11 Best Cashback Credit Cards In India (2024 Top Picks)

Best cashback credit cards in India

These are the credit cards that reward a certain percentage of spending back or the refund, when a user spends money on the products or the services, through their credit card on which the cashback is available.

Best cashback credit cards in India

These credit cards are a straightforward way of enjoying and earning at the same time. With this users can enjoy the convenience of credit cards while having the benefits of savings on their transactions. These cards are specially designed to provide their users with the ease and convenience of financial benefits while using their card. 

Best cashback credit cards in India

Benefits of using these cards include 

  • These credit cards offer a certain percentage of the amount spent. Like on groceries shopping, online shopping, dining, fuel, etc. 
  • Some of the credit cards also come with bonus features that they provide on cashback offers.
  • Also some of the cashback credit cards provide insurance like travel, warranties, along with the cashback, and plus the discounts and exclusive offers.
  • Cashback can be returned back in the form of cash that directly goes into the back account or the reward points.

Here are the best cashback credit cards in India!

Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card   No annual fee
ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card   No annual fee
YES Prosperity Rewards Plus Credit Card  No annual fee
Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card  Rs.499
Airtel Axis Bank Credit Card   Rs.500
Citi Cashback Credit Card   Rs.500
Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card  Rs.500 
Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card  Rs.750
Cashback SBI Credit Card  Rs.999
HDFC Millenia Credit Card  Rs.1,000
Paytm SBI SELECT Credit Card  Rs.1,499

Note: The above table doesn’t represent any ranking of credit cards, however we have ranked them according to the annual fee factor. 

(A) Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card 

The credit card that is primarily suited for Amazon Prime members. This card is especially designed for the prime members that offers an array of benefits like rewards, offers, discounts, etc. When spent on Amazon, users get to earn a cashback of 5%, along with a 1% cashback on all offline and online spends. The card comes with co-branded benefits.

Amazon cashback credit card

Benefits of using this card 

  • Its chip and PIN facility provides a secure transaction at point-of-scale and at ATMs.
  • Earn a 1% waiver on fuel surcharges on all petrol pumps in India. 
  • Charges no annual fee and renewal fee.
  • Option of no cost EMIs is available when products/services purchased on Amazon are more than Rs.3,000.
  • No cost EMI option is available for 3 to 6 months. 
  • 1% cashback on all general transactions. 
  • Suitable for frequent shoppers on Amazon.

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(B) ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card 

Another offering from the ICICI bank. The card is exclusively known for its benefits, card offerings, discounts, and the ease and convenience it provides to the cardholders. The card comes with no annual and joining fee. The card has an embedded microchip that enhances the security experience with the card. Get an exclusive cashback on online shopping sites.

ICICI platinum cashback credit card

Benefits of using this card

  • Provides a direct discount of around 10%, when using it on Flipkart.
  • Get exciting gift vouchers, cashback points, payback points on this card.
  • When dining at selected restaurants within the card, enjoy savings of at least 15%.
  • Enjoy a fuel surcharge waiver on all gas stations in India.
  • Its in-built feature makes the contactless payment easy and more secure. 
  • It charges zero for the supplementary card fee.
  • It comes with overdue interest on extended credit and cash advances of 3.40% per month. 
  • Eligibility age to have this card is 21 years old.
  • This card gets an extended protection against any fraudulent transactions, when the card is lost or stolen.

(C) YES Prosperity Rewards Plus Credit Card  

Considered as one of the best offerings from YES Bank credit cards. This card is designed to cater the various facilities, benefits, privileges to the cardholders. It’s a valuable and rewarding addition to the credit card collection. This card not only just provides rewarding benefits but also the insurance coverage like for air accidents, medical emergencies, shield cover, etc. 

YES Bank cashback credit card

Benefits of using this card 

  • The card comes with reward points when dining and traveling with partnered sites with the card.
  • Provides 2x additional reward points on cashback.
  • When spent Rs.200 with this card on the purchases, enjoy 4 reward points on the card.
  • Provides fuel surcharge waiver at petrol pump stations in India.
  • Comes with foreign currency markup feature. This means that it provides 2.75% of preferential foreign currency markup. 
  • Get exclusive discounts on travel, wellness, shopping, dining, etc. with this card in selected cities. 
  • Earn exciting reward points on your spending.
  • Provides insurance coverage like a cover for medical emergencies of upto 5 lakhs, lost liability cover of around 1.3 lakhs, air accidents insurance of about 25 lakhs, and also a insurance for credit card shield cover of upto 1 lakh. 
  • Earn upto 8 reward points on every Rs.200 spent on travel and dining.

(D) Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card 

The card that offers cashback on every online and offline spend. Like other cashback credit cards it is also designed to cater to various needs and requirements of the cardholders, by offering them the unique benefits and features that come along in the way.

Holds a range of features, advantages and rewards with their card. The cashback reward points can be used to avail various vouchers, discounts, etc. The card comes with converting purchases into EMI amounts.

Standard chartered smart credit cashback card

Benefits of holding this card 

  • The card comes with a charge of annual fee of Rs.499.
  • Charges Rs.499 for renewal fee too plus waived off on spending 1.2 lakh in a year. 
  • Charges an amount of 3.75% per month and 45% per annum.
  • To avail this card the age criteria is 18-65 years old.
  • Minimum income required to avail this card will be communicate dt the time of purchasing this card. 
  • When spending a maximum of  Rs.500 per month on all other spend, enjoy a cashback of 1%.
  • Earn a cashback of 2% on online transactions.
  • Provides an interest free credit period of upto 90 days. 
  • Converts big spending into EMI plans.
  • Provides supplementary card benefits for family members.

(E) Airtel Axis Bank Credit Card

Especially designed for the airtel users, to provide them with the numerous benefits and features with the credit card they purchase. The card not only offers cashback, discounts, vouchers, on airtel spends, but also offers the same features on other platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, and Big Basket. The card comes with annual charges that are affordable and a good choice for those who are in the airtel sphere.

Airtel axis cashback credit card

Benefits of using this card

  • Provides complimentary airport lounge access, dining offers, travel offers, etc. 
  • Enjoy 4 complimentary domestic lounge access every year. 
  • Comes at an annual fee of Rs.500. 
  • This card has a welcome benefit too, it provides an amazon e-voucher worth Rs.500. Applicable on the transaction made in the first 30 days of card issuing. 
  • Can convert purchases of more than Rs.2000 into EMIs.
  • Save up to 20% when dining at 4000+  partner restaurants in India.
  • Enjoy a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on gas stations in India. 
  • By airtel thanks app, enjoy a cashback of 10% on platforms like Zomato, Swiggy, and bills paid.

(F) Citi Cashback Credit Card

The cashback credit card that offers a pile of benefits and features with the card. The card that offers amazing reward points, discounts, privileges, to name a few, to their customers. The card offers welcome benefits to the new cardholders like the bonus cashback on initial spending. The card comes at an annual fee of Rs. 500. 

Citi cashback credit card

Benefits of using this card   

  • By paying utility bills from this card enjoy a 5% cashback on it.
  • When dining at partner restaurants with the card, enjoy a straight 15% discount offering.
  • Provides zero rewards redemption fees.
  • On movie tickets purchases, utility bills and phone payments, enjoy a 5% cashback.
  • The cashback earned never expires and can be used anytime.
  • Gets to save upto Rs.3,600.

(G) Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card

The card provides many features and facilities to the already Flipkart members. This card helps to get a 5% cashback on Flipkart spends, a 4% cashback on partner websites, and also a 1.5% cashback on all other spending’s.

Flipkart axis bank cashback credit card

  • By being among the members of the Flipkart chain, best of the benefits are mostly offered to the flipkart members and its partners. 
  • Comes at an annual charge of Rs.500.
  • The card is said to be best suited for shopping and getting cashback.
  • While making the first transaction within the first 30 days of purchase, enjoy a flipkart voucher of Rs.500. 
  • The card offers a discount of around 10% to new swiggy customers. 
  • Applies finance charges, for monthly it charges 3.6% per month and 52.86% per annum.

(H) Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card

The card is tailored with numerous benefits of providing cashback, discounts, vouchers, and what not to their customers. It offers cashback on categories like fuel, dining, bills, etc. It provides a good cashback on fuel purchases, leading to a good saving amount. This card offers 5% cashback on phone bills, fuel, and utility bills.

Standard chartered titanium cashback card

  • Cashback on fuel charges is available when spent upto Rs.2000 per month. 
  • With this card, customers can not only enjoy access to 1000+ domestic airport lounges, but can avail access to airport lounges all across the globe.
  • No requirement to visit the bank, can purchase your card and complete your KYC registration through online video call. 
  • Get rewards on other spend too, by spending Rs.150 for every other spend, enjoy one reward point.
  • Provides online banking, supplementary cards facility, and digital payment solutions.

 (I) Cashback SBI Credit Card

Comes with an annual charge of Rs,999. Also has a reversal of annual fee on spending Rs.2 lakh per year. The card provides cashback of 5% on all online spends.

Cashback SBI credit card

  • Get to earn a 5% cashback on using Swiggy, Zomato, and on other platforms too. It also provides a cashback on online shopping, booking tickets., hotel booking, cabs, order, etc. 
  • Provides a 1% fuel surcharge waiver at all petrol pump stations in India. 
  • Enjoy 1% cashback on offline spends.
  • Comes with contactless payment mode, just tap at a safe and secure transaction point.
  • Has an add-on card feature that enables SBI cashback cards to family and to children above the age of 18.
  • Provides a lower rate of interest and to convert big purchases into EMIs.

(J) HDFC Millenia Credit Card

One of the best offerings of the HDFC bank. The card that helps to earn cashback on every other platform, like Zomato, Swiggy, Amazon, etc. The card helps to earn cashback on EMIs. The card comes at an annual charge of Rs.1,000.

HDFC millennia cashback credit card

  • Helps to get cashback offers on popular names like Flipkart, Amazon, BookMyShow, Swiggy, Myntra, etc. 
  • Enjoy a 1% cashback on all other spends that includes EMIs, wallet consideration.
  • Earn cash points around 750, when spent on at least 10 online sites. 
  • The card also provides 1% cashback on rent payments too. 
  • The cashback points earned can be used for hotel or flight bookings.

(K) Paytm SBI SELECT Credit Card

SBI collaborated with Paytm to launch credit cards, to cater to a larger customer base. Two cards were launched, one was Paytm SBI card select and the other one was Paytm SBI card. Both come with different annual charges and benefits. The select card comes with more benefits, thus charging a higher annual fee than the other one.

Paytm SBI cashback credit card

  • The paytm select card comes with an annual charge of Rs.1,499.
  • It allows to enjoy a cashback of 5% when spent through paytm, and 1% on all other spends.
  • The card comes with priority pass membership and cyber fraud insurance, which is not usually available on other cashback credit cards.
  • The annual fee can be reversed on reaching the mark of Rs.2 lakh annual spend.
  • Best consideration for entertainment, shopping, and travel expenses.
  • In welcome offer the card provides benefit of upto cashback of Rs.750 along with the complimentary paytm first membership. 
  • The membership is valid for 12 months only, from the date of purchasing the card.
  • The cashback provided in the welcome offer will be deducted from the membership account.
  • The cashback deducted from the membership account will be returned back in the form of cash to the paytm wallet. 
  • A 5% cashback provided on movies and travel. 
  • The card provides access to 4 complimentary lounges in a year, one in a quarter, that is applicable in India only.
  • The 1% fuel surcharge waiver is applicable only when the transactions are made between Rs.500 to Rs. 3000. 

Summing Up 

The cashback credit cards have provided an unparalleled opportunity in the financial market. These cards are more than just a normal credit card, they unlock the gate of saving money on every transaction made through the card. The prime benefit and feature of using cashback credit cards is simple: easy saving on each transaction, be it a daily expense or high purchase.

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