Is Zepto Profitable? Uncovering YOY Business Results

Is Zepto Profitable

Zepto promises to provide quick and easy deliveries with just a few clicks at your doorstep within just 10 minutes. Zepto’s legal name is Kiranakart, which the founders initially started in September 2020, to connect local vendors directly to the customers in the pandemic period.  After this the founders took some time to start the extension of Kirana Technologies Limited, Zepto in 2021. 

Is Zepto Profitable

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Revenue Generation of Zepto 

Zepto’s dark stores has reached profitability within just 15-18 months post its establishment, however it takes around 24 months on an average basis for a grocery or supermarket store to set up. 

Zepto has recorded well for its revenue as compared to last year’s revenue, but also has witnessed triple losses. The increased revenue was the result of new customers trying out Zepto’s services and new features they upgraded and its increased store counts. Zepto currently has 200+ dark stores that deliver a vast product range. 

2023 Rs.2.024 crores 
2022 Rs.141 crores 
Revenue Generation of Zepto over the years

Zepto marked an 14X increase in its revenue in FY23 as compared to FY22 revenue generation. In terms of revenue Zepto has left behind its competitor Blinkit in FY23. The company’s average monthly sales stand at Rs.400 crores +. The company has confirmed that it will go public by early 2025, and currently Zepto has 24-25% of market share. 

Zepto company revenue

Zepto became the first unicorn in August 2023 by raising $200 million in a series E round of funding at a valuation of $1.4 billion.

With this the company has opened nearly 100 new stores in major cities by seeing the growth of new customers, however with this the company has also logged some increases in their expenses.

Losses of Zepto 

Zepto has witnessed triple losses as compared to its revenue.

2023Rs.1,272 crores 
2022Rs.390 crores 
Zepto’s Losses

Zepto losses surged to 3.35X in FY23, a total increase of 226% in its losses as compared to its last year losses. The loss of the company mainly resulted from opening new stores and from company expenses. 

Apart from this the company has reduced the amount in their monthly cash burn. In April 2023, the company reported Rs.55 crores in their cash burn, which was reduced from Rs.90 crores of September 2022. This meant that with their lower cash burn rate, the company was on their way on to turn positive on their earnings in various domains. 

Expenses Of Zepto 

2023Rs.3,350 crores 
2022Rs.533 crores
Zepto’s Expenses

This quick commerce startup has reported a notable increase in its expenses in FY23 as compared to FY22, this also resulted in the total net loss of the company. 

Apart from this Zepto’s employee related expenses also increased and saw a huge jump as compared to its last year expense of FY22. In FY23, Zepto employee related expenses reached Rs.263 crores, while in FY22, Zepto spent Rs.51 crores.

Is Zepto Profitable?


No, Zepto is not profitable. For the current year 2023, Zepto saw a loss Rs.1,272 crores, which is a triple increase in its losses as compared to last year loss of Rs.390 crores. Apart from the losses Zepto saw an increase in their revenues in FY23 of Rs.2.024 crores from last year’s revenue.

However, Zepto has increased its number of dark stores this year as they saw more and more customers coming on their platform and trying out their services and features. The co-founder of the company has announced that the company is planning to go public  by 2025.

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