Dream11 vs My11Circle: Which Brand Is Doing Better?

Dream11 vs My11Circle

Being a fan of fantasy cricket, you’ve heard about Dream11 vs My11Circle. The fantasy sports boom has led to a huge influx of money and new platforms. This may give rise to confusion among many users. Are you one of those who is still hovering over the query- Dream11 vs My11Circle- which brand is doing better?

Dream11 vs My11Circle

If yes, then go through this article where we will compare Dream11 vs My11Circle in simple terms

We’ll look at what’s good and not-so-good about each and help you decide which one might be better for you.

Stay tuned!

(A) What is Dream11?

Dream11 (Real Money Game Companies)

Dream11 is an online fantasy sports platform that allows users to create virtual teams for various sports, primarily cricket, football, and basketball. Users can participate in contests by selecting real players from different teams and earn points based on the actual performance of these players in live matches. 

It’s a way for sports enthusiasts to use their knowledge and instincts to compete and potentially win cash prizes. Dream11 has become highly popular in India and has been at the forefront of the fantasy sports industry’s growth in the country. It offers an engaging and competitive way for fans to enjoy their favorite sports.

Note: Are you curious to know the working strategy of Dream11? If yes, then visit the article “Dream11 Business Model.” You will get well-detailed info about it.

(B) What is My11Circle?


My11Circle is an interactive and exciting platform that brings fantasy cricket leagues to a full circle, allowing users to experience the thrill of the game right from their devices. If you love cricket, this platform offers a way to enjoy the game anytime, anywhere. 

Let me describe some of the key features of My11Circle-

(B.1) Fantasy Cricket at Your Fingertips

My11Circle, a part of Games24x7, caters to fans who want to showcase their cricket knowledge and analytical skills. Whether you’re a seasoned cricket enthusiast or a casual follower, My11Circle provides an engaging and rewarding experience.

(B.2) How it works?

In fantasy cricket, users create their virtual teams by selecting 11 players from real-life cricket matches. Points are awarded based on the performance of these players during the actual matches—runs scored, wickets taken, catches, and more. Users must strategically pick their team within a credit limit, considering player form, pitch conditions, and match scenarios.

(B.3) Why is it exciting?

  • Create your team: My11Circle puts you in control. You assemble your dream team and watch them perform in real matches.
  • Engaging Matches: Every match becomes a personal challenge as you compete against other fantasy teams. It’s like playing alongside your favorite players.
  • Winning Factor: Fantasy gaming isn’t just about fun; it’s rewarding. When you play fantasy cricket and win cash, you get an adrenaline rush and a sense of achievement.
  • Skill Enhancement: Regular participation sharpens your cricket knowledge and analytical abilities. You can even explore fantasy cricket tips to improve your game.

(B.4) Safe and Secure Platform

My11Circle ensures a safe and secure environment for online fantasy sports. It’s backed by Games24x7, which has over 15 years of experience in running skill and casual games, including India’s largest rummy platform, RummyCircle.

(B.5) Join the Action

Register with My11Circle, pick a game (cricket, football, or kabaddi), and start winning cash prizes daily. Experience the thrill of fantasy sports, compete with fellow enthusiasts, and enjoy the game like never before.

My11Circle brings the excitement of fantasy cricket to your fingertips, combining your passion for the game with the chance to win real rewards. 

(C) Dream11 vs My11Circle: A Brief Overview

When we look at Dream11 vs My11Circle, we find two well-liked fantasy sports platforms, each with its distinct characteristics and offerings. Dream11 has garnered attention through its brand ambassador MS Dhoni, its enticing features, and its user-friendly interface.

On the other hand, My11Circle has seen a rise in popularity, partly attributed to its association with Sourav Ganguly and Shane Watson.

Let’s have a look at the profiles of Dream11 vs My11Circle-

Type of CompanyPrivatePrivate
IndustryFantasy SportsFantasy Sports
Launch Year20082019
FoundersHarsh Jain, Bhavit ShethBhavin Pandya
HeadquartersMumbai (Maharashtra, India)Mumbai (Maharashtra, India)
ValuationRs.188 crore$2.5 billion
Revenue EarnedRs.3,841 crore (FY22)$5 to $25 million (estimated)
Net IncomeRs.142.8 crore (FY22)
Rating4.7/5 (Website)4.4/5 (Play Store)4.2/5 (Play Store)
Brand AmbassadorRohit Sharma,
Hardik Pandya,
MS Dhoni
Sourav Ganguly,
Shane Watson
Dream11 vs My11Circle: A Brief Overview

Well, the battle of Dream11 vs My11Circle is way more than that. We will compare it in detail in the upcoming sections.

(D) Businesswise Comparison of Dream11 vs My11Circle

First of all, let’s compare the business aspects of both fantasy sports legends. It will tell us who is doing better business in the Indian market. 

The table given below provides a snapshot of the business comparison between Dream11 and My11Circle, shedding light on crucial aspects such as market valuation, market share, user base, revenue, expenses, and profit/loss.

Business AspectsDream11My11Circle
Market Valuation$8 billion$2.5 billion
Market ShareApprox. 90%Less than 10%
User Base140 million30 million
Revenue EarnedRs.3,840.75 crore$5 to $25 million (estimated)
ExpensesRs.3,762.4 croreN/A
Profit/LossProfit of Rs.142.86 croreN/A
Businesswise Comparison of Dream11 vs My11Circle

Dream11, with a staggering market valuation of $8 billion, dominates the fantasy sports industry and holds an impressive market share of approximately 90%. This is mirrored in its massive user base of 140 million, affirming its stronghold in the market. The revenue earned by Dream11 is notable, standing at Rs. 3,840.75 crore. 

Despite substantial expenses amounting to Rs. 3,762.4 crore, Dream11 managed to secure a profit of Rs. 142.86 crore.

On the other hand, My11Circle, while valued at $2.5 billion, operates with a significantly smaller market share, comprising less than 10% of the industry. Its user base of 30 million, though growing, indicates a considerable gap when compared to Dream11. While specific expense figures are not provided, the estimated revenue for My11Circle ranges from $5 to $25 million.

Unlike Dream11, My11Circle has yet to disclose a profit or loss figure.

This business comparison highlights Dream11’s dominant position in the fantasy sports market, with a massive valuation, substantial market share, and a significant user base. The detailed financials underline its impressive revenue and ability to maintain a profit despite substantial expenses. 

On the contrary, My11Circle, though valued at a substantial $2.5 billion, operates as a smaller player in the industry. Its revenue estimates suggest a moderate financial performance, but the absence of profit/loss data leaves questions about its overall financial sustainability. 

As the fantasy sports landscape continues to evolve, these figures offer a glimpse into the contrasting trajectories and market positions of these two prominent platforms!

(E) Comparing the features of Dream11 vs My11Circle

Here comes the most anticipated part of this write-up. I know, you all have been waiting for the features comparison to determine which one is better in Dream11 vs My11Circle.

Go through the following table-

User BaseOver 140 million usersAround 30 million users
Team CompositionAllows up to three wicketkeepers; flexible for batsmen and bowlers Permits only one wicketkeeper; stricter credit constraints for team composition 
Credit SystemGreater player selection flexibility; often prices key players higher                                                                 Lower credit constraints and commission rates  
User ExperienceFocuses on improving user experience                                                           Catching up but still lags in user experience 
Unique FeaturesPioneer in the fantasy cricket market; extensive experience                                    Offers unique features; lower credit constraints; growing rapidly
DeadlinesFlexible registration deadline        Regular and safe deadline options 
Point SystemThe higher scoring system in most aspectsSubtle and lower scoring system
Types of ContestsDiverse contest optionsLimited contest variety
Celebrity AssociationMS Dhoni, Jasprit Bumrah, Rishabh Pant, etc.Sourav Ganguly, VVS Laxman, Rituraj Gaikwad, etc.
InterfacePolished and user-friendly interfaceUser-friendly interface 
Bonus OffersRegular promotionsAttractive sign-up bonuses
Payment OptionsMultiple payment methodsLimited payment options 
Fantasy Points SystemComplex scoring systemSimpler scoring system
Customer SupportResponsive customer support Adequate customer service 
Practice ContestsAvailable for users to practiceLimited practice contest options 
Head-To-Head MatchesOption to compete in one-on-one matchesLimited head-to-head match options
Private MatchesAbility to create private contests  Limited private match options
Key Features of Dream11 vs My11Circle

Some other features of Dream11 vs My11Circle-

Other FeaturesDream11My11Circle
Small LeagueSmall league contests for focused competitionRestricted small league options
Grand LeagueLarger contests with more participantsFewer grand league options
‘Beat the Expert’ ContestNot availableNot available
Referral Program You can earn a cash bonus of Rs.100 to Rs.200You need to deposit at least Rs.50 and then you can receive a cash bonus of Rs.551.
Sports CoverageCricket, Football, Kabaddi, Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Baseball, American football, etc.Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, etc.
Registration ProcessUser-friendly and straightforwardSimple registration process
App PerformanceStable and reliable performance Generally smooth app performance
Community EngagementActive community participation  Growing community engagement  
Loyalty Programs May offer loyalty programsLimited loyalty programs
Some other features of Dream11 vs My11Circle

Here, we would like to suggest that you always check the latest features and reviews. Reason? The platforms may introduce new elements or make changes over time.

(F) Wrapping Up: Dream11 vs My11Circle

In a nutshell, Dream11 has a larger user base and more experience, while My11Circle offers unique features and lower credit contractions. Both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses, making it essential for you to deduce based on your preferences and playing style.

If you look through the perspective of businesswise comparison, you must have seen that Dream11 is still ruling the market. Well, there are different reasons for this. It is an old and well-established player in the fantasy sports industry due to which it has a larger user base.

But this does not mean that My11Circle can’t beat it. 

My11Circle has also made a significant impact in the fantasy cricket space, attracting millions of users and positioning itself as a player-friendly platform. Its growth trajectory suggests a promising market share in the competitive fantasy sports landscape.

So, here comes the judgment-

As of now, Dream11 is performing fantastically in the Indian market. But My11Circle isn’t that far behind. Despite being a newcomer, it has achieved many golden feats and will continue to do so!

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