Jeevansathi vs Shaadi: Which Matrimony App Is Doing Better?

Jeevansathi vs Shaadi

We all are aware of the fact that arranged marriages have deep roots in Indian culture. Seeing this fact numerous e-matchmaking platforms emerged and out of them Jeevansathi vs Shaadi are in heated competition with each other.

Jeevansathi vs Shaadi

Not only do they serve as a link between traditions and digitalization but also have an enormous user base in India.

If you are in the dilemma of Jeevansathi vs Shaadi- which matrimony app is doing better, then you have come to the right place.

Stick to this write-up as we do a detailed comparison analysis of Jeevansaathi vs Shaadi.

(A) Jeevansathi vs Shaadi: Profile Comparison

First of all, let’s compare the profiles of both the platforms-
Company TypePublicPrivate
IndustryOnline MatrimonyInternet Marriage Arrangement,
Social Networking Service
Parent CompanyInfo EdgePeople Group
FounderSanjeev BikhchandaniAnupam Mittal
HeadquartersNoida (Uttar Pradesh, India)Mumbai (Maharashtra, India)
Area ServedWorldwideWorldwide
ProductsJeevansathi Exclusive,
Offline Matchpoints,
Bharat Matrimony,,
Bharat Matrimony,
Jeevansathi vs Shaadi: Profile Comparison

In the next sections, we will look at India’s prominent matchmaking platforms in detail.

(B) Jeevansathi is an Indian matrimonial portal owned by Info Edge. It was launched in October 1998 by Sanjeev Bikhchandani, founder and executive vice chairman of Info Edge India. The website’s development was overseen by Anil Lall, head of Info Edge’s technology department. Initially, the services were provided free of charge.

(B.1) History & Timeline of Jeevansathi

In the early days, auditing services were handled by Amit and Rohit Tandon. During discussions with Sanjeev Bikhchandani about the terms of ICICI Ventures, it was revealed that the auditors were interested in starting a dotcom company. 

Consequently, the website was sold to Amit and Rohit Tandon, with Sanjeev Bikhchandani retaining a 35 percent stake. Under the Tandon brothers’ ownership, the company flourished, gaining significant traffic and revenues.

In 2004, Info Edge repurchased Subsequently, in 2008, a new feature was introduced allowing prospects to chat with potential life partners on Google Talk while maintaining confidentiality.

By 2011, had become one of the preferred matrimonial websites in North India. During 2012-13, the website boasted 5.6 million registered profiles.

In 2014, launched its Android app and participated in the Great Online Shopping Festival.

(B.2) Business Model of

Operating on a customer-to-customer (C2C) business model, offers free listing, searches, and expression of interest features. Users must pay to access contact details. Additionally, offline centers called Match Point centers offer matchmaking services. The first center was established in Mumbai in 2008.

During the first quarter of 2016-17, turned profitable, earning ₹65 lakh before interest and taxes. Its revenue grew by 34% year-on-year from ₹10.9 crore to ₹14.6 crore in FY 2016-17.

In 2010, the website won a silver award in the Radio Advertising Awards category for its “In Sawalon se Mujhe bachao” radio campaign, which sought to identify the most unconventional matchmaking questions. Additionally, in 2016, its “Be Found” campaign received a bronze award in The Advertising Club’s EFFIE awards in the “Services: Other” category.

(C), an Indian online wedding service, started in 1997 as Anupam Mittal, its founder, changed the name to in 1999. It was focused on India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh but expanded globally, with offices in Canada, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Initially, faced challenges due to low internet usage in India and parental concerns about online matchmaking. However, it was quite successful among non-resident Indians. 

As internet adoption increased, it gained popularity. By 2008, it became the top matrimonial website for Asians, reaching 20 million users by 2011.

Besides online matchmaking, operates over one hundred Shaadi Centres providing matrimony-related services. The first center opened in Mumbai in 2004.

In 2009, partnered with StarPlus to create India’s first marriage-based reality TV show.

In 2012, introduced the Facebook game Angry Brides to raise awareness about dowry abuses in India.

In 2014, launched Shaadi Cares, a social initiative to educate people about marital issues, including dowry and domestic violence.

In 2016, acquired Thrill Group, which included dating products like Frivil and Fropper, founded by expat entrepreneurs Josh Israel and Devin Serago.

Note: We have thoroughly covered the following topics related to

You can go through them for detailed information.

(D) Businesswise Comparison: Jeevansathi vs Shaadi

In this section, we will see how these matchmaking platforms are performing in terms of business. Here you will get the answer to which matrimonial app is doing better!

Business AspectsJeevansathiShaadi
RevenueRs.776 croreRs.2,395 crore
CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate)21.4%0.91%
Market VolumeN/ARs.2,483 crore
User Base (Verified Users)6.1 million35 million
Market Share10%25-30%
Businesswise Comparison: Jeevansathi vs Shaadi

The comparison shows how Jeevansathi and Shaadi compare in their business aspects. Jeevansathi makes Rs.776 crore in revenue, growing at 21.4% each year, while Shaadi earns Rs.2,395 crore with a growth rate of only 0.91%. 

Shaadi’s market volume is Rs.2,483 crore, but Jeevansathi’s volume data isn’t officially available yet. Jeevansathi has 6.1 million verified users, making up 10% of the market, whereas Shaadi has 35 million users and holds a 25-30% market share. 

Even though Jeevansathi’s revenue is smaller, it’s growing faster, while Shaadi’s larger user base gives it more revenue despite slower growth!

(E) Jeevansathi vs Shaadi: Features Comparison

Here comes the most anticipated part of this write-up. In this section, we will compare the features to determine which is better in the battle of Jeevansathi vs Shaadi-
Initial Free ServicesYesNot Specified
Stock Exchange ListingListed on BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange)Not Publicly Listed
Notable Features14 match points for compatibility assessment. Anonymous chat via Google Talk. Shaadi Centres: Physical stores offering matrimony services. Reality TV shows on marriage. Angry Brides Facebook game for social awareness.
Community ConsiderationDepends on specific community preferences. Varies based on individual experiences and community background. 
Offline Matchmaking CentresYes ( Match Point centers)Yes (Shaadi Centres)
Mobile App AvailabilityAndroidAndroid and iOS
Membership OptionsOffers free listing and basic search features, with premium membership for accessing contact details and advanced search filters.Membership options are available for enhanced search filters, communication tools, and personalized assistance. Offers free registration with limited features.
Geographic FocusInitially gained popularity in North India, but operates nationwide.Core market in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, with a global presence and focus on non-resident Indians.
Brand RecognitionKnown for its long-standing presence in the Indian matrimonial market and innovative campaigns like “Be Found.”Established as the world’s leading matrimonial website for Asians, recognized for initiatives like Angry Brides and Shaadi Cares.
Jeevansathi vs Shaadi: Features Comparison

By the way, which features do you like the most? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section!

(F) Final Words on Jeevansathi vs Shaadi

When comparing Jeevansathi and Shaadi, we see that they each have their strengths. Shaadi has more users and makes more money, but Jeevansathi is growing faster and has more loyal users. 

Jeevansathi has some eye-catching features like chatting with potential partners and actual match-making centers you can visit. 

Shaadi is more famous, especially among Indians living abroad. So, which one is better depends on what you’re looking for. 

If you want something established and popular, go for Shaadi. But if you like the idea of something newer with interesting features, give Jeevansathi a try!

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