How Does Discord Make Money? Discord Business Model

Discord Business Model: How does Discord make money?

Have you ever wondered how your favorite communication platform, Discord, manages to keep its servers running and its features evolving? Well, the answer lies in the question: How does Discord make money? From its humble beginnings as a gamers’ haven to becoming a global community hub.

Discord Business Model: How does Discord make money?

Discord has found innovative ways to generate revenue while keeping its core services free. If you’re curious about the financial magic behind Discord’s success and want to gain a deeper understanding of their strategies. 

Then, keep reading – because every part of this article is essential to uncover the full picture!

(A) Discord: A Brief Overview

Discord is a versatile communication platform that seamlessly blends text, voice, and video chat. It is primarily used by gamers but also embraced by diverse communities. Discord offers private and public servers where users can engage in discussions, share media, and collaborate in real time. 

Features include customizable roles and permissions, bots for automation, and extensive moderation tools. While free to use, Discord generates revenue through premium services like Nitro subscriptions. These subscriptions offer enhanced features custom emojis, and server boosts that improve server performance. Its user-friendly interface and wide-ranging applications make Discord a go-to choice for socializing, gaming, and collaboration online.

Before diving into the answer for how does Discord make money, let’s have a brief overview of the company

Name of the companyDiscord Inc.
Type of CompanyPrivate
Operating IndustryCommunication and Social Media
FoundersJason Citron (CEO)Stanislav Vishnevskiy
FoundedMay 13, 2015
HeadquartersSan Francisco (California, USA)
Primary ProductDiscord- Communication and
Community Platform
Userbase563 million Worldwide
Key FeaturesText, voice, and video chat;
Servers and Channels;
Customizable Roles and Permissions;
Bots and Automation; Server Boosts;
Nitro Subscriptions;
Extensive Moderation Tools
MonetizationNitro Subscriptions, Server Boosts,
and Game Sales
Notable PartnershipsXbox, Spotify, Epic Games, and more
CompetitorsSlack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams,
Telegram, and others
Discord: A Brief Overview

Discord’s mission is to help everyone explore their love of gaming and connect with others. So how did it accomplish this mission? Go through the next section and you will find out!

(B) Working Strategy: How does Discord work?

Discord works by allowing users to create or join servers, which are chat rooms for various interests. Within these servers, users can communicate via text, voice, or video. They can customize their servers, add bots for automation, and even enhance them with Nitro subscriptions. It’s a versatile platform that connects people based on shared interests. 

To dive deeper into how Discord operates and its business strategy, read on for the detailed explanation below!

(B.1) Connecting Communities

Discord is like a digital clubhouse where people gather to chat, play games, or discuss their favorite topics. Users create or join “servers,” which are like themed chat rooms, where they hang out with friends or meet new people who share their interests.

(B.2) Text, Voice, and Video Chats

Discord makes talking easy. You can type messages, speak through your microphone, or even turn on your camera for video chats. It’s all about giving you choices to express yourself however you like.

(B.3) Customizing Your Space

Servers in Discord are like blank canvases you can paint with your creativity. You can give people different roles, add cool emojis, and organize channels for specific topics or activities. It’s your space to design.

(B.4) Bots and Automation

Working strategy of Discord

Discord is clever. You can invite special “bots” to your server, which can do all sorts of helpful things. They can play music, moderate conversations, or even tell jokes. It’s like having a little helper.

(B.5) Boosting Servers

If you want to supercharge your server, you can use Discord Nitro. It’s like giving your server a boost of energy. Nitro adds cool features, like better audio quality and custom emojis.

(B.6) Making Money

Discord is mostly free, but they have to pay the bills too! They make money from Nitro subscriptions, where users pay a little extra for those premium features. Server Boosts also bring in cash because they make servers even better.

(B.7) Safe and Friendly

Discord takes safety seriously. They have moderation tools to keep things friendly, like blocking bad words and banning troublemakers. They want you to have a good time without worries.

(B.8) Exploring Interests

With Discord, you can explore your interests and passions, whether it’s gaming, art, music, or anything else. There’s a server for almost everything!

(B.9) Always Evolving

Discord keeps getting better. They listen to feedback from users and keep adding new features to make your experience awesome.

In a nutshell, Discord works by providing a versatile platform where users can communicate via text, voice, and video in servers and channels. It’s highly customizable, offers automation through bots, and monetizes through Nitro subscriptions and server boosts while ensuring a safe and user-friendly experience. Whether you’re a gamer or part of any online community, Discord’s got you covered for seamless communication and collaboration.

Thus, as per the users- “Discord is not just a chat app; it’s a place where you can create your online world, and connect with friends. And have a blast!

(B.10) How does Discord work?

How does Discord work?

Discord works in the following ways and includes various exclusive features too. Look at the points given below-

(B.10.1) Servers and Channels
  • Discord revolves around managing communities and communication.
  • Servers are collections of channels where discussions happen, known as “guilds” in developer lingo.
  • Users can create servers, customize them, and create text and voice channels.
  • Each server can host up to 800,000 members, expanded to over 1,000,000 for special events.
(B.10.2) Verification and Badges
  • Game developers, publishers, esports teams, and artists can verify their servers, marking them as official communities.
  • Verified servers have their moderation teams.
  • Discord had about 450 verified servers by the end of 2017.
(B.10.3) Channel Types
  • Channels can be for voice, streaming, instant messaging, and file sharing.
  • Stage Channels for live, moderated audio talks were introduced in May 2021.
  • Threads, introduced in August 2021, are temporary text channels that auto-disappear to encourage communication.
(B.10.4) User Profiles
  • Users register with an email and username.
  • Previously, users had a unique discriminator (e.g., #1234) but was removed in May 2023.
  • Discord Nitro subscribers can personalize their profile further.
(B.10.5) Video Calls and Streaming
  • Video calls and screen sharing were added in October 2017.
  • Live streaming in servers was introduced in August 2019 for small groups.
(B.10.6) Digital Distribution
  • Discord launched a games storefront beta in August 2018.
  • Discord Nitro offers free games and exclusivity for select games.
  • Discord reduced its revenue cut to 10% to compete with other game stores.
(B.10.7) Developer Tools and Bots
  • GameBridge API allows game developers to integrate Discord into games.
  • Rich presence lets players join games through Discord.
  • Bots are community-made tools for moderation and automation, with around 430,000 bots active in 30% of servers.
(B.10.8) Unofficial Extensions
  • Despite Discord’s no-modification policy, unofficial extensions like BetterDiscord exist.
  • These extensions offer additional functionalities, but users should be cautious not to violate Discord’s terms of service.

Discord is not just a communication platform. It’s a dynamic ecosystem with various features and tools that cater to a diverse range of communities and interests.

(C) Revenue Sources: How does Discord make money?

Revenue Sources

Discord generates revenue through Nitro subscriptions, where users pay for enhanced features, and Server Boosts to support favorite communities. They also profit from game sales in their digital storefront, verified server partnerships, custom merchandise sales, potential advertising, and partnerships, and may introduce more premium features in the future.

Read on for an in-depth look at Discord’s diverse revenue sources and strategies

(C.1) Nitro Subscriptions

Discord offers two tiers of Nitro subscriptions namely- Nitro and Nitro Cassic.

Nitro subscribers pay a monthly fee to unlock premium features, including-

  • Enhanced voice and video quality: Nitro users enjoy better audio and video clarity during calls.
  • Custom emojis: Nitro allows users to upload and use custom emojis across servers.
  • Animated avatars: Nitro users can set animated profile pictures.
  • Larger file uploads: Nitro increases the maximum file size for uploads, making it useful for sharing large media files.

Nitro Classic offers similar benefits, excluding the free games that come with the standard Nitro subscription.

(C.2) Server Boosts

  • Users can “boost” Discord servers they’re part of by purchasing Server Boosts.
  • Server Boosting is a way for users to support their favorite servers and communities.
  • When a server is boosted, it gains various advantages, including:
    1. Improved audio quality in voice channels.
    2. Higher resolution for screen sharing.
    3. More emoji slots.
    4. Enhanced server branding with a customizable splash image.
  • Server owners often encourage members to boost their servers to unlock these perks.

(C.3) Game Sales and Digital Distribution

  • In August 2018, Discord introduced a games storefront within the platform.
  • Users can purchase games through this storefront, and Discord offers a curated selection.
  • It also runs a “First on Discord” program, where select games launch exclusively on Discord for the first 90 days.
  • Discord Nitro subscribers receive additional benefits, such as access to a rotating library of free games.
  • These initiatives aim to establish Discord as a gaming platform in addition to a communication tool.

(C.4) Verified Servers

  • Discord provides verification for certain servers, granting them official status.
  • Game developers, publishers, esports teams, and musical artists can verify their servers.
  • Verified servers are often used as official community hubs, where the developers or creators can directly engage with their audience.
  • This feature adds a layer of authenticity to communities and is particularly valuable for gaming-related servers.

(C.5) Custom Merchandise

  • Discord has ventured into selling custom merchandise featuring Discord branding.
  • Users can purchase items like clothing, accessories, and collectibles with Discord-themed designs.
  • This not only serves as a source of revenue but also allows Discord fans to show their support and affinity for the platform.

(C.6) Advertising and Partnerships

  • While Discord has been cautious with advertising to maintain the user experience, it may explore partnerships with brands, game developers, or other entities.
  • Sponsored events, content collaborations, or promotions could provide additional revenue streams.
  • Discord’s focus is typically on delivering value to users while integrating such partnerships seamlessly.

(C.7) Premium Features and Add-ons

  • Discord may introduce new premium features or add-ons in the future.
  • These features could provide extra benefits to users willing to pay for enhanced functionality or customization.
  • Discord constantly evaluates the needs and preferences of its user base to determine which features to prioritize.

Discord’s approach to generating revenue is marked by a careful balance between offering free services to a broad user base. Also, it makes money by providing premium features and experiences for those willing to pay. This strategy helps Discord maintain its appeal to both casual users and dedicated communities while sustaining its growth and development.

(D) Financial Analysis of Discord

Key StatsData
Valuation (2023)$15 billion
Revenue (2022)$220 million
Userbase (2023)563 million
Monthly Active Users (2023)154 million
Paid Users of Discord (2023)207 million
Financial Analysis of Discord

Discord’s success is rooted in its user-centric approach and unique value proposition. It offers seamless communication through text, voice, and video in a user-friendly interface, making it a top choice for gamers and diverse communities. 

While Discord provides free services, its genius lies in monetization through Nitro subscriptions, offering premium features like enhanced quality and custom emojis. Server Boosts, game sales, verified partnerships, and merchandise sales bolster revenue. 

This balance between a robust free service and enticing premium offerings ensures Discord’s success. It attracts millions of people while providing ample avenues for monetization without compromising its core community-driven ethos.

(E) Marketing Strategies of Discord

Marketing strategies

The company Discord, despite its immense popularity, has traditionally taken a somewhat unconventional approach to marketing. Here are some of the key aspects of Discord’s marketing strategies-

(E.1) Word of Mouth and Organic Growth

Discord’s success is largely attributed to its organic growth. It gained popularity within the gaming community through word-of-mouth recommendations. Gamers, streamers, and content creators often introduced Discord to their audiences, contributing to its rapid expansion.

(E.2) Community-Centric Approach

Discord places a strong emphasis on community building. They provide tools and features that empower users to create and customize their own servers and channels. By fostering user-generated content and communities, Discord leverages the power of its users to promote the platform.

(E.3) Partnerships with Influencers

Discord has occasionally collaborated with popular gaming influencers and streamers. These partnerships help introduce Discord to a wider audience and often result in the creation of official Discord servers for these influencers.

(E.4) Verified Servers

Discord’s verification program for servers is a form of indirect marketing. When well-known game developers, publishers, esports teams, or musical artists verify their servers, it adds prestige to the platform, encouraging their fans to join and use Discord.

Some of the famous Discord servers are-

  • Fortnite
  • Roblox
  • MrBeast
  • Nookazon
  • MythPat
  • Live Insaan
  • Among us
  • Anime Soul Discord
  • Dynamo Gaming
  • Servidor do Goularte

(E.5) Developer-Focussed Outreach

Discord maintains strong ties with the gaming and developer communities. By offering tools like GameBridge API and rich presence integration, they appeal to game developers and ensure Discord is a valuable part of the gaming ecosystem.

(E.6) Limited Advertising

Discord has historically been cautious with advertising to preserve its user experience. However, they may explore partnerships or promotions that align with their user base’s interests without being intrusive.

(E.7) Transparency and User Feedback

Discord maintains open channels of communication with its users. They actively seek feedback and engage with the community through announcements and updates, fostering a sense of transparency and trust.

Thus, the marketing strategies of Discord around a few key points. Such as community empowerment, influencer partnerships, developer outreach, and a commitment to providing value to its users. By staying true to its user-driven roots, Discord has managed to achieve remarkable success in a competitive digital communication landscape.

(F) SWOT Analysis of Discord

SWOT Analysis of Discord

Here, we will highlight the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of Discord-

(F.1) Strengths

  • User-Centric Platform: Discord’s user-friendly interface and versatile communication tools have attracted a dedicated and diverse user base, making it a popular choice for gamers and communities.
  • Community Building: Discord excels in fostering online communities, enabling users to create and customize their servers and channels, and promoting engagement and interaction.
  • Premium Features: The Nitro subscription and Server Boosts provide valuable premium features while monetizing the platform effectively.
  • Developer-Focused: Discord offers developer tools and APIs, making it a valuable resource for game developers and content creators.

(F.2) Weaknesses

  • Monetization Pressure: There’s a risk of Discord facing user backlash if they introduce too many monetization features or disrupt the balance between free and paid services.
  • Competition: Discord faces competition from established platforms like Slack and emerging ones like Clubhouse and new gaming-focused communication tools.
  • Moderation Challenges: Discord’s openness also makes it susceptible to misuse and requires robust moderation tools to maintain a safe environment.

(F.3) Opportunities

  • Expansion Beyond Gaming: Discord can leverage its versatile platform to appeal to non-gaming communities, including educational institutions, businesses, and interest-based groups.
  • Partnerships: Collaborations with influencers, game developers, and brands can help Discord expand its user base and monetization options.
  • Content Creation: Discord can enhance its features for content creators, further establishing itself as a go-to platform for online collaboration and entertainment.

(F.4) Threats

  • Privacy and Security Concerns: As Discord grows, it becomes a target for potential security breaches and privacy issues, which could erode user trust.
  • Competitive Pressure: The constantly evolving landscape of communication platforms means Discord must stay innovative and adaptable to fend off competition.
  • Regulatory Challenges: Evolving regulations related to online communication and privacy could pose legal challenges and compliance costs for Discord.

Thus, Discord’s strengths lie in its user-focused approach and versatile platform, while it must carefully manage monetization and competition. The opportunities for expansion and partnerships are significant, but it also faces threats related to privacy, competition, and regulatory issues.

(G) Conclusion

By now, you must have got the answer to the question- How does Discord make money? In conclusion, Discord’s success in generating revenue while offering a free service is a testament to its strategic monetization approach. Through Nitro subscriptions, Server Boosts, game sales, and verified partnerships, Discord strikes a balance between catering to its broad user base and providing enticing premium features. 

Its commitment to maintaining a strong user community, fostering developer relationships, and seeking organic growth through word-of-mouth recommendations has been key to its financial success. Discord’s ability to adapt to evolving user needs and emerging trends positions it well for the future. This unique blend of community focus and sustainable revenue generation sets a compelling example in the digital communication landscape.

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