Phonepe vs PayTM: Which One Is Winning The UPI Race?

PhonePe vs Paytm

Unified Payments Interface (UPI) revolutionized India’s digital payment landscape. How? By enabling seamless and instant fund transfers between banks, transcending traditional barriers. In this transformative journey, Paytm and PhonePe emerged as prominent players. Paytm, with its user-friendly interface and wallet integration, garnered widespread adoption, while PhonePe leveraged its user base and innovative features. Both platforms … Read more

PhonePe Business Model Explained

PhonePe business model

Ever since demonetization in 2016, digital payment platforms have gained massive popularity! Initially, you might have hesitated to use mobile applications for digital payments. But as soon as you realized the high degree of convenience and security of digital payments, you probably never looked back. One such successful digital payment app is PhonePe. It is … Read more

Flipkart Case Study: The Rise Of Indian E-commerce Giant

Flipkart Case Study

When it comes to success stories, the Flipkart Case Study has been the most anticipated one! Reason? A company from its humble beginnings rose to fame so immensely that now it has become synonymous with online shopping. Just like Google is synonymous with search engines and Paytm is synonymous with online payment in India! Let … Read more

The PayTM Crisis: What Exactly Went Wrong & What Lies Ahead

Paytm Crisis

In India, Paytm has become synonymous with online payments. But it seems like the story isn’t the same anymore! Reason? Due to the Paytm Crisis! What’s that? On 31st Jan, RBI posted a tweet, i.e. “Action against Paytm Payments Bank Ltd under Section 35A of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949.” Now this is a matter … Read more

PayTM vs Google Pay: Which One Is Doing Better Business?

Paytm vs Google Pay

Are you curious about the battle between payment giants? In the digital realm, two players are the major contenders i.e. Paytm vs Google Pay, each vying for supremacy.   From seamless transactions to enticing offers, both platforms have carved their niches. But the burning question remains- which truly dominates the business landscape? Join me as we … Read more

The 7 Key Functions Of E-Commerce For Any Business

Functions of e-commerce

E-commerce that has been proven as a transformative force in the business landscape, encompasses a multitude of functions and features that are crucial for any business to attain success in the e-commerce sphere. The e-commerce business has provided people with the convenience, ease, and feasibility to purchase products at their comfort.  What is E-Commerce?  E-commerce, describes … Read more

What Is Funding Winter & How Is It Affecting Indian Startups?

Funding Winter in India

Funding winter has become a new threat to our startup industry. How? Recall some recent tragic news stories about the startup industry. Some of the prominent themes were- layoffs, delayed capital infusion decisions of investors, lowering the expenditure in marketing and promotion, devaluation of startups, and the list goes on… Have you ever wondered the … Read more

Binance vs WazirX: Which Is The Better Crypto Exchange?

Binance vs Wazirx

The crypto currency world has witnessed many crypto exchange platforms over time. The two names that stand out as formidable contenders of each other are Binance vs Wazirx.  Both the platforms are vying attention and trust of the crypto enthusiasts to their platform. The crypto market has caught everybody’s attention with their unique offerings and … Read more

Founder Salaries Of Major Indian Startups- 2024

Founder Salaries of major Indian startups in 2023

The curiosity around founder salaries has always been there in the minds of the folks! Reason? Everybody is interested to know how much those successful entrepreneurs earn from their own companies. However, this curiosity reached sky-high due to the funding winter in 2022… Why? You may ask. Look, funding winters led to aggressive cost-cutting measures … Read more