Rapido Launches Premium Auto Plus Services In Bangalore To Offer No Cancellation Rides- 2024

Rapido launches premium auto

Rapido Launches Premium Auto: Key Highlights

  1. Rapido’s Auto Plus service in Bangalore guarantees rides without cancellations, ensuring a hassle-free experience for commuters.
  2. The service starts at a base fare of INR 40, with an additional charge of INR 15 per kilometer, providing a premium and reliable alternative to regular auto rides.

Rapido launches premium auto

Rapido, India’s leading bike taxi platform, has recently introduced its Auto Plus services in Bangalore. This new service promises a hassle-free commuting experience by offering rides with no cancellations, ensuring that passengers reach their destinations without any inconvenience.

What is Rapido Auto Plus?

Auto Plus is a premium service that guarantees rides without any cancellations. This means that once a ride is booked, the driver cannot cancel it, ensuring that the passenger’s travel plans are not disrupted.

This service is particularly beneficial for those who rely on auto-rickshaws for their daily commute and have faced issues with cancellations in the past.

While the Auto Plus service offers a seamless commuting experience, it comes at a cost. The fares for Auto Plus are higher than government-mandated auto-rickshaw fares, with prices starting at INR 40 and an additional INR 15 per kilometer, the convenience and reliability of the service make it a preferred choice for many commuters in the city.

Note: Do you know how much does a Rapido captain earn per km? If not then check out the article describing the Rapido Captain’s earnings.

Rapido’s Competitive Edge & Future Plans

The introduction of Auto Plus services in Bangalore gives Rapido a competitive edge in the ride-hailing market. Rapido launches premium auto because it aims to attract more customers who are looking for reliable and convenient commuting options.

The company’s focus on customer satisfaction and innovation has helped it establish a strong presence in the market, and the Auto Plus service is expected to further strengthen its position.

The launch of Auto Plus services in Bangalore is a significant development in the city’s ride-hailing landscape. It reflects the growing demand for reliable and convenient commuting options in urban areas. As more people opt for ride-hailing services, companies like Rapido will play a crucial role in shaping the future of urban transportation.

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Aayushi Khanna
Aayushi Khanna
6 months ago

Rapido has clearly made an incredible image in the market specially for the people who are opting for convenient yet reliable option to choose from. Moreover, the price too is pocket-friendly which even enhances it’s market image.

6 months ago

Agreed with your thoughts Supti 👍