traders who look for Option Trading and the tools to create and analyze complex option strategies. 

Sensibull App


  • It is considered as one of the best for Option Trading. 
  • It offers an extensive line of tools and resources. 
  • Offering from real time data to charts, data analysis, tracking, etc. Sensibull aims to offer its users with every feature.
  • Its market recommendations are aligned with the users trade history, search history, etc.
  • Helps in evaluating the progress of the user and identify the areas which need improvement. 
  • Helps in tracking the performance over time. 

7. Neostox App

After registering on the app, the user get around INR 10,000,000, i.e. INR 1 crore as the virtual cash amount. This virtual cash helps in testing various strategies and getting an overview of how the market works. 

Neostox App


  • Helps in spanning from equities to commodities to FnO.
  • Offers real world trading experience.
  • Get the access to advanced features that includes, hedge trading, options, index analyzers, basket orders, etc.
  • It offers real time data from important Indian exchanges like BSE & NSE.
  • Offers fast trading without any delays. 

8. StockPe

Like the above-mentioned paper trading apps, this one too provides access to real time information, market data, trends, news updates, etc. Along with that it offers flexibility to the users to diversify their portfolio and discover different investment opportunities. 

StockPe App


  • It offers an exclusive range of products to trade, that includes stocks, currencies, commodities, futures and options.
  • After registration, get a good amount as the virtual cash for trading. 
  • The app’s friendly user interface makes it convenient for the users to go through the different sections of the app. 
  • Along with that, the app also provides performance reports and analytics for the traders to help them in tracking their performance with time. 

These apps are the perfect platforms for any individual who wants to learn how to trade or someone who is looking to enhance their skills in trading in the market, that too without losing any money.

These are just a few of the best paper trading apps available in India. Each offering their own set of features and benefits. However, choosing between these comes down to an individual’s trading needs and preferences. 

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Jatin Kashyap
Jatin Kashyap
13 days ago

Indeed, these apps serve as the right platform to explore trading in real time market scenario without spending even a penny!