How Does GoodRx Make Money? GoodRx Business Model- 2024

How does GoodRx make money? GoodRx business model

GoodRx, the American healthcare technology company, has revolutionized the way we save on prescription medications. But have you ever wondered how does GoodRx make money while helping us save?

How does GoodRx make money? GoodRx business model

In this exploration of GoodRx’s business model, we’ll uncover the innovative strategies that power this healthcare giant. From partnerships with pharmacies to subscription services and advertising, GoodRx’s income streams are as diverse as they are effective. 

Join us as we dive into the inner workings of this famous e-pharmacy company. Also, we will be shedding light on how it not only saves us money but also manages to turn a profit.

Let’s begin!

(A) GoodRx: A Brief Overview

GoodRx Holdings, Inc. is an American healthcare company that operates a telemedicine platform alongside a free-to-use website and mobile app. These tools have become pivotal in tracking prescription drug prices throughout the United States and offering coupons for discounts on medications. 

Before diving further into answering your question- How does GoodRx make money? Let’s have a brief overview of this e-pharmacy company.

Name of the CompanyGoodRx
Type of CompanyPublicly Listed
Operating SegmentTelemedicine
Founded in2011
FoundersTrevor Bezdek (Co-CEO)
Doug Hirsch (Co-CEO)
Scott Marlette
HeadquartersSanta Monica
(California, United States)
Number of Locations2 (As of 2019)
Area ServicedUnited States of America
Services OfferedPrescription drug price,
Comparison website,
Drug discount programs,
Telemedical service price
comparison website.
Market Capitalization$2.18 billion
Revenue Earned$745.4 million
Express Scripts, 
GoodRx: A Brief Overview

GoodRx diligently checks prices at over seventy-five thousand pharmacies nationwide. Back in 2017, their website saw an impressive fourteen million monthly visitors. By February 25, 2020, “millions of people” had downloaded the GoodRx app, emphasizing its popularity and influence in making healthcare more accessible.

(B) Working Strategy: How does GoodRx work?

This is an essential part of GoodRx business model. The working strategy of GoodRx involves the following-

(B.1) Price Comparison

GoodRx compiles and regularly updates a vast database of prescription drug prices at pharmacies across the United States. Users can visit the GoodRx website or mobile app and enter the name of their medication to compare prices at nearby pharmacies.

(B.2) Discount Coupons

GoodRx provides free discount coupons for a wide range of prescription drugs. These coupons are accessible on the platform and can be printed or displayed on a mobile device to avail discounts at the selected pharmacy.

(B.3) Partnerships with Pharmacies

How does GoodRx work?

GoodRx partners with over 75,000 pharmacies, including major chains and independent stores. This broad network allows users to access their discounted prices at a convenient location.

(B.4) Telemedicine Services

In addition to prescription price comparisons, GoodRx offers telemedicine services, connecting users with healthcare professionals who can provide online consultations and issue prescriptions when appropriate. The online consultations can help you to have same-say consultation sessions with healthcare experts.

(B.5) Medical Examinations

This is one of the most alluring features of GoodRx. Do you know with GoodRx you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on blood tests? How? See, on this platform, you can easily find the nearest service center specified for blood tests. Also, they offer home lab tests where the company collects the blood samples from your home and hand over the results online.

(B.6) User Friendly Services

GoodRx’s website and app are user-friendly, making it easy for individuals to search for medications, find discounts, and locate nearby pharmacies.

(B.7) How to use GoodRx?

You can use GoodRx by following the steps given in the following table-

Visit Website/Download AppAccess GoodRx by going to their website ( or downloading their mobile app.
Search for MedicationUse the search bar to enter the name, strength, and quantity of your prescription medication.
Compare PricesView a list of nearby pharmacies and compare the prices for your medication.
Select a PharmacyChoose a pharmacy based on location and price that suits your needs.
Access Discount CouponClick on the pharmacy or offer to access a free discount coupon.
Present Coupon at PharmacyShow the coupon to the pharmacist when picking up your prescription.
Enjoy the discountThe pharmacist will apply the GoodRx discount, and you pay the reduced price
Optional Telemedicine ServicesIf needed, connect with a healthcare professional for online consultations and prescriptions
Track your savingsMonitor your medication expenses over time to see your savings
Explore Additional AssistanceGoodRx provides info about patient assistance programs and manufacturer coupons.
Steps describing- How to use GoodRx?

(B.8) Patient Assistance Programs

GoodRx assists you in finding patient assistance programs and manufacturer coupons to further reduce medication costs. This feature is a boon for those without insurance.

(B.9) Savings Tracking

You can keep track of your medication costs over time and see how much you’ve saved with GoodRx’s assistance.

Thus, GoodRx’s transparent and consumer-centric approach empowers individuals to make informed choices. Especially about their prescription medications. Thus, it helps you to save money on healthcare expenses.

(C) Revenue Sources: How does GoodRx make money?

This is the most essential part of GoodRx business model. Before diving deep into the query- How does GoodRx make money? Let’s see how much GoodRx has earned last year (as per the official information)-

Revenue by SegmentQ3 2020Q2 2021Q3 2021Contribution
by Segment
Prescription transactions
Subscription Revenue$14.31$16.228.31%
Revenue Earned by GoodRx (How does GoodRx make money?)

GoodRx generates revenue through several sources, primarily based on its business model. It earns money through the following revenue sources-

(C.1) Transaction Fees

GoodRx earns a fee from pharmacies each time a user fills a prescription using a GoodRx discount coupon. This fee is typically a percentage of the transaction, and it’s how GoodRx benefits from connecting consumers with pharmacies offering discounted prices.

(C.2) Subscription Model (GoodRx Gold)

GoodRx offers a subscription service called “GoodRx Gold” for a monthly or annual fee. GoodRx Gold members receive additional discounts on a broader range of medications. This subscription model provides a consistent revenue stream from users who opt for enhanced savings.

(C.3) Telemedicine Services

GoodRx offers telemedicine services through its platform, connecting users with healthcare professionals for online consultations. These telemedicine services may come with fees for consultations, and GoodRx earns a share of this revenue.

(C.4) Pharmacy Partnerships and Advertising

GoodRx partners with pharmacies to provide discounts and track medication prices. These partnerships can involve agreements where GoodRx receives marketing or advertising fees from participating pharmacies. Pharmacies benefit from increased foot traffic generated by GoodRx users.

(C.5) Data Licensing

GoodRx collects a vast amount of data related to prescription drug prices and usage trends. They may license this data to pharmaceutical companies, insurance providers, and other healthcare entities for market analysis and research purposes.

(C.6) Patient Assistance Programs

GoodRx assists users in finding patient assistance programs and manufacturer coupons. While these programs are designed to help individuals reduce their medication costs, GoodRx may receive referral fees from pharmaceutical companies for connecting users with these programs.

(C.7) Manufacturer Rebates and Fees

GoodRx may also receive fees or rebates from pharmaceutical manufacturers for promoting their medications on the platform or for featuring certain drugs as part of their discount programs.

(C.8) Advertisements and Sponsored Contents

GoodRx features advertising and sponsored content on its website and mobile app. Advertisers pay for placement and visibility, contributing to GoodRx’s revenue.

Thus, GoodRx’s diversified revenue streams, coupled with its mission to provide cost-saving solutions for healthcare consumers, have contributed to its success and widespread adoption.

(D) Marketing Strategies: How does GoodRx maintain customer relationships?

GoodRx uses the following marketing strategies-

Marketing StrategyDescription
Digital PresenceStrong online presence through website and app.
User-Friendly PlatformAn easy-to-use platform for medication searches.
Price TransparencyClear pricing information for empowered decisions.
Discount CouponsFree coupons for medication cost savings.
Telemedicine ServicesOnline doctor consultations for convenience.
SEO OptimizationEnhancing online visibility through search engines.
Content MarketingInformative content to educate and attract users.
Pharmacy PartnershipsCollaborations with local pharmacies for discounts.
Advertising & SponsorshipsFeaturing content from healthcare partners.
Mobile App PromotionActively promoting the mobile app for user convenience
Community EngagementEngaging with user reviews and feedback.
Referral & Affiliate ProgramsEncouraging user referrals and promotions.
Targeted CampaignsFocused marketing for specific user segments and needs.
Marketing Strategies: How does GoodRx maintains a healthy relationship with its customers?

GoodRx has implemented various marketing strategies to establish itself as a prominent player in the healthcare industry and to help consumers save on prescription medications. Here are some of their key marketing strategies-

(D.1) Extensive Digital Presence

GoodRx has a strong online presence through its website and mobile app. Users can easily access their services, search for medications, and find discounts online. This provides convenience and accessibility for a broad audience.

(D.2) User-Friendly Platform

GoodRx’s website and mobile app are designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for individuals to search for medications, compare prices, and access discounts without technical barriers.

(D.3) Price Transparency

GoodRx emphasizes the importance of price transparency in the healthcare industry. They provide clear information on drug prices, empowering consumers to make informed decisions about their medications.

(D.4) Discount Coupons

GoodRx offers free discount coupons for a wide range of prescription drugs. These coupons are prominently featured, and their availability encourages users to explore cost-saving options.

(D.5) Telemedicine Services

GoodRx promotes its telemedicine services, enabling users to access healthcare professionals online. This service is integrated with their platform, making it convenient for users to consult with doctors and obtain prescriptions.

(D.6) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

GoodRx focuses on optimizing its online content for search engines. This ensures that when users search for specific medications or related terms, GoodRx’s platform appears in search results, driving organic traffic.

(D.7) Content Marketing

GoodRx Blogs (Content Marketing)

GoodRx provides valuable content related to healthcare and medication on its website. This includes articles, guides, and news updates, which not only educate users but also attract organic traffic and position the company as an authoritative source in the field.

(D.8) Pharmacy Partnerships

GoodRx collaborates with pharmacies across the United States. These partnerships expand GoodRx’s reach and allow users to access discounted prices at various local pharmacies, further enhancing their value proposition.

(D.9) Advertising and Sponsorships

GoodRx features advertising and sponsored content on its platform. They collaborate with pharmaceutical companies, insurance providers, and other healthcare entities, which pay for visibility and promotion on the GoodRx platform.

(D.10) Mobile App Promotion

The GoodRx mobile app is actively promoted, as it provides a convenient way for users to access their services on the go. Promotions and advertisements drive app downloads and usage.

(D.11) Community Engagement

GoodRx engages with its user community by responding to reviews, feedback, and questions. This fosters trust and a sense of community among users.

(D.12) Referral and Affiliate Programs

GoodRx may have referral and affiliate programs where they incentivize users to refer others to their platform or promote specific medications through affiliate links.

(D.13) Targeted Marketing Campaigns

GoodRx may launch targeted marketing campaigns to reach specific user segments, such as those with chronic conditions, to address their unique medication needs.

GoodRx’s marketing strategies focus on user empowerment, accessibility, and transparency, aligning with their mission to help consumers save on healthcare costs. That’s how it maintains a healthy relationship with its customers.

Note: Similar to GoodRx, there are numerous Indian e-pharma companies that are doing well in the Indian market. Some of the notable examples are- PharmEacy, Tata1mg, and Practo. Click on the following links to get detailed information-

(E) Conclusion of GoodRx Business Model

By now you must have got the answer to the question- How does GoodRx make money? GoodRx makes money by helping people save on their prescription medications. They do this in a few ways. 

First, they get a fee from the pharmacies each time someone uses a GoodRx coupon to buy a medication. Second, GoodRx offers a premium service called “GoodRx Gold,” and people pay a subscription fee for extra discounts on more drugs. They also provide online doctor visits (telemedicine) for a fee. 

GoodRx partners with pharmacies and drug companies and makes money from advertising and partnerships. And finally, sometimes, GoodRx gets paid when people click on links to buy medications or healthcare products on their platform. 

By doing all this, GoodRx helps people save money and make a profit at the same time!

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