GoIbibo vs MakeMyTrip: Which Is Leading The Travel Business?

GoIbibo vs MakeMyTrip

All thanks to the competition of GoIbibo vs MakeMyTrip due to which vacations and travelling have become synonymous to each other. Whether you are into booking your flights or hotels the significant roles played by these third party platforms can’t be ignored.

GoIbibo vs MakeMyTrip

This factor boils down to a popular query- GoIbibo vs MakeMyTrip! Which is leading the travel business?

Well, for that you need to go through various aspects.In this write-up, we have thrown a detailed comparison analysis of GoIbibo vs MakeMyTrip. This will definitely help you to understand the leading online travel platform.

Stay tuned!

(A) GoIbibo vs MakeMyTrip: Comparing the profiles

We will begin by comparing the profiles of both these e-travel platforms. Let me give you another surprise. 

Do you know GoIbibo is a subsidiary of MakeMyTrip?

Then what’s the point of comparison? You may wonder. Well, despite having a parent and subsidiary relationship, these platforms work separately and are tough competitors of each other..

Go through the following sections, and you will know how!

(A.1) GoIbibo (Ibibo Group)

GoIbibo (GoIbibo vs MakeMyTrip)

In 2009, the Ibibo Group launched Goibibo, co-founded by Sanjay Bhasin and Vikalp Sahni. Recognized as India’s largest hotels aggregator and a prominent air aggregator, Goibibo stands out as an online booking portal. 

Its primary focus lies in delivering a seamless and trustworthy user experience, characterized by swift searches, flawless bookings, expedited payments, settlements, and refund processes.

At Goibibo, patrons experience a standardized stay through certified hotel properties brought by Gostay. Over time, it has emerged as the top choice for digital and millennial India by pioneering innovations like GoCash, the travel industry’s initial virtual booking currency, and GoCash+ Rewards, a travel social network. Renowned for its diverse deals and incentives, Goibibo offers perks such as INR 2000 cashback via coupons and a 60% discount on domestic air tickets.

Goibibo operates under the Ibibo Group, backed by Naspers, distinguishing itself with great packages at minimal fares. Boasting the largest consumer base in the market, it owes its popularity to affordable ticket prices. Additionally, Goibibo consistently secures the top rank for its mobile application as the most sought-after booking engine.

(A.2) MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip (GoIbibo vs MakeMyTrip)

Established in 2000, MakeMyTrip stands as a prominent Indian online travel company. Co-founded by Deep Kalra, Keyur Joshi, Sachin Bhatia, and later joined by Rajesh Magow, it has evolved into India’s leading online travel entity. 

With its headquarters situated in Gurugram, Haryana, the company offers a range of online travel services encompassing airline tickets, domestic and international holiday packages, hotel reservations, rail, and bus tickets. 

By June 2023, MakeMyTrip boasts 146 active franchisees spread across more than 100 cities. It also operates on an international scale, with offices in-

  • New York
  • Singapore
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Phuket
  • Bangkok
  • Dubai
  • Istanbul

Latest research on market trends indicates a favorable expansion in the travel and tourism sector. And that’s no less than a boon for MakeMyTrip and its contemporaries.

Forecasts for 2023 suggest a robust future, projecting a substantial revenue of US $19.86 billion. The anticipated Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) between 2023 and 2027 is an impressive 12.18%, with a projected value of US $31.45 billion by 2027. 

These statistics underscore the industry’s resilience, pointing towards a sustained upward trajectory, presenting substantial growth potential and numerous opportunities in the Travel and Tourism sector moving forward.

(B) A Brief Overview on GoIbibo vs MakeMyTrip

Let’s look at both the companies briefly-

Type of CompanyPrivate
(Subsidiary of Ibibo Group which is a subsidiary of MakeMyTrip)
(Traded in Nasdaq)
Operating IndustryOnline TravelOnline Travel
FoundersAshish Kashyap,
Deepak Tuli,
Sanjay Bhasin,
Vikalp Sahni,
Uma Shanka
Deep Kalra,
Keyur Joshi,
Rajesh Magow,
Sachin Bhatia
(Haryana, India)
(Haryana, India)
Area ServedWorldwideWorldwide
Parent CompanyIbibo Group and
MakeMyTrip Limited (2016- present)
MakeMyTrip Limited (MMYT)
ProductsFlight, holiday, bus and train bookingsBooking flights, hotels, holidays, buses, trains and cars
GoIbibo vs MakeMyTrip: A Brief Overview

This table gives you an overall information on the competition of GoIbibo vs MakeMyTrip.

(C) GoIbibo vs MakeMyTrip: Businesswise Comparison

Here comes the most anticipated part of this article. The comparison from the business perspective gives a clear picture of who is leading the travel business in the battle of GoIbibo vs MakeMyTrip.

So, let’s dive into the financial aspects of both the companies-

Financial AspectsGoIbiboMakeMyTrip
Net Worth$1.8 billion
(Market Valuation)
$4.90 billion
(Market Capitalization)
Revenue EarnedRs.846.60 crore (FY22)Rs.2,492 crore (FY22)
Rs.4,863 crore (FY23)
ExpensesUndisclosedRs.4,986 crore (FY23)
Profit/LossUndisclosedLoss of Rs.91.6 crore (FY23)
Loss of Rs.373.6 crore (FY22)
GoIbibo vs MakeMyTrip: Businesswise Comparison

This table provides insights about the one leading the travel business. Beginning with the net worth of both the companies. MakeMyTrip exceeds in this segment with a massive market cap of $4.90 billion.

The story goes the same for other financial aspects like revenue, expenses, profit/loss. Although GoIbibo hasn’t disclosed its expenses, profits, and loss. MakeMyTrip became the winner in business comparison because it has already acquired GoIbibo in 2016.

The merger of MakeMyTrip and Ibibo Group sent shockwaves across the nation.  Afterall, it was one of the largest acquisitions in the online travel industry.

(C.1) Revenue Sources Breakdown of MakeMyTrip

Let’s talk about money!

In the fiscal year 2023, MakeMyTrip topped the competition in the segment of online travel. It witnessed a surge of 95% in the revenue segment. In simple words, its revenue exponentially increased to Rs.4,863 crore in FY23 from Rs.2,492 crore in FY22.

Let’s see how did MakeMyTrip earned a humongous amount of money in FY23-

Revenue Sources
Amount Earned% Contribution
Hotels & PackagesRs.2,769 crore57%
Air TicketingRs.1,212 crore25%
Bus TicketingRs.614 crore12.6%
OthersRs.268 crore5.4%
Total RevenueRs.4,863 crore100%
Revenue Sources Breakdown of MakeMyTrip

Here comes the plot twist. Despite earning a humongous amount, it dipped into the loss of Rs.91.6 crore.


Due to expenses. Yes, MakeMyTrip spent massively in the same fiscal year due which led to these loss figures.

(C.2) Expenses Breakdown of MakeMyTrip

ExpendituresAmount Spent% Contribution
Employee BenefitsRs.1,082 crore21.7%
Marketing & PromotionsRs.833 crore16.7%
TotalRs.4,986 crore
Expenses Breakdown of MakeMyTrip

Thankfully, it managed to control its losses with an appreciable margin. Last year (FY22) its losses drowned to Rs.373.6 crore. But in FY23, its losses were roughly Rs.91.6 crore.

We can’t deny its good performance! Isn’t it?

But you know what, both these platforms are also surrounded by some controversies which ultimately become a matter of concern of folks.

We will discuss them in the upcoming sections.

(D) Comparing the features of GoIbibo vs MakeMyTrip

Now, here comes the important part for the folks. Whose service is better in the battle of GoIbibo vs MakeMyTrip? Go through the following table and you will find out-

User Engagement and PresenceApproximately 30 million active users monthly, primarily in the Indian market.Boasting over 47.5 million monthly active users, it holds a robust position in India and the South Asian region.
Services and OfferingsComprehensive services covering flights, hotels, holidays, buses, trains, and car rentals.Providing an extensive suite of travel options, including flights, hotels, holidays, buses, and cab services.
Pricing StrategiesRegular discounts and cashback offers on specific routes and hotel bookings.Renowned for frequent flash sales, exclusive discounts, and competitive pricing, attracting budget-conscious travelers.
Customer Loyalty ProgramsOffers the “GoCash+” feature, providing rewards for every booking, usable in subsequent transactions.Features the “MyTrip Rewards” program, allowing users to accumulate redeemable reward points for future bookings.
Customer Support and RatingsA dedicated support team with positive feedback, maintaining an average satisfaction rating of 4.1 out of 5.Well-established customer support services, with an average satisfaction rating of 4.3 out of 5 based on user reviews.
Mobile Application ReachThe Goibibo app, with over 20 million downloads, is highly rated, offering a convenient booking experience on smartphones.The MakeMyTrip app, exceeding 30 million downloads, ensures a seamless booking experience on both Android and iOS platforms
Distinctive FeaturesSpecializes in budget-friendly hotel bookings, presenting a variety of economical accommodation options.Recognized for offering competitive rates on international flights, appealing to travelers with global destinations in mind.
Online Presence and PopularityPositioned among the top 1,000 most visited sites, indicating a robust online presence and user engagement.Holds a place in the top 500 most visited globally, showcasing widespread popularity and reach.
Comparing the features of GoIbibo vs MakeMyTrip

When comparing Goibibo and MakeMyTrip, you must note that both are popular online travel booking platforms. While Goibibo is known for its rewards program and customer-friendly user interface, MakeMyTrip is considered slightly more reliable. 

Each platform may have different offers and deals at a given time, so it’s worth considering multiple travel sites when looking for the best offers. 

(E) Notable Controversies on GoIbibo and MakeMyTrip

There have been a few recent controversies surrounding GoIbibo and MakeMyTrip. In October 2022, the CCI (Competition Commission of India) fined MakeMyTrip, GoIbibo, and OYO a total of Rs.392 crore.


For unfair business practices!

The allegations were that MMO-Go “imposed a price parity in their agreements with hotel partners”. Under these deals, hotels were not allowed to sell their rooms on any other platform or on its own online portal at a price below the price at which it is being offered on the two entities’ platforms.

It was also found that MakeMyTrip accorded preferential treatment to OYO on its platform, which caused denial of market access to other companies.

In December 2018, around 270 hoteliers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, complained that Goibibo and MakeMyTrip overcharged the hotels and even gave out offers without consulting the hotel management. As a protest, the hoteliers started canceling bookings that came through the websites.

Note: We have already covered Oyo business model. Go through the article for detailed information.

(F) Final Words on GoIbibo vs MakeMyTrip

Finally, we came to the conclusion on GoIbibo vs MakeMyTrip. Look, GoIbibo and MakeMyTrip are both leading travel booking platforms. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses.

GoIbibo is known for excelling in budget hotel booking and offering a wide selection of affordable accommodations, making it a great choice of cost-conscious travellers.

On the other hand, MakeMyTrip provides various services such as flight tickets, domestic and international holiday packages, and more, catering to a wide range of travel needs.

While both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages, the choice between them ultimately depends on your preferences and travel requirements!

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