How Does Justdial Make Money? Justdial Business Model

How Does Justdial Make Money?

Justdial business model is the core of how it has well managed and attended to the market requirements and preferences. The answer to the question – How does Justdial make money, will be exploring in the further discussion. 

How Does Justdial Make Money?

While dealing in the market for many years now, Justdial has become a well known and well recognized name in the industry and with its sheer strategies it has well catered the attention of customers and the market.  

Justdial Company Overview 

The platform which is regarded as India’s No.1 local search engine has been making waves with its growth and strategic decisions in the industry. 

Justdial, offers users the services and products related to local searches, all over India through multiple platforms like website, mobile website, apps (Android, iOS),  telephone service,  etc. 

Name of the company Justdial 
Founder V.S.S. Mani 
Founded 1996 
CEO V.S.S. Mani 
Headquarter (base of the company)Mumbai, India, Maharashtra 
Parent company Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd. 
Span across countries Majorly operates in India, Canada, US,
& UAE. 
Span across cities Has a pan India presence. 
Present across 250+ cities. 
Tagline Anything Anytime Anywhere. 
Industry It is an Indian internet technology company which
provides local search for different services in India. 
Operating space B2B 
Company type Public
Market Cap INR 7659.78 crores 
Net Profit Experienced a profit jump of 35.7% 
Justdial Company Overview

Key highlights:

  • In 2021, Reliance Retail acquired a 66.95% stake in Justdial for ₹3,497 crores. 
  • As per the it, Reliance Retail will hold 40.95 percent stake in the company, and will make an open offer to acquire up to 26 percent in accordance with takeover regulations.
  • It provides searches across 4 crore+ businesses.
  • Also offers search across 3.3 crore+ products and services. 
  • Apart from that it also offers bills & recharge as well as travel booking facilities. 

Justdial company overview

  • The company goes by the tagline of “Anything Anytime Anywhere. 
  • The company witnessed an increase in its profit of 35.7% to INR 71.8 crore of Q2 of FY24.
  • The operating revenue of the company experienced a growth, reaching a 27% increase to INR 260.6 Cr from INR 205.3 Cr in the year-ago quarter. 

(A) Idea Behind Justdial 

In the year 1994, Justdial was registered as a company, initially starting their business in a rented garage, with a mere investment of Rs.50,000, and team of 5-6 employees.

Before that the CEO of the company participated in various entrepreneurial ventures and events, which includes a company called Ask me. The company faced a lot of challenges and difficulties due to the limitation of telephones at that time. 

Idea Behind Justdial

Eventually, after that with a lot of planning and strategic moves, the CEO launched Justdial in 1996. Looking back to his previous business mistakes, he worked hard and learnt the valuable lessons from the past and acknowledged them. 

(B) Justdial Business Model 

Justdial business model operates on a diversified business model, which incorporates various factors like its collaboration and partnerships with local businesses, listing fee, key resources, mediums, etc.

The company has different strategies through which it earns its revenues and also works on varied marketing strategies. 

(C) Key Elements of Justdial Business Model 

(C.1) Product Diversification 

Justdial provides its users with the various categories and product/service options to choose from. Various companies and businesses list their products and services on the Justdial platform.

Justdial offers all the categories and the nearby as well as the far available options to the users, so that the users know about each of the options. 

(C.2) Partnerships with Local Businesses 

Justdial collaborates with other businesses, service providers, and organizations to expand its operations as well as reach. It includes alliances, joint veneers, etc. It provides revenue for the business and company who list their products on the Justdial platform. 

Reliance acquires Justdial

(C.3) Personalization & Access 

The platform offers their users personalized recommendations as well the options based on their buying habits, searches, and preferences.

This turned out to be a crucial aspect of its business model as personalized options and recommendation from the thousands of varieties becomes easy for the user to select from. 

(C.4) Key Resources 

Its key resources can be categorized into databases, skilled workforce, and technology innovation.

The database allows company to go through the information about various products and services and also about their user behavior. While for technology innovation, it has its website, an app, digital presence, as well as the telephone services. 

Justdial website

(C.5) Different Mediums 

Justdial caters its customers with different channels like its website, mobile apps, social media presence, and also the telephone service it provides. 

Justdial has a user-friendly interface website that helps in easy navigation to the user, and its app also offers easy accessibility. With that it also focuses well on age-old traditional telephone services. 

(C.6) Customer Preference and Relations 

Justdial maintains strong relations with its users and provides variations of products according to their preference.  It offers customer support through various means like social media, phone, emails. Also asks and engages with timely feedback from the users. 

(C.7) Value Added

Justdial bridges the gap between the users and the businesses and offers them quick and real time searches. Apart from that it offers the best deals on the favorite services and products of the users. 

(D) How Does Justdial Make Money?

Like its business model, Justdial earns revenue through different strategies and streams. 

(D.1) Advertisements 

One of the foremost is advertising. Justdial allows companies and businesses to advertise on its platform as well as has a different set of payments if any company wants a premium listing of their products and services to attract potential customers. 

Justdial ad

(D.2) Lead Generation 

Justdial acts as a medium which connects users with businesses and companies. Companies and businesses pay Justdial for every lead they generate. This serves as another revenue stream for Justdial. 

(D.3) Subscription Fee 

Justdial offers businesses and companies the subscription fee service package. The prices vary according to the subscription fee set.

It includes features like premium service access, more insights into analytics, and also better tools to enhance their performance on the platform. 

(D.4) E-Commerce & Payment Gateways 

Justdial also provides e-commerce services, which enables users to buy products or services directly through their platform. For that they partner with different payment modes which facilitate secure and safe transactions.

With that the company earns a commission on each transaction facilitated through their platform. 

(E) Marketing Strategies of Justdial 

(E.1) Celebrity Endorsements 

Justdial often collaborates with famous celebrities and influencers for its marketing. It has roped in famous celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan and Ranveer Singh as their brand ambassadors. 

Justdial Celebrity ad

(E.2) Digital Advertising 

Justdial has a good digital presence and invests a good amount in its digital advertising. It helps them to maintain a strong visibility on online channels. This incorporates factors like targeted campaigns, engaging through digital platforms, click pay, etc. 

(E.3) Offline Marketing and Advertising 

Justdial invests heavily on the marketing as well as promotional campaigns, that helps them to attract a wider base of audience as well as customers on their platform.

This includes television advertisements, banner ads, billboard ads, radio advertising, and more of it. 

(E.4) SEO Strategy 

Justdial makes a good use of SEO marketing strategy. It provides a good presence of their business on online platforms and is very important to make their website a notable one. 

Justdial SEO strategy

This includes practices like optimizing the content and website in a better way which helps in better ranking in the search results, which makes the website more likely and visible to the users for their search results. 

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Summing Up: The Discussion 

The business model of Justdial serves as the foundation for the growth it has witnessed over the years. With time Justdial has been able to cater to a wide base of the audience and has attracted many companies and businesses to market their products and services on their platform. 


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