Is Profitable? Uncovering YOY Business Results

Is profitable?

Ever wondered if, the popular matchmaking website, is making money? After all, it has been operating in the modern arranged marriage industry for the last 27 years. This factor boils down to one question- Is profitable? That’s why we’re here to dig into their year-over-year business results to find it out.

Is profitable?

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(A) Synopsis: Is Profitable?

Ever since the Shark Tank season 3 aired in 2024, folks have been curious about the net worth and profit made by Shark Tank judges. Now, a twist of the tale occurred when a prominent industrialist Harsh Goenka tweeted about the losses made by the judges of Shark Tank.

That includes Anupam Mittal, the founder of as well. Look at the tweet he shared-

Is profitable

See, it says that was drowning in losses of Rs.27 as of FY20. Within no time, Anupam Mittal replied-

I know you meant it in jest, so with all due respect, sir, I think you reacted to what appears to be superficial, biassed, and incomplete data. Happy to learn from stalwarts, but just to clarify, like you, the sharks don’t bleed red, we bleed blue, and that’s why we do what we do.”

After seeing this catfight, folks asked Mr.Mittal to present authentic financial information about to prove Mr.Harsh Goenka’s tweet false.

It has been over three months since this argument. Sadly, Anupam Mittal failed to present financial data regarding till today.

That’s why we are presenting financial data of collected from authentic sources to reveal the most anticipated query of folks- Is profitable?

Go through the following sections and you will find out!

(B) The Matrimonial Market Landscape

Before delving into the financial performance of, it’s important to understand the broader context of the matrimonial industry. India’s diverse and culturally rich society places immense importance on arranged marriages.

Let’s look at the following data-

YearArranged Marriage (%)Love Marriage (%)
The Matrimonial Market Landscape

This makes matrimonial services a crucial part of the matchmaking process. This has created a substantial market for online matrimonial platforms, with being one of the leading players.

YearUse of Online ResourcesPercentage
2020Preference for wedding planning websites47%
2023Adoption of wedding technology platforms58%
Use of Online Matrimonial Platforms, founded in 1996 by Anupam Mittal, operates under the umbrella entity known as the People Group. Within this group, there are several other brands, including the real estate platform, mobile gaming company Mauj Mobile, and Mobango. This diverse portfolio signifies the group’s broader interests beyond matrimony services.

(C) Financial Landscape of

While Anupam Mittal confirmed that People Group turned profitable a couple of years ago, he did not disclose specific details about the company’s revenue or profits. This level of financial discretion is not uncommon among private companies preparing for IPOs.

(C.1) Key Financial Metrics

In today’s world, where people search for marriages online. It’s important to understand how a big website like is doing financially. So, let’s take a closer look at their numbers to see how well they’re doing. And what it means for the business of bringing people together. Join us as we explore whether is making a profit or not.

Here are the key financial metrics of

Revenue Rs.2,395 crore
CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate)0.91%
Market VolumeRs.2,483 crore
User Base (Verified Users)35 million
Market Share25-30%
Key Financial Metrics of

(C.2) YOY Revenue Growth derives its revenue primarily from premium memberships, advertising, and related services. Its YOY revenue growth has been largely positive, reflecting the increasing demand for online matchmaking services. The CAGR of is 0.91%.

(C.3) User Base

The Company’s user base has consistently grown over the years, with millions of registered users. A growing user base is a positive indicator for any online platform, as it attracts more premium subscribers and advertisers.

(C.4) Age Demographics 

Let’s look at the age distribution of userbase-

Age DistributionPercentage of Users
18-24 Years11.07%
25-34 Years49.71%
35-44 Years16.57%
45-54 Years10.7%
55-64 Years6.98%
Above 65 Years4.97%
Age Demographics of Userbase

The major percentage of the user base belongs to the age group 25-34 years. While the company has reported revenue growth, its profitability can be affected by factors such as marketing expenses, technology investments, and customer acquisition costs. 

(C.5) Market Share & Challenges faces an uphill battle in the matrimony space, with currently leading the market with a substantial 50-55% share. In contrast, the Anupam Mittal-led company commands a market share of approximately 25-30%, as reported by various media outlets. Furthermore, both established and new dating platforms are emerging as formidable competitors, intensifying the competition for companies like and

(D) Is Profitable? 

Yes, is reported to be profitable. According to the founder, Anupam Mittal, is profitable and is expected to be IPO-ready within the next 12 months. This indicates that the business has been generating positive financial results. However, without specific year-on-year (YoY) business results, it is not possible to provide detailed information about the company’s financial performance over time.

(E) Competition in the Matrimony Space operates in a highly competitive space. Notably, two of its competitors, and Bharat Matrimony, have already gone public. is a part of Info Edge (India) Ltd, which conducted its IPO in 2006, while Bharat Matrimony went public in 2017 as part of Ltd. 

These companies, along with, represent the first generation of consumer internet companies in India, operating in a market with tremendous growth potential. According to an Inc42 report, the Indian market is set to reach a staggering $1.6 trillion by 2025, further highlighting the significance of this sector.

(F) Innovative Offerings on the Horizon Profitable

To stay competitive and enhance user engage

ment, is preparing to launch new products, one of which is “Shaadi Live.” This feature will enable matches to meet virtually face-to-face, taking online matchmaking to a more personal level. Mittal expressed that they have been experimenting for a year and are poised to roll out these new features in the coming weeks. This move aims to make the platform more interactive and ‘sticky’ for users, offering a wider range of use cases.

(G) IPO Plans of

The company is looking for an IPO for the second time in the current fiscal year. According to the founder, Anupam Mittal, is profitable and soon they will be ready for IPO. They tried for an IPO back in 2009 by diluting around 15-20% of the total equity. Since they didn’t require much capital, they dropped the plan. But after 14 years, it is planning to go for an IPO again. Are you aware of the fact that Indian startup IPOs are going through a tough roadblock? That’s the reason why numerous startups are not looking for an IPO this year. Thus, the Initial Public Offering of will entirely depend on the market conditions.

(H) Future Outlook

The future outlook for largely depends on its ability to adapt to changing consumer preferences, retain its user base, and explore new revenue streams. As long as the demand for arranged marriages and matrimonial services exists, has the potential to remain profitable and relevant.

Note: We have thoroughly covered the valuation, funding, and shareholders breakdown of You can check it out for detailed information.

(I) Wrap-Up: Is Profitable?

The officials of the company estimate that the company will generate revenue worth Rs.2,395 crores. Being one of the world’s oldest and most popular matchmaking services, it gets a supreme advantage of word-of-mouth marketing. As a result, its CAGR is 0.91% and they hope that their market volume will reach Rs.2,483 crore. So with these values, it seems that is going through a purple patch. 

Although accurate data is not available, with these estimates you can analyze that is profitable!

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